February 2021 Full Moon

Pink supermoonThe February Full Moon brings challenges in its wake, along with gifts from the Paramatman, the gift of light (raising of consciousness) through the work of Planet Mars. There is a call to be wary in the period before, during and after this full Moon. Nonetheless, the planets raise us up if we but seek their help and succour.

At the time of the February Full Moon, the Moon is in the First House: Leo. It receives aspects from Sun, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn. Mars and Jupiter have the strongest aspects, and these are telling aspects; we have planets bearing gifts, we have planets with a challenge. There are weaker aspects from Sun and Venus at the time of this Full Moon.

With the month commencing with so many (six, count them, six planets) in Capricorn, all under the rule of Saturn. Nabassa Yoga indeedy! At the time of Full Moon, the Moon has broken Kaal Sarp Yoga (the Serpent of Time) . Kaal Sarp Yoga is the condition where all planets are between the two nodes, Rahu and Ketu. This time of Kaal Sarp Yoga normally affects nations, but due the crowded house in Capricorn, this particular yoga has had the effect of diminishing spiritual inclination in many. It takes more effort during the time of Kaal Sarp Yoga. The Kaal Sarp Yoga condition will recur cyclically until (on or around Saturday 27 March) when Mars will break the yoga successfully.


Lord of the First House (Sun) is in the 7th house, making relations with the world of import and significance. Rebuilding of relations at large is indicated as vaccinations roll out. Confidence returns. The Lord of the 6th House (Saturn) is in 6 the sixth house, creating a trika situation, which can be both malefic and personally threatening. However, keep in mind that the 6th house is,

  • a time of taking up community service
  • a situation of watch your back, don’t bite your enemies
  • a situation of risk to health and surgery: take extra care when driving, when the body (not the car) is navigating tight spaces; don’t be careless with the hands, the hips, the feet.

Lord of the 8th House (Jupiter) is in 6 the Sixth House, which makes the trika situation stronger. This lord is Jupiter, (nominally debilitated – this is cancelled with Saturn in dignity) and the cancellation allows Jupiter to be his usual expansive, magnanimous self. Jupiter multiplies energy. So you can multiply the advice given above by 2 or 4 more times. Be careful. Trika lords in Trika houses mean problems will be encountered.

Lord of 12th House (Moon) is in the 1st house, so we are saved by the bell!

Retrograde Mercury re-entered Capricorn on 4th of February and went direct on 21 February. Mercury will be in Capricorn under the influence of Saturn (Lord of Capricorn) until March 11, 2021. As Saturn is Lord of responsibility and Lord of doing it right the first time, speedy Mercury will slow down and experience chokes and obstacles in communications worldwide. Just as it has been a bumpy time with fresh ideas languishing on the rise. Soon, ideas will emerge stronger, less evanescent and slowly gather the customary speed. Allow people to gather their thoughts; allow people to speak their thoughts slowly. Don’t tread on their boundaries, the same slowness has been happening to your good self in one or another fashion.

Mars, the Giver of Light, is in Taurus with dig bala, directional strength: here Mars radiates power, strength, might, vigour and positive force. There are hidden gifts in these times of Ascension with the Planet Mars in the driver’s seat bringing the energy / frequency / vibration of the higher dimensions. Here, Mars brings forward-moving, thrusting energy into the physical body: Light is given to us when we do not know it is being given. Mars in Taurus in the 10th house is considered beneficial – particularly when it comes to lending his energy to the natives.

All planets may take the role of Atmakaraka and represent the Paramatman from time to time as circumstances demand. Here, Mars takes the role of the Lord and utters a Gita, specially prepared, for your heart:

My Gita is Light unknown,
Universal light in me;
Light unto the Soul given,
That they be Light endowed.

The Navamsha

In the Navamsha, Mars is Lord of the First House, and aspecting the Full Moon, hence, reinforcing Mars as the Giver of Light, that is, giving light unbeknownst to ourselves.

The Full Moon is in the same sign and same nakshatra (Purva Phalguna) in both the Birth chart and the Navamsa. Purva Phalguna is a Venus nakshatra (we have a weak aspect from Venus in the main chart), it is tamasic in nature and actively seeks fulfilment of desire, in marriage, sex, relationships in general. Being tamasic, it takes up rest, relaxation and enjoyment at every opportunity! (Well, you may not get to enjoy that with Mars aspecting Moon in this nakshatra, yelling, Avast! Arise Ye lazy land lubbers ‘n do some work!)

Saturn is in Krittika being nurtured by the six mothers; Saturn, second strongest planet in the Navamsha is aspecting Rahu conjunct Jupiter. Jupiter has won the planetary war, here in the the 4th house. The 4th house is house of the home; the home environment of emotion, feeling, security, satisfaction at my own place on Earth. Just right now, with Rahu in the 4th House, there is this feeling, this suspicion of being taken awry, it is somewhat feeling there are snakes slithering in the grass. There is need to take caution. (We are not talking ropes in the dark, here.) Once again, the message is watch your back. This is the message of Saturn aspecting Rahu and Jupiter.

Rahu and Jupiter. Recall that Jupiter multiplies energy and Rahu will not follow dharma; Rahu hates dharma (right conduct, righteous action, the right order of the Universe) and will obtain his goal, his wants, his prized station in life by any means available. And if untruth is to be uttered and used in raising his station in life (Rahu is always on the way up, never looking back down) then this is what Rahu will do. Rajyalobha-karaka means Rahu is the agent of ambition. Be careful who you feel or sense might be behaving like a snake in the grass, and be careful what you say about it. Attacking bullshit with more bullshit does not cancel the equation; it multiplies it. (Recall the presence of Jupiter, the multiplier of energy.)

The planets can raise us up, they can pull us down. The important thing is how you utilise the planets. In this case, take up the energy of Jupiter for positive effect (he has won the planetary war (Graha yuddha), and use that energy to protect from the fraudulent tricks of Rahu.

On the other hand, keep in mind that Rahu can be harmful to the mental health. In these days of Coronavirus, mental health has taken a great battering. Mental health in times of lockdown and wearing of masks, and social distancing has had a deleterious effect: particularly among the young, the the youth, the millennials’ – many of whom have lost their jobs as the gig economy has come to a shuddering halt. Here we have Jupiter multiplying energy, and here is where we need to take up the Warrior Mars, Giver of Light at this Full Moon and fill the body, mind and spirit with this gift of light. We can – and must – send light to the young generations, light to bolster their resilience, light to bolster their confidence, light to boost their aims to be who they are, not what they do with full strength and confidence.

Mercury is in Ardha, papa ketari, sandwiched between malefic planets Saturn and Rahu. Mercury is in his own sign – Gemini – and the nakshatra of Rahu (Ardha) indicating that we may expect Mercury to behave a little like Rahu and be slippery, hard to tack down, hard to capture when on the upwardly mobile path in the Navamsa chart – for the older people. They may experience evasion and equivocation from the more youthful during and after this Full Moon.



The Time of Full Moon

Full Moons are times when strong and plentiful energy floods the Earth. This energy, directed by the Full Moon – may be taken and used for benefit. Hence, the Hierarchy offer us the choice to harness this time of strong energy for planetary benefit by doing group meditation and directing energy in the form of love, light or healing, wherever there is a need.

The Hierarchy have advised us that the times of the Full Moon are times when energy is magnified, and multiplied. Groups – or individuals – sitting in meditation with peace, harmony, goodwill towards all have a manifold affect on the energies surrounding our planet when they do this on the Full Moon day. If it is not possible to do so on the actual day, then, we have been told, the day before or the day after will also serve as days of excellence in sending out positive harmony, peace and helpful energies to all places on our Earth.

Meditation at Uluru

The Angelic Realms advise that Uluru is the heart chakra of our planet and the abode of the oversighting spirit of the Indigenous Peoples of Australia – and our entire galaxyAlcheringa. Alcheringa has let it be known that Uluru (along with other sacred places on Earth) exists in the higher dimensions (5th and 6th), and sacred places like Uluru should be visited, to receive the spiritual benefit, blessing, uplift. Alcheringa went on to say that if a sacred place could not be visited in the physical form, then one may travel in spirit. Valérie Barrow channelled Alcheringa on Ascension and visiting Sacred Places in December 2011. What follows is an excerpt from this channelled message:

Alcheringa: ”Indeed there is My Dear, I know that you have received messages about the ascended state of being … … and I would like to say that the ascended state of being already exists in Uluru and the surrounding areas. There are other places around the earth that are also in the uplifted frequency of Light and Love. When people visit these places, these sacred places, they experience the energy and it touches them… … it touches their heart … it touches every body cell, every part of their physical body and helps to lift.

Alcheringa: Everything has a consciousness … it may not be of a language that you would think … … but it has a consciousness. It is predestined for many things to grow … and to grow the same continuous way. And so it is for the earthling … but adjustments can be made at times to fit into certain situations … but sometimes the mind gets in the way and interferes with that growth … that ascended state.

So I would like to encourage everybody to visit sacred places if they can … and if they cannot physically actually go there … Then to sit quietly in a meditative state and gently roll their eyes towards the heavens and see themselves at a certain place that they have decided to go to in their mind.

For it is the consciousness of the soul that is taking them on the journey and it is equally as beneficial to the people to experience being there. It will be a sacred journey … it will be a blessing … and if they keep the brain away from that consciousness they will experience many things.

That will assist them in many ways. A knowing, but more than that a feeling will come upon them and then they will know. Without any explanation or words and this is what I mean when I say and I speak of consciousness in everything.


Uluru - Central Australia



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