Shaneshwara in Vrishikha

Saturn and Moon

As we write, Saturn is approaching transit - peyarchi - to Vrishikha (Scorpio) and is at present sandi, within one degree of the boundary between Libra and Scorpio. Planets in such a position are regarded as depleted of energy, until they reach 1° of the sign entered. Saturn will leave exaltation in Libra to transit Scorpio fo the next two-and-a-half-years. Mundane astrology and predictions left aside, we look to the significance of Shaneshwara in Vrishikha, Lord Saturn in Scorpio. We also look to true humanness and the importance of thoughts creating your reality.

This is not Pralaya ...

This is not a time of pralaya, the end of 1000 years of Brahma and evolution returning to involution. Nor will creation cease to exist, due disasters predicted upon behalf of the transit of Lord Shaneshwara. Note this appellation for Saturn is the only planet to have divinity - easwara - in its name. This is a matter of significance and requires deep reflection. Saturn is not the planet responsible for death, destruction and the end of life on Earth. The end of all life on Earth will come when the Sun transforms to a red-dwarf star; it will then become too hot for any life to survive. These matters aside, we look to the light energy that Saturn is responsible for in this world of Maya, illusion. What is the task of Saturn in Vrishikha, Scorpio?

Precis: Saturn in Houses

For everyone reading, Vrishikha-Scorpio will be one or another of the houses, and we urge readers to consider the bhava involved, for the Bhava lord will either modulate, moderate or escalate the influence of Saturn in Scorpio. We must keep in mind that planets are either friendly, neutral or enemies one with another, complex relations all. Vargottama planets have stronger influence and the influence of fixed, movable and mutable signs are also related. Lagna Lord, position of Sun and Moon and Atmakaraka also have their role, duty and function. Graha means to seize, to take control of, and that is the task of planets. In precis form, we look to Saturn in Houses:

In Bhava 1, Saturn demands we attend clarity in our personal identity. In the second house, Saturn directs energy towards clarifying our values and possessions instead of acquiring more. In the third house, Saturn urges we reduce unnecessary thoughts, manage the mind, clarify communications and exercise a clarified intellect. In Bhava 4, Saturn makes us settle and be responsible for the home and it chattels. In the fifth house, Saturn calls for management of the theatre the ego delivers with customary grandiloquence; there may be separation from children and romantic lovers as duty (workload) increases. In the Sixth House, Saturn may attract restrictions from authority, legal complications, attention to health below the pericardium. In the Seventh House, Saturn will require the native to remain yoked to social contracts and obligations. In House 8, there may be impending changes to persona, role, task, duty, self-perceptions (even the name we are addressed by) - all suspended until grounded in responsibility. In the Ninth, Saturn drops down to low gear and directs full attention to piety, proper observances, pious duties and obligations to temple and family. In Bhava 10, Saturn enjoins repeated efforts with perseverance for material success. In the public relations with marketplace, business and gains of the 11th house, Saturn delays but does not deny; self discipline and repetition is called for. The interior condition is the focus of Saturn in the house of deprivation and loss, the 12th. The best remedy here is selfless service to humanity; living for a purpose must keep the focus.

Saturn and Scorpio:

Scorpio is a sign of sudden intrusions, upheavals, changes to routines, invasions of personal space. Saturn resists such changes and seeks stability and maintenance of established routine and order. While Scorpio is a water sign, keep in mind that Vedanta teaches that jala element - water - has fire as one if its components. Lorded by Mars, pitta, who is neutral to Saturn, Saturn regards Mars as enemy. Mars delivers drive, energy, strength and relentless aggression: over time Saturn - eternal resistance to change, perpetually defending established routine and order - (and personal boundaries of proper presence and obligation to the world) wears down. Too much stress is distress. Resilience may fade, energy may be consumed. Inner transformation may be inevitable.

Loss of public face to the world and transformation are counted as aspects of Scorpio. An exhausted and annihilated Saturn asks "How does one engage in transformation when defences are being worn down?" What or who is asking this question? Is defence of the boundaries a matter of ego? Or are these boundaries and inner stability founded on the practice of eternal values, dharma, the eternal order of the Universe? If Truth is the basis, if dharma is the path, then Saturn may count on divine protection, a shield which protect the inner essence, the soul, the atma. The atma cannot be burned, pulped, sliced, diced nor destroyed; it is eternal. Atma balan is soul strength. How then does soul strength emerge when Saturn, master of self-control, self discipline, calling for repetition, drill, adherence to procedures, guides and rules, is under attack? The key is the hidden treasure of integrity.

Integrity is not the defence of a way of life called for by the ego. Integrity is and purity of thoughts, words and actions. Integrity is the fruit of inner discipline based on the five human values of truth, right action, peace, love and non-violence. It is integrity which provides that protection; wherever one upholds dharma (right order, right action, righteousness) that one earns the protection of dharma. Difficult transformational decisions based on dharma will earn the protection of dharma. Scorpio is a house of unknown, secret matters and where these are exposed and thrown into one's face, then one may progress with confidence arising from integrity. This is not a five-minute wonder; Integrity is the fruit of a lifetime cultivation of unity of thoughts, words, actions, and standing up to one's plighted troth, the given word. As per Saturn, this responsibility is the proper response.

Saturn in Scorpio calls for responses to sudden movements, changes, eruptions from without. Professional identity and proper dignity may be vulnerable to upheaval and unknown outcomes. However, we must keep in mind that dharma provides protection for those who practice and follow dharma; there is no need for fear, reactions and boundary setting by the ego. Saturn, disperser of light energy to the native, provides the foundation to take whatever the experience of transiting Scorpio offers, with detachment and discrimination. These are the depths that Saturn builds though-out the transit of the twelve signs.

Saturn may enter Scorpio; Saturn will aspected by Jupiter until May 2015, and be in trine to Ketu for many months to come. There may be external phenomena due the ingress of the 4th Dimension, and the raising of the human consciousness and vibration to this level (and beyond). It is the duty of Saturn to lay a foundation so that we may progress forward with firm conviction of what is right, what is wrong, and what is conduct that embraces true humanness. Such conduct, such integrity is not swayed by losses, deprivation, disasters and alarms. Dharma protects those who practice and uphold dharma.

What Saturn purposes

We recall that Saturn is seven times more powerful than the Sun. No-one is exempt the challenges of Saturn, who asks for self-discipline and self-control. The direct goal of Saturn is to have you "Do Good". In order to do that - in plain language - we need to be very careful with our thoughts. If you think this is a time of general destruction, then your inner world will reflect that outside you. You can create a better world for yourself - and others; or you can create a worse place to live in - for yourself and others. Swami Hariharananda may well have told us, "Human life is time" (and Saturn is Lord of Time); Source, on the other hand, tells us that "Human life is choice" - and it is up to us what we choose. This is an important time on Earth where that which does is not allied to human progress and advance is brought to the surface and enlightened. This is the time of the Ascension to 4th, 5th and 6th Dimensions. Saturn purposes that time be used well.

In order to use time well (Saturn, manda, the slow one), we must make good choices (Saturn, disciplinarian) for we are responsible for the world we create. Life is change, the sanksrit word for Universe is jagat, coming and going, means eternal change. It is said that your life is a work of art. You are the artist. How do you paint the brush-strokes on the canvas of your life? How do you use your talents? Recall Jesus and the Parable of the talents; one buried his talents and earned the opprobium of the Master; one made five more talents and earned the gratitude of the master; the other made ten more talents from his talent, and the Master was most effusive about his efforts. So, How do you paint the brush-strokes on the canvas of your life?


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