Triptych of Eclipses

Full MoonOver the period of one month from June 5th to July 5th, 2020, we will have three eclipses. The first – on 5-6 June is a penumbral lunar eclipse visible over all of Africa, Europe, South East Asia and the Indian Ocean. There is an annular solar eclipse on June 21 which will start in Africa and finish over the Pacific Ocean. The third eclipse of 4-5 July will sighted over most of Africa, most of north and south America and Antarctica. We will consider these eclipses as a Triptych, a three-panel-artwork, over three entries.

Note on Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse

5-6 June: Full Moon
A full moon is when the mind is at its strongest (the Moon is the presiding deity of the Mind); the lunar energies are strongest (the Hierarchy recommend this time of Full Moon as the best time for prayers in common, group prayers for the welfare of all the worlds) and eclipses are times of transformation – internal transformation within the human, particularly where Ketu and Rahu are concerned; this full Moon is in Scorpio – not far from Ketu; Ketu is in Moola nakshatra; Moola breaks things apart. The Sun is in Taurus conjunct Venus.

Venus is combust the Sun. It should be remembered that Mercury and Venus are never found very far away from the Sun. Generally these two planets need to be within a few degrees of an exact conjunction with the Sun to be considered seriously harmed by combustion. Combust planets mainly weaken or harm the houses that they rule. In this time of Full Moon and lunar eclipse, Venus is close to 3° from the Sun. Venus rules Taurus and is retrograde at this time. This indicates some weakness on behalf of Venus, and those with planets at 21° in their chart may expect to feel the heat in the kitchen, and a volatile time. To delay gratification shows that a person has self-control, self-discipline and self-respect. These qualities are the need of the hour during this time of lunar eclipse. Mars is in exact degree aspecting the Sun, 100% effect, so issues of strength, energy, economic drive, pressure and influence on individuals to gather together for social momentum may be expected. Mars is also square the Moon: this gives an effect on the mind.

Mars is in the natural 11th House, expect volatile interactions with others account the warrior energy of Mars. This is a challenging time, and we need to take a step back and avoid confrontations (avoid them any time in the coming month), because angry actions and words will not serve any effective purpose; and to the contrary, they will wreak more havoc and suffering.

For individuals, this eclipse is a good time to approach problems from a spiritual level. This can also be a good time to take a deep reflective look at your attitude toward those who have authority over you as well as any relationships where you have authority over others. Consider, over the coming weeks.

A triptych is an unfolding three panel work of art. Each window and its artwork has its own narrative. We will open the next window about the Solar eclipse, soon. We use triptych because the cumulative effect of these two eclipses will have impact on the 4th of July eclipse.


Triptych of eclipses
A Triptych of eclipses: Lunar, Solar, Lunar




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