108 Names of the Sun: Surya Ashtottara Shatanamavali #67

Om dasadiksamprakasaya namaha, Salutations to the Sun who illuminates the ten directions; the directions of the compass and the directions of UP and DOWN. We look to the directions of the houses and nakshatras, and the illumination of the directions.


das, dash Hin. ten dasha- San. adj. having ten.
dashaa = Planetary period or system of directions
daśabhiḥ—the ten (five senses for gathering knowledge and five organs of action) SB 3.26.11
daśabhiḥ—ten SB 4.25.20
daśabhiḥ—with ten SB 8.10.41


There are the ten directions; eight are given to us on the compass (North, North East, etc) and there is down and up. These add up to ten. The houses themselves also point to directions, first house is pitta, facing EAST. Second house is kapha, facing SOUTH. Third house is vata, air nature and facing WEST. Fourth house is kapha and faces NORTH. Fifth house is Pitta and faces EAST. Sixth house is vata and faces SOUTH. Seventh house is kapha and faces WEST. Eighth house is pitta and is facing NORTH. Ninth house is kapha and facing EAST. Tenth house is Vata and faces SOUTH. Eleventh house is vata again and faces WEST. Final house, 12th, is kapha and faces NORTH.

The 27 nakshatras also have directions, as shown below:

Purva PhalguniNorthPitta
Uttara PhalguniEastVata
Vishakha EastKapha
Purva AshadhaEastPitta
Uttara AshadhaSouthKapha
Dhanistha EastPitta
Purva BhadraWestVata
Uttara BhadraNorthPitta

Directions, Vision and Light

In order to see and know the ten directions, the senses are needed. In order to see the ten directions, perhaps we need all our senses, including the inner organs of jnanindriyas, the internal senses of perception or knowledge. Light is needed to know, and discern the directions, within, without. Such directions exist in all places. Here we look to the forms of the Light of within and without: The forms of the light of Shiva

1. Surya – Shiva as the Sun or All-illuminating Supreme Light

The light of Shiva as the supreme light of reality is radiant like the Sun. It is self-effulgent, self-illuminating, the source of all light, and the light of lights. The Sun shines through the light of Shiva, radiating light, love, life, and intelligence on all. The inner Sun of the spiritual heart is the abode of Shiva. This is the light of the Self and the light of Prana.

2. Soma — Shiva as the Moon or the Attractive Light of Bliss

The light of Shiva is sometimes said to be white like the Moon. It is cool, peaceful, serene, untainted and undisturbed, a source of endless beauty and delight that nourishes the soul. The light of Shiva is said to be as brilliant like a million Suns but simultaneously as delightful as a million Moons. This is the calm light of the peaceful mind.

3. Agni – Shiva as the Universal Fire or Hidden Light

The light of Shiva is the source of all warmth. It is the universal Fire or Agni, also called Rudra. There is a power of heat, fire or combustion, hidden in all creatures, objects, and energies in the universe. This is the immanence of Shiva in all. The fire of Shiva is working within each creature in order to ripen it to its highest potential.

4. Vidyut – Shiva as the Electrical Force

The light of Shiva is the source of all power and energy that arises from it like lightning. Lightning is the basis of all light and each form of light has its own lightning or energy projection. The electrical force of Shiva is behind all energies, powers, and forces in the universe from subatomic to supra-galactic levels. This lightning aspect of Shiva is the basis of Shakti.




Om dasadiksamprakasaya namaha, Salutations to the Sun who illuminates the ten directions.


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