108 Names of the Moon: Chandra Ashtottara Shatanamavali #55

Moon - a royal planetOm bhavabandhavimocackaya namaha:, Salutations to the One who frees us from emotional bonds


bhāv Hindi
bhāva: Sanskrit natural state, condition, quality; the heart (the seat of feelings); state of mind or body, inclination, way of thinking, feeling or acting, belief, meaning; disposition, temperament; sentiment, feeling, mood, emotion.
bandha Sanskrit (from bandh – to bind) fettering; bondage; attachment; a chain.
bandhan Sanskrit a knot; tying together; binding; capturing.
bāndhav Hindi a relative; close friend,
bāndhava Sanskrit. a relative; close friend, nearest and dearest; well-wisher.
vimochana Sanskrit loosening.
vimochan Hindi
vimochana Sanskrit release; deliverance; redemption; epithet of Shiva.
cakra Sanskrit wheel
cākāya Sanskrit under the wheel


Here, we give salutations to the Moon – the presiding deity of the mind – as the one who helps to free us from emotional bonds that fetter us and tie us to this world, to this house, to this person, to this thing I have, to this sense possession and territory that the ego feels it must have. The Moon also frees us from the negative aspect of emotional attachment, that is, fear. Fear that this object, this person, this thing, this possession and territory might not be our own.

The root of all trouble is the uncontrolled ill-directed Mind. Like the Godavari in floods, it rolls along, causing slips and slides, and devastating vast areas on both banks. Discrimination and detachment are the two bunds which tame the mad energy of the flood and lead the raging waters into the Sea, which is, after all, the destination they seek.

Do not exaggerate the importance of things that have but material utility; they fade, even while you grasp them by the hand. Search for the truth – that which suffers no change. Search for the awareness – the state of consciousness, which is unaffected by gusts of passion, which is pure, which is free from egoism or the desire to possess. Then alone can you experience the Light, and illumine the Path for others. Search for bliss, the bliss that emanates from Love with no blemish of attachment. Be like bees hovering on the flower of the glory of the Lord, sucking the sweet nectar of grace, silently and joyfully.

When there is no Love, egoism has the upper hand: quarrels about your being superior and others being inferior raise up their heads.

In the spiritual field you must be sincere. Do not pretend, and deceive yourself and others. There was once a mendicant who sought a place where he could get a meal as he was very hungry. A pious old lady called him into her house and asked him to take his bath and partake of the noon meal. He said, “Oh, why should I take a bath? Govindethi sadaa snanam; I have now repeated the Name of Govinda, that is as good as a bath.” Hearing this, the lady said, “In that case, Rama naamamritham sadaa bhojanam; Ramanam is food for ever, I shall also feed you with a quotation.Get out of here pretty quick.” Do not use the study of the Sastras and scriptures for increasing your egoism; let it make you humble, though at the same time, more resistant to temptation. your nature is divine; what has happened is that delusion has covered it with dirt. The washerman does not make your clothes white; they are white already what he does is to manifest the whiteness by removing the dirt that has hidden the genuine native colour, white. The washerman must have two good things to bring out the basic whiteness: soap and water. Both have to be good; you cannot manage with only one of the two. In the case of the mind and removal of the dirt therein, the soap is Principle, and the water is Practice.


Om bhavabandhavimocackaya namaha:, Salutations to the One who frees us from emotional bonds


Chandra - the Moon God


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