The Heat is On

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At the present time, we have four planets in Leo, and Sun will join shortly. Venus will move to a much cooler environment in Virgo. As a sign that matters are heating up, the United Nations Climate Change working party have released their latest report, telling that humanity has to take action on climate change. We look to the planets.

This is California’s Dixie Fire.

Dixie Fire, California
The Dixie fire in Northern California has surpassed the Bootleg fire in Oregon to become the largest fire so far this year in the United States. As of August 6, 2021, the Dixie fire had charred more than 432,000 acres (675 square miles/1,750 square kilometers).

On August 4, 2021, an astronaut on the International Space Station shot a photo of the Dixie fire’s thick smoke plume (top).

Dixie fire
The second image, also acquired on August 4, shows the fire as observed by the Enhanced Thematic Mapper Plus (ETM+) on Landsat 7. It combines natural-color with shortwave-infrared light to cut through some of the smoke and highlight the active fire fronts. In this view, the hottest and most active parts of the fire are orange-yellow.

The planets tell us it is hot in a lot of places in the world now, with raging fires wreaking havoc and causing wide-ranging smoke and unhealthy air quality. The primary planetary signature now is of the Fire element too … with Venus-Mars-Mercury-Moon in Leo today, and Uranus (outer planet) in Aries. Venus will move into much cooler Virgo on August 11, but after that, the Sun will enter Leo on August 16.

Mercury is transiting in sidereal Leo from August 8-25. Here the energy can be bright-minded, creative, and confident, but it can also indicate nervous system stress and aggravation, and this is especially so as Saturn is transiting with the potential for danger, property damage, as well as health imbalances from the Fire and Air elements being so out of harmony with each other.

Additionally, Mars in Leo is aspecting fiery Ketu in Scorpio (recall the rule Kuja vat Ketu, Ketu behaves like Mars), and Mercury conjoins Mars in fiery Leo within an effective orb from now until August 23, so we need to mind the mind, cultivate patience and ease, and make sure to cool and calm the physical body and the chitta (the consciousness. For those of you that have any planets in Taurus, or Taurus rising, Rahu is there, (and in the navamsha, conjunct Saturn retrograde) causing the mind to be poisoned against those whom you care for. Taurus is a fixed sign, resolving this will require meditation, prayer, sacrifice of time, talents and resources.

Breath work is helpful for this. Here is a simple, breathing meditation to let the Light of the Great Central Sun come through the physical Sun into your being.

Here is a process for it:
Take a crystal that is of a clear nature, such as a clear quartz crystal, and let the sun rays shine through it. Sit with this Light and bathe in it…
If you don’t have a crystal, imagine one. … (I do every morning…)

Breathe it into every cell of your body…
Connect upwards to your I AM Presence…
Then, connect upwards to your physical sun…
Then, connect upwards to the Great Central Sun…
Feel the energies flowing down from the Great Central Sun, through the physical sun, through your I AM Presence into your body, heart and aura…
Let this Light raise your vibrational frequencies…
Let this Light expand from your heart centre into your world…
When you feel complete, return your awareness to the space that you’re in.
Welcome back!

Let’s all work on staying cool on all levels…This Leo/Fire energy needs an outlet in physical activity…also, in warm engagement with others…and through creative expression, so perhaps this can be helpful guidance for some of us.

We have been told that the Coronavirus is going to be with humanity for a little while longer. We can pray the Agni Gayatri for relief from the furnace of planets in Leo, and from the furnace of humanity that is the Covid-19 pandemic. We may also offer this mantra for the welfare of the world, Loka Sevanam, that all nations come together in harmony, cooperation and understanding and supply needful solutions for the climate.

Om Maha jwalaya Vidmahe
Agni devaya Dheemahe
Tanno Agni Prachodayat



For those who know the purpose behind their birth, life is the gateway to freedom. Such people are not attached to the body, mind, senses, and worldly possessions. They know these are merely tools to achieve the goal of life, not goals themselves. They use these tools wisely and leave them behind when they are no longer needed. This is the way of yogis.


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