Mars the Warrior goes Retrograde.

Mars, the warrior

In this compelling time leading up to the US Election, and the return of Earth and its inhabitants to Covid-normal amidst a season of climate change and billowing wildfires, we have the warrior planet Mars stationing (at present) and turning retrograde September 9 to November 13. Mars turns retrograde every 22 months.

An unusual event, Mars will retrograde in its own sign, Aries on September 9, and thereafter move into Pisces – a transit that will last until November 13 when Mars will station direct at 21 degrees of Pisces.

Mars is strong in Aries, its superior sign. If well aspected, it points to strong constitution and health, resolving matters quickly, youthful energy (Mars is son of Mother Earth), drive, vigour and initiative.

If poorly aspected or heavily influenced by malefics, Mars has a negative energy which can been seen as physical illness, self-doubt, fear, impatience, anxiety, conflict, frustration, aggression, and anger. While these expressions are common to all of us at one time or another, the issue with Mars is these negative expressions of energy can become embedded in the mind and take significant personal effort to erase or transform.

We have said that retrograde, it its original sense means “do good” and indicates that the planet is stronger in its expression. We keep in mind that planets can raise us up (they are graha, they seize us), and they can pull us down. It is always up to us how we utilise the forces, the energy of the planets. A retrograde planet allows us time to view past circumstances or matters causing internal friction impersonally and decide what to do about it, unaffected by our emotions. There are times, however, to use caution, and when to make an important move when a planet moves direct.

There is a rule in vedic astrology which speaks of the effects of the shadow planets Rahu and Ketu. The rule is Rahu behaves (or gives an effect) like Saturn, and Ketu behaves (or gives an effect) like Mars. At this time of retrograde, in the Navamsha chart, Ketu is in the same sign (Aries) and moving retrograde. The effect of this could easily be a multiplication of discontents with Covid-19 and its fruits: social distancing, curfew, lack of social outlets and limited social mixing. For souls those living alone, this has been a time of extraordinary challenge. We have already seen protests about strict Covid-19 measures put in place.

Ketu can and will multiply this experience of isolation. Ketu is a loner and turns inside, naturally. Ketu may turn negative and produce strong ego, arrogance, anger, lack of interest in family matters, problems with being motivated and neglecting friendships. In the public domain, there may be explosions of anger, protests, rioting and more strident responses from authorities. Our world needs peace, and it is possible, via the breath, to move this hot energy within, this bottled up energy within, to the heart, the seat of love.

All this needs is time, determination and deep breaths, directing the collected energy on the outbreath to move to the heart. Here, the hot energy cools down, and love may be expressed. It takes time, it takes effort, the result is pleasing.

We point out that there is the gandanta degrees between the fire and water signs, and Mars will cross this area in the retrograde motion, between 21 September and 13 October. It is this time that our planet will need our prayers, our energy, our love, our thoughts of peace all over. Mars in the 6th house puts vigour and drive into healing and community service. Offer up a small part of your day, your prayer, your meditation, to peace in our world, at this time.

The energy of Mars retrograde in our bodies can be managed by exercise, massage, relaxation, yoga therapy, pilates, reflexology, all these remedial therapies which are good for the body, tap into the energy meridians and get that nergy flowing again. You may also propitiate Mars chanting the Mars (Mangal) Gayatri Mantra, below. We will take up some more thoughts about Mars retrograde in the near future.





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