108 Names of the Moon: Chandra Ashtottara Shatanamavali #4

Moon - a royal planet

Om taraadhishaya namah – Salutations to the one who is the First Lord of the Stars. The Moon’s haunts are places of worship of Goddess Parvati, women’s quarters, places where water is found – kitchens, toilets, customs, tanks, and herbs and plants.

adi: Hin., San. m. the beginning, origin; original archetype. ‘Neither the gods nor the sages know my origin.’ (Bhg. X.2)
adi: Hin. adi-, adya San. adj. when compounded with other words primordial, earliest, the very first, primary; original.
adhisa: the head SB 3.24.19
adhisa: controller SB 4.28.58
adhisvara: primeval Lord Adi 2.41
adhisvara: their master. Madhya 21.36
adhisvara: the supreme master Madhya 21.54
tara: San. m. (from tri – to cross) ‘means of crossing’ – a deliverer, protector, saviour, redeemer, one who helps souls across the bhava-sagara, the ocean of worldly existence. (V. 338, 968)
tara: m. sing. tare pl., obl. sing. Hin. a star; the pupil of the eye.
tara: stars SB 1.19.30, SB 3.11.13, SB 4.21.19
tara: the stars. Adi 8.5
tara: the numerous stars. SB 5.23.7
tara: like the stars Antya 1.191


The Moon is not a star.
The Moon is a royal planet.
The Moon is a luminary. It reflects light.
The Moon is never retrograde.
The Moon rules the tides on Earth.
The Moon is masculine but indicates feminine things.
The Moon is malefic whenever it is within 60° of the Sun.
The Moon is eclipsed by the Shadow Planets, Rahu and Ketu.
The Moon is the presiding deity of the mind.

The Moon is (Lord of) (married to) all the nakshatras. Nakshatras are called star, asterism, like this. The Moon is first Lord of all the nakshatras. When the Moon enters a nakshatra’s constellation, it will behave like (reflect the energy of) the nakshatra. The Moon has a large body and is sometimes old. He is lean, fair, has lovely soft light eyes (brown or blue), and fine soft but thin hair. He rules the blood. He speaks softly, wears white and has a clear, delicate, dewy complexion. He has wind and phlegm and is mild in temperament.

As First Lord of the Stars, Moon is first Lord of the star of the home, the Mother. Mother is the goddess of the household and hence treated with respect and her dignity and nobility is upheld at all times. The shining qualities of the Mother – care, compassion, Love, understanding, building up, cleanliness of the home (hence a tidy mind), these are all qualities the Mother imbues in her family as first teacher. The Queen has the dignity and the gravitas of the King; hence the Queen is afforded all courtesy, civility and graciousness deserving of the King. So the First Lord of the Stars – as a royal planet – is First Lord of the Home and hence all excellence, courtesy and graciousness in the home is due the Mother.

Om taraadhishaya namah – Salutations to the one who is the First Lord of the Stars.



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