The Holi Full Moon – March 2022

The Holi Full Moon - February 2022The Full Moon in February brings Spring in its wake for the northern hemisphere, and the Holi celebration. As we emerge from Covid-19, there is need to shake the dust off ourselves, spruce up, and celebrate. After a brief look at the Navamsa, we look to the situation in Ukraine.

February Full Moon – Occasion of Holi

Holi, the Hindu spring festival, is celebrated on the full moon day in the month of Phalguna (February – March). In 2022, Holi date is March 18 (play with colours). Holi also marks the commencement of Spring (Vasant) in the Hindu religion. Recollections about Holi – the first thing that comes to mind is the throwing of coloured water and coloured powder on one another. The Holi festival is largely associated with Lord Krishna and it said that in his childhood and teenage, Krishna played holi with the Gopikas and Gopis in Brindavan. In the Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna tells that among the seasons, I am Vasant.

Others say that Holi celebrates the birth of Lakshmi Devi.

This full Moon is in Virgo, ruled by Mercury. Mercury, Lord of Virgo, is in the 7th house conjunct Jupiter, who is a multiplier of energy. Jupiter is giving a 90% aspect; Sun is also aspecting Moon from Pisces. Positive energy for learning and career, personality and service, is delivered. Man is born to know the goal of life and reach that goal. At this time, at this full moon, the opportunity for service is present. Sun is naisargika atmakaraka, the second significator of the soul.

Another important aspect of this full moon – and enjoyment of the Holi festival – is that Moon has temporarily broken the Kaal Sarp Yoga (serpent of time) as it is outside the Rahu-Ketu Axis. Another important matter is peyarchi, the transit of Rahu and Ketu. Ketu and Rahu have changed signs. Ever moving retrograde (backwards, the shadow planets are now in the Aries/Libra axis – which has strong effects.

We have Saturn (in his own sign), Venus and Mars together in the 6th house, Capricorn. Mars is exalted in Capricorn. Venus is very close (within 3 degrees) so we have Mars and Venus in planetary war. Saturn in dignity is in the nakshatra of Mars, so the friction between these planets is heightened. In terms of planetary strength (shadbala) Saturn is the strongest planet at this time of full Moon, so our exalted warrior is facing conflict on many fronts. (Saturn and Venus are friends… ) So Mars people, while this may seem like a time of triumph, watch your back.

Sun in Pisces is in Uttara Bhadrapada nakshatra; Pisces is the 8th house, a trika house (not the best of energy) and heavily influenced by Saturn who aspects Sun and also owns this nakshatra. Saturn is a slow planet, Saturn is a planet who does not take much notice of clothing and accoutrements, Saturn is frequently covered in dust and dirt. This sort of dust and dirt reflects some of the left-overs of Covid-19 in the mind. Anxiety and mental health can coat the mind as we emerge from our personal winters of lock-downs, masks and vaccinations. It would be meet and fitting to practice the meditation below, daily, to build back self esteem, self respect and patience. So Holi is a good time for colour, merriment and enjoyment!

A world about the Rahu-Ketu axis. At the time of Full Moon, this is a 9-3 axis of affliction, and will affect people with Aries rising, and Libra rising. Rahu in Aries emphasises material urges and seeks prosperity. As Rahu hates dharma, there may be some experience of temptation to “cut corners” or make “sharp deals”. It is better to follow dharma. Ketu in Libra lacks resistance to what is occurring. Ketu is not connected to negotiation, facilitation, alliance-building, contract-making, matching and pairing. While Libra is the sign of balance, the Ketu ability to yoke and pair is both unlimited and unimportant. Effort has to be made. (This is the meaning of sadhana.)


Full Moon on Sardinia
Looking to the Navamsha (for those in their ‘senior’ years) Moon is in Aquarius, the sign of the water bearer, and experiences full aspect from Sun and Saturn who oppose Moon from Leo. Moon has the aruda (pada) of the 6th house, meaning the appearance is one of being assailed by enemies, illness, surgery, and other matters that can drag the spirit down. 6th is also the house of community service – guru sevanam. You can defeat the enemies of the mind by offering selfless service – nishkama karma, free from the fruits of action. Mercury is debilitated at this time, suggesting exchanges and information may be slow in coming forward. Jupiter and Mars are in the sign of Venus, Taurus, which is the navamsha rising sign. This is an earth sign, and the sign of somewhat stubborn energies. As Jupiter multiplies, and Mars seeks to dart forward for victory, it is better to be stubborn in love and sacrifice: sacrifice your ego on the altar of compassion.

This sad situation in Europe. We look to the chart for Ukraine’s independence (24 August 1991). Saturn and Moon are with the rising sign, and Moon is weak (sandhi) on the borders between signs – and so not as strong as it might else be, nonetheless, the Moon is atmakaraka, significator of the soul for the Ukraine. It is good that their leader is so strong minded. He is resilience embodied.

We mentioned Mars and Venus in planetary war. They are so linked in the Ukraine transit chart doing the same in the 12 house, when this conflict commenced in February. They have crossed over into the 1st house of the Ukraine chart, dragging this war with them. Mars rules the 4th house, homeland, and Venus rules 10th house, government. We have noted that Rahu has moved into Aries, the 4th house of Ukraine. This amplifies the warlike situation that has a global impact through sanctions, economic intentions and consequences – Rahu will not follow dharma, so there may be a proliferation of back-room deals that may hurt Ukraine.

The other thing to keep in mind is sade-sati, the seven year transit of Saturn over natal moon. This is happening right now in the Ukraine chart. Deprivation, extremes of suffering, difficulty and unfathomable pain, pressure, and suffering for the public. Why? Saturn has a task to do, Saturn reflects both light from the Sun, and redirects magnetic energy for effect: that effect is the karma selected for consumption in this life. The Divine places these souls in this situation for their ultimate benefit. Just as these souls have to surrender and accept their circumstances – charana kamala – we also have to surrender and accept that Source has a plan that will result in world peace, world government and the day will come when nations will not raise weapons to settle their difference.

Jupiter in Pisces in April – conjunct Neptune may bring a ceasefire, a period of peace. It is followed by eclipses in Aries – which will make conflict again. Jupiter will move into Ukraine’s 4th house in April of 2023, next year. Then, we may see a lasting conciliation and dharma may prevail. Until then, send light to Ukraine. We are One, and in the Oneness of Divinity, our sending of light and love to the peoples of Ukraine will be taken up by the Divine and placed where it is most needed.

Full Moon Meditation

We need protection. The Hierarchy have shared with us that the time of Full Moon is a time of very strong energy, and we can take this energy, and meditation for our own benefit, and offer the energy gained to the Source of the All that it might be used to benefit others. Herewith, one simple meditation of protection from psychic pests (and others who float about on the lower astral)…

  • Lay flat on a bed or on a floor.
  • In the imagination, create a protective pyramid of white-light around oneself.
  • Place the base of this white-light radiant pyramid of protective energy below oneself, approximately three feet below the body.
  • The pyramid dimension should be approximately three feet larger than the physical body length as well.
  • For example if one stands 2 meters tall then the base of the pyramid will be approximately 4 meters wide.
  • In the mind, simply enlarge the pyramid until it provides the protective size and height to remain as a geometrically intact pyramid shape containing the physical body nicely with a pleasant, secure buffer around the body.
  • Charge this pyramid with the energy of safety, intelligence, and divine guidance.
  • Intentional thoughts create reality.
  • The pests will be repelled by the wave frequency of this healing light and will cease to be bothersome.
  • The person can be sitting, standing, walking, or laying during creation of the pyramid.
  • It can be calming to create this white-light pyramid in the mind before drifting off to sleep.
  • It can be created while sitting in an aircraft passenger seat, taking an examination, climbing a peak, driving a wagon, riding an elephant, going to sleep, or standing in queue at the bank.
  • The power of the pyramid is held in the frequency of the intentional thought. When the thought is no longer held in the mind, the pyramid
    simply dissolves.


Full moon with Jupiter
Full moon with Jupiter



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