108 Names of the Moon: Chandra Ashtottara Shatanamavali #63

Moon - a royal planetOm bhavyaya namaha: Salutations to the One who is auspicious and beautiful.

bhavya: Happy, auspicious, prosperous.
bhavya: Well, proper, fit, right.
bhavya: To be or become, what is to be.
bhavya: A being, what is or exists.
bhavya: all that will be created or born SB 2.5.3
bhavya: future SB 2.8.12
bhavya: O gentle one SB 3.5.37
bhavya: auspicious SB 4.14.30


We know that the Sun and the Moon are the Royal planets, the source of light. The Sun is self-effulgent, the Moon follows its dharma and reflects the light of the Sun. Just as the Sun is self-effulgent of its own nature, so also, the Moon is auspicious of its own nature. The Moon has no enemies, and no ill-will toward any other planet, nor any being any where in any of the worlds.

The Moon is usually favourable unless it is afflicted, aspected by malefic planets or papa-ketari, hemmed in between malefic planets. This then rises the reflection on auspiciousness of the Moon: aupsiciousness is favourable, opportune, timely, propitious, fortunate, fitting. The Moon is cool and silent, bringing peace to those who reflect upon the Moon. At time of Full Moon, the lunar energy is fulsome and may be taken up for loka sevanam, service to the world in group meditation.

The Moon, cool and silent, has the gift of making our own minds cool and silent. As the presiding deity of the mind, one of the tasks of the Moon is to take the mind inwards towards the heart, towards the Atma, wherein we discover that Love is inherently within all, the Source of All, the goal of all, the purushartha, the goal of life:

You must be concerned more with your own journey which is nearing its end with every sunrise. You are engaged in an incessant struggle with the Sun, to survive the onslaught of Time, which he measures with His steps. You yearn to escape the consequences of birth and the aftermath of death. You desire peace and joy; for this, you have to cleanse the mind so effectively that it is well-nigh eliminated. This is possible only when you identify yourself with the Atma, rather than with the body, which is the casket of the Atma, earned as a reward for one’s activities of mind and body. When you live in the consciousness of the omnipresent Atma, you live in love, love flowing and flooding in and through you, and all else. 13-1-1969


Om bhavyaya namaha:, Salutations to the One who is auspicious and beautiful.


Chandra - the Moon God


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