Abhijit and the Great Conjunction

Deep FieldAbhijit Nakshatra is (called) the 28th nakshatra, used in an intercalary function to make up the needful 29.5 days of the lunar month. On January 14, 2021, Thursday at 05:09 AM, the Moon will enter Abhijit nakshatra and will be within the orb of influence of Jupiter and Saturn, who are separating the Great Conjunction. Jaimini Sutras tell Abhijit sarva doshghnam, Abhijit cuts away all evils.

Abhijit is called the “inter-calary” nakshatra. Inter-calary meaning of a day or a month – inserted in the calendar to harmonise it with the solar year, e.g. 29 February in leap years. In Vedic Astrology, there are two forms of Abhijit, the positive time of each day, and the intercalary nakshatra which appears from time to time. Abhijit is a “filler” nakshatra used only for the timekeeping purpose of balancing the lunar calendar. Intercalaries, like the Gregorian leap year, are used only when necessary to balance the Traditional calendar.

Abhijit’s symbol is a triangle , or three-cornered hat. It consists of three stars which, unlike the other lunar mansions, are a long way from the ecliptic: the bright white star Vega (Alpha Lyrae) and two other stars in the Lyre: Epsilon and Zeta Lyrae.

Moon in AbhijitThe intercalary Nakshatra Abhijit, which is used only when needed to balance the calendar , is traditionally located directly after the 21st nakshatra – Uttara Ashada – and before the 22nd nakshatra – Shravana. For many astrologers, Abhijit has no predictive value. Others assign portents to Abhijit.

Lord Krishna named Abhijit as his own particular nakshatra. The presiding deity is Vidhata, who is Brahma, the creator of the manifest universe. Abhijit by name is connected to Vishnu, the preserver. The Sun rules over this nakshatra. Shortly after the Moon enters Abhijit nakshatra, the Sun enters Capricorn, thus beginning the celebration Makara Sankranti, and Uttaranaya, the auspicious six month period of the Sun’s traverse of the Northern skies.

Coming back to the significances of Abhijit, we have connections to God Brahma and God Vishnu; Lord Krishna is an incarnation of Vishnu, and so claims Abhijit as his own nakshatra. Brahma creates; Vishnu preserves. What is the order of the manifest universe? The manifest universe is Brahman, the mind accompanies the soul from body to body, and hence, sees duality. Dharma is the vesture of the soul, and the purpose of human life is to follow dharma. Abhijit Nakshatra is the perfect opportunity for the mind to create and preserve dharma in all actions. Abhijit means victory, so the victory of the mind over duality and illusion is achieved by focussing on and seeking the soul, the Atma.

Orbs of Influence

Orbs of Influence occur when a planet approaches another planet within specific degree. In Vedic Astrology, all the planets have specific orbs, ranging from 15° for the Sun, 12° for the Moon, and 9° for Jupiter and Saturn. Mercury and Venus have orbs of 7°, Mars has an orb of 8°. Outer Planets such as Uranus, Neptune and Pluto have (traditionally) used orbs of 3°-5° to register their influence. Orbs of Influence are particularly useful in understanding birth charts, when planets are very close together; it alters the both the strength of the planet as well as the influence on the native.

In the illustration above, the Moon is within the Orb (9° for Saturn and Jupiter) of influence. This means the Moon – who is the presiding deity of the mind – is within the influence of the Great Conjunction – which is still in effect, although the planets are separating. The Moon is also in Abhijit Nakshatra, which is strong, invincible, and cannot be defeated. In this time, while Moon, Saturn, Jupiter and Mercury are all conjunct in Capricorn, the Moon and Saturn remain in Abhijit Nakshatra, (Capricorn 6.40-11.13.20). Saturn is Lord, and ruler of Capricorn. Saturn is the planet of duty, task, responsibility. Saturn gives the firm task – no matter the conditions, the circumstances we find ourselves in – to follow dharma and to follow the voice of conscience within.

The voice of conscience confirms that the Universe is the body of Divinity; everything is Brahman. Everything else is illusion. Where or what is the victory over this illusion? Abhijit provides a creative impulse to seek a life of peace and satisfaction; a dharmic impulse to using the forces and things in Nature for promoting happiness, peace, prosperity and safety. The Jaimini sutras tell, Abhijit cuts away all evils. Abhijit sarva doshghnam.

The Moon in Abhijit nakshatra does not automatically confer removal of doshas, evils. Grace requires effort, and we must do our part. In these times of different strains of the SARS-CoV-2 virus propagating in various countries, we must take up management of our minds, preserve our spiritual discipline, listen to the voice of conscience and follow dharma: follow the protocols and protect our own selves, our family, our community, our workplace. Yes, Abhijit means victory, but victory requires that we put effort. This is the meaning of sadhana, making spiritual effort. Any effort we have that follows and embraces dharma, is spiritual effort.

There can be control of our minds in a world that is worrying about efficacy of vaccinations and for how long they might confer immunity. Saturn can and does provide this self-control, if we but seek the help of Saturn; he is the only planet with divinity in his name, Saneshwara. Combine the discipline and lawful responsibilities of Saturn with Moon in Abhijit, we can have victory, we can have safety, we can have peace of mind. We keep in mind that this nakshatra provides the grace of two of the Divines: Brahma and Vishnu; and that of Lord Krishna who tells, “of the nakshatras, I am Abhijit“.


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