108 Names of the Sun: Surya Ashtottara Shatanamavali #98

Om tejorupaya namaha, Salutations to the Sun who form has bodily effulgence, brilliance, splendour.


teja – bodily effulgence Madhya 8.26
teja – effulgence Madhya 11.94
teja – the brilliance Antya 7.62
tej, tejas-, tejo- Hin. m. tejas, tejah-, tejo- San. n. fire, heat and light; the tip of a flame; fire as an element; inner and outer splendour, spiritual power, fiery energy, glory, radiance, brilliance – ‘it shines as lightning and sounds as thunder’. (SSS)
tejo- Hin. adj. consisting of light: brilliant, glorious.
tejovigraha (tejas+vigraha) San. m. the embodiment of power and glory, an image of God filled with spiritual power


The Brilliance of the Soul

Knowledge of Brahmam is the heritage of Man; he is entitled to it. If he is aware of this and if by his efforts, he achieves the knowledge of Brahmam adopting single-pointed concentration, then verily, his career in this world is worth while. Otherwise, it is all a waste. The Soul, when cognised in the Consciousness, flashes like a streak of lightning; in a second it will reveal its brilliance and splendour. It is impossible to grasp its full majesty. The Mind is the cloak of the Soul; it conditions the Soul, or rather appears to. So, it (the mind) seems to be very close to the Soul itself, and makes you believe that it attains It; it is incapable of doing so. Since it is closest, the aspirant imagines that his mind has realised the Soul and yearns for the experience again and again. This, of course, is good, for it fosters the search for the merger with Brahmam.

The Purusha has neither birth nor death, he undergoes no change. He is Chithswarupa, Jnanaswarupa. Dharma or codes of social conduct are not of His nature; so, he is not Dharmaswarupa. The Jnana which is his nature, does not change, is not corrected or supplemented from time to time; it is eternal wisdom. Light is its nature and so its does not admit of a dot of darkness. The sun does not have effulgence added to it from the world it illumines; it will emit splendour whether there are worlds or not.

Due to the presence of the Atma, due to the reflection of the effulgence of the Atma, on the inner instruments. The Sun illumines the world and makes it active in a thousand ways. So too the Atma, by its Tejas, activates and illumines the world. All instruments of knowledge are activated by the Atma; the current of electricity energises the machines and does various operations – printing etc., but it is not visible or concrete. The electric current is the Mover of the movement, the Machine of the Machine. So too, the Atmic Tejas is the Ear of the ear; the Eye of the eye. That is the activating current. That is the source of the effulgence, the brilliance, the Splendour


Om tejorupaya namaha, Salutations to the Sun who form has bodily effulgence, brilliance, splendour.


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