108 Names of the Moon: Chandra Ashtottara Shatanamavali #53

Moon - a royal planetOm bhayantakrte namaha:, Salutations to the One who brings an end to fear. Fear, that which pushes people into illusion and separation from their Truth: Oneness with Divinity.

ant Hindi.
anta Sanskrit. m. end; death; completion; limit, boundary.
antaka Sanskrit. adj. causing death m. death M. the one who puts an end to/causes the death of . . ., the destroyer, prerequisite of change and evolution – epithet of Vishnu (V. 520) and Yama, the god of death.
bhay Hindi. m.
bhaya Sanskrit. n. (from bhī – to fear) fear, alarm, worry, anxiety, misgiving. For spiritual aspirants, it includes the extended fear of continuing bondage to the wheel of death and rebirth (samsāra). ‘It is the ‘two’ that causes fear. If one is oneself the listener, the seer, the doer and the enjoyer, how can fear arise?’
kṛt Sanskrit – doing. SB 4.29.18-20, Madhya 24.181
kṛt Sanskrit – performing SB 3.29.25
kṛt Sanskrit – one who executes SB 3.29.32
kṛt Sanskrit – carrying out SB 6.1.58-60
kṛt Sanskrit – the cause SB 6.15.25
kṛt Sanskrit – creator. SB 7.1.11
kṛt Sanskrit – which causes Madhya 23.5


We are given to understand that at this time, the madness currently taking place on our planet is serving a divine purpose. A vast portion of the inhabitants on planet earth have chosen fear to be their primary frequency from which they operate.

Every being has free-will choice. Their souls have decided that they need more time in a negative reality in order to gather certain experiences they deemed important for their own souls’ evolutionary path.

They might make the free will choice to take a reflection and check out from this reality leaving all higher vibrating beings behind to do the divine work of conscious evolution and ascension. Thus, they are contributing in their own way to the ascension process on earth. With fewer fear-based vibrations present on the planet the critical mass of positive vibrations can be achieved and the final event timeline accelerated.

The uncertainty that so many of you feel, again, leads to more uncertainty, anxiety, and worry. How many of you continue to awaken in those magic hours that are called Brahma muhurtam? So when you are awakened at three in the morning, when Spirit often will invite you to meditate … instead, do you now awaken and say, “What is it that I should worry about?” Dear ones, we know you so well because that seems to be one of the first reactions that so many of you will wish to change, allowing new loving energies to arrive in your life. Do not automatically give fear the upper hand.

Children believe your words when you say that the policeman will catch them or the ghost will beat them. They are full of Fear, Fortitude and Faith! But having grown old and stuffed your heads with all kinds of doctrines and dogmas and theories and arguments, you have now to use your viveka (discrimination) and discover God the hard way. This I will tell you, there is no escaping it; all creatures have to reach God some day or other, by the long route or by the short route. (Vijayadasami, 1953)

Divine Life is the very breath of all beings; it consists of Truth, Love and Non-violence. For, how can any one be false to another when there is no other at all? Falsehood comes out of fear. When there is no second, there is no fear at all. No one is loved more than the Self: when all is the self-same Self, all is loved as the Self is loved: As for violence, who is to injure whom when all are but one?

How to lead the Divine life? There is no special membership that entitles you to it. Every struggle to realise the Unity behind all the multiplicity is a step on the path of Divine Life. You have to churn the milk if you wish to separate and identify the butter that is immanent in it. So too, you have to carry on certain processes of thought and action in order to get to the hard core of faith that this world is a funny mixture of truth and untruth, that it is illusion, in fact. The Divine Life does not admit of the slightest dross in character or delusion in intellect. So, people dedicated to it must emphasise this by precept and example. Wipe out the root causes of anxiety and fear and ignorance. Then only can the true personality of man shine forth. Venkatagiri, April 1957


Om bhayantakrte namaha:, Salutations to the One who brings an end to fear.


Chandra - the Moon God


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