108 Names of the Moon: Chandra Ashtottara Shatanamavali #42

Moon - a royal planet

Om jayaphalapradaya namaha, Salutations to the One who is renders the fruit of victory.

jaya all glories SB 8.17.25, SB 8.18.11, Adi 3.2,
jaya all glory Adi 1.18, Adi 2.3, Adi 4.2
jaya glories Madhya 1.188
jaya of victory SB 6.12.14
jaya conquering SB 8.17.10
jaya victory SB 8.17.13
jaya jaya SB 9.16.36
jaya conquer Adi 16.25
jaya victory Madhya 1.177
jaya victorious Madhya 21.76
phala fruits SB 1.11.14, SB 4.6.28, SB 4.23.5, SB 5.9.15,
phala result Bg 12.11, Bg 18.11, Adi 7.86, Madhya 20.140,
phala fruit SB 1.11.15, Adi 4.154, Adi 9.25, Adi 9.44,
phala the result Madhya 3.97, Madhya 6.263, Madhya 6.264 265,
phala the fruits Adi 17.86, Madhya 15.83, Antya 1.130
phala of fruits SB 5.17.13, SB 5.24.10
phala of the results SB 6.3.4, SB 8.17.17
phala of results Bg 18.2
phala in fruits SB 3.21.40
phala and fruits SB 8.2.9 13
phala by fruits SB 8.21.6 7
phala fruits from the forest SB 10.12.4
phala of the fruit Adi 10.7
phala the fruits of the banana tree Adi 10.68
phala fruit. Adi 17.83
pradaya offering SB 8.22.23, SB 9.7.20
pradaya promising to deliver SB 10.1.49 50
pradaya who can give Madhya 19.53
pradaya after receiving SB 9.2.32
pradaya after picking up SB 10.7.30

The Moon can bestow the fruits of victory in many arenas of human activity – if, and only if the Moon is strong, and supported by other planets. The Moon is a royal planet, one of the luminaries, and is the presiding deity of the mind. If the Moon is afflicted by Rahu, then there can be no enduring, confident leadership: chicanery, fraud, false qualifications and climbing over other people on the way up to the top will all be exposed. Where the Moon is afflicted, there can be ethical leadership was compromised by [the] toleration, acceptance and participation in a widespread disregard for behavioural norms.

For enduring victory that aids the welfare of all, the Moon should be strong, supported by benefic planets and benefic yogas; then the mind is strong. When the Moon is strong, the Moon is pure. The Moon can bestow the triple purity of thoughts, words and actions. Thereafter, we have human integrity and human flourishing.

“Every one in the world desires victory. No one desires defeat. All crave for wealth; no one craves for poverty. But how can victory or wealth be acquired? This has to be thought about and discovered. And we need not search long for the solution. Sanjaya, according to the Mahabharata, revealed to King Dhrtharashtra the secret, “Where there are both Krishna, the Lord or Yoga, and Arjuna, the Wielder of the Bow, there victory is assured and wealth is won.” Why do we need more than this as advice? There is no need to undergo the threefold struggle – physical, mental, intellectual – to achieve victory. Nor need one get perturbed or anxious. There is no need to pine for wealth and prosperity. Take refuge in God; wield the bow of courage, that is to say, hold the heart pure. That is enough. Victory and wealth are yours. But when you pursue victory and wealth, remind yourself that they are shadows, not substantial things. You cannot attain your shadow with the Sun behind even if you pursue it for millions of years. For it flees faster and is always beyond reach. Turn towards the Sun and proceed. Then watch what happens. The shadow falls behind and follows you instead of leading you. It walks on your footsteps like a slave. Consider the shadow as the symbol of illusion. So long as you follow illusion, the Lord is being ignored and is out of sight. You cannot win His vision. You will be caught up in the coils of birth and death and be ever in bondage. From this atmosphere of dependence, one must endeavour to release oneself. Or else, if all one’s efforts are directed to the acquisition of sensual pleasures, it is a sure sign of rank ignorance. Vidya Vahini)

Om jayaphalapradaya namaha, Salutations to the One who is renders the fruit of victory.


Chandra - the Moon God


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