The 5th Dimension and the Equinox

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The March Equinox occurs on March 20th, 2015. If you live in the Southern Hemisphere, this will be the Autumn Equinox; if you live in the Northern Hemisphere, then you will welcome the Spring Equinox. This equinox is preceded by a Total Solar Eclipse (in the region of the Atlantic Trench). The Solar Eclipse commences at 9:16AM in France, and the Equinox occurs late evening, at 21:45:00. This Equinox, preceded by an eclipse, a moment of transformation of the darkness within the human, has much to bring to humanity by way harnessing the energies of the 5th Dimension.


We turn our attention to the Sun at the time of this Equinox. We understand Equinox to mean "equal day and night" as per the adjacent animation. Equinox means a time of balance; balance of light and dark, balance of the forces of light and the forces of darkness; equal measure of the energies flowing to our planet. The planets distribute the harmonics of colour, light and dark, frequency and vibration within the human, all for the purpose of progress in each human life and spiritual advance. Our Sun - Sol - (pronounced the same as Soul - so Sol and Soul are sources of the same light) has had an exchange of energies with the Central Sun of all Universes and now delivers the energy of the 5th Dimension from the Source. Where the planets are in the Zodiac is where the light is distributed to humans.

The zodiac, most people know, is a division of the skies into twelve signs. In Vedic Astrology, there is a further division of stars into smaller divisions related to the Moon moving through the skies. These are called nakshatras, and are best thought of as repositories of various different energies (called shaktis), like a spiritual storehouse. Nakshatra means "not destructible" and is like a storehouse of energies. Nakshatras are ruled by a planet, and relate directly to one of the four main goals of life (wealth, right conduct, satisfying everyday needs and release from the cycle of birth and death). They are also related to one of three impulses of action, called gunas. One type is serenity and peace, another is passion and action, the third is laziness and inactivity. Nakshatras are divided into 4 parts, each part is called a pada, having a sub-ruling planet. Planets ruling nakshatras determine the results the nakshatra will give. Sub-rulers modify these results.

At this Equinox, the Sun is in Pisces (a water sign) and in relationship with Jupiter (the ruler of Pisces) and Saturn (the ruler of the Uttara Bhadrapada nakshatra where the Sun is). Jupiter and Saturn are also in water signs, so a planetary effect on water will be felt for the next six months. We are examining this Equinox from the Northern Hemisphere as many planets are in a sign related to the direction called North.

At the time of the Equinox in France (using Central European Time of 21:45:00) the Ascendant will be in Libra, in Chitra nakshatra, which is ruled by Mars. Venus rules Libra, so there will be energy of desire prevailing at this time. As Libra is an air sign, impulses towards satisfying desire may be in the mind, and the task of the human is to master the mind and be a mastermind. In other words, we are not led around by our desires and can exercise our self reflection and self awareness. Of course, Venus signifies many graceful things, gardens, artistry, elegant surroundings, graceful company, the arts, and not simply sexual desire. So we may have some awareness, some balance, and perhaps, even manage the desire to go out and spend our hard earned income on a passing whim. For this will pass. Saturn, lord of time, will ensure that fleeting desires will pass.

Saturn is in the second house and has turned retrograde (going backwards). Retrograde planets take us back over our previous experience and give an opportunity to reflect on how we managed those experiences and how we may make new choices. Often during a retrograde period, we may have dreams signifying recent events - the unconscious is helpful unconscious as Carl Jung taught, so we may receive inner help due the energy and vibration of that retrograde planet within. Retrograde in fact is a latin term and means "do good". So the retrograde planet gives us the opportunity for reflection and "doing good" - that is, arriving at new understandings of ourselves and making new choices. Saturn, Lord of Time, gives us this opportunity at this Equinox, all other things being in balance.

Saturn was recently stationary and making a very slow progress through Scorpio, through its own nakshatra of Anurada. Scorpio, the natural 8th house, is ruled by Mars, which signifies fearlessness and courage. Anuradha nakshatra presents spiritual challenges. As this time of Equinox, Saturn is in the second house - a house of wealth - there may well be a wealth of spiritual progress available taking up the self-discipline and attention to detail that Saturn can provide. On the other hand, Anuradha has the capacity to make and maintain friendships, while being attuned to inner goals and inner discipline. Saturn is in trine to all the planets in Pisces (Mars, Ketu, Moon and Sun) and also with Jupiter. Jupiter sends a glance - called graha drishti - to Saturn urging some deeper self inquiry and gentleness in self discipline. Ketu, on the other hand, causes a disconnection from social networks, so it is important to maintain friendships and relations with the outer world with some balance. Life is a balance between spiritual activity, work, exercise and relaxation, so it is important to keep that balance in mind with Saturn in Scorpio. We have just moved through a period where we can be prone to idle boredom, so seeking balance in life is very important. We move on to Mercury, all alone in Aquarius.

Mercury in Aquarius at this time of Equinox resides in Shatabhisa nakshatra, which can be a bit of a difficult place for Mercury, who likes to move quickly, exchange and deliver information and contact many people at once. Mercury is said to be the giver of intelligence, and here in Shatabhisa, the symbol is a circle enclosing a space. And being in a closed space is not what Mercury seeks. In addition, Aquarius is ruled by Saturn, the Lord of Time and the one who seeks to engage you in self-control and self discipline, which somewhat grates on the Mercury nature. The ruler of Shatabisa nakshatra is the one who has desire, the one who seeks to push the boundaries back, Rahu. The nature of this nakshatra is right conduct, dharma. What is this dharma in an enclosed space, that Mercury is held back to examine?

Dharma is the basis and the eternal order of the Universe. It is the dharma of apples to taste like apples and not have the taste of pears. It is the dharma of rain to fall down, not up. It is the dharma of flame to always rise upwards. It is the dharma of the Sun to give light and heat, day and night. What is the right activity, the right conduct of humans when Saturn and this nakshatra are giving slowness, attention to detail, enclosure? God always looks to the feeling behind the act. While Shatabhisa nakshatra can generate frustration, brusqueness, abrupt relations and communications, this Equinox gives time - time to examine the feelings that motivate our actions. E-motion is energy set in motion. Good character is always something other people observe and deduce about us from our actions, our attitudes, our emotions. So we may often be like Mercury with our minds flitting from one thing to another; at this time of the Equinox we are challenged to look to the feelings behind our actions. We are sort-of getting our own enclosure to look at our actions internally and recreate our lives. Shatabhisa nakshatra creates that circle of inner space for us, and this will somewhat be with us for the next six months, until the next Equinox. So take the opportunity offered. All things of goodness, beauty and grace take time and effort - particularly when they emerge from within. Lets look at an example.

You have your inner world of feeling and emotion. You have your life of nine-to-five as Dolly Parton sings about (meaning you have order in your life, you have some people, some challenges, some fun times). Good. Now look to your responses to the world that ISIL is creating. What is the inner response within you? What are your thoughts about this, what are your feelings? We have been taught by the Hierarchy that thoughts create our world, feelings create the space we live in. Do you have disgust at this ugliness? Do you have horror and repugnance toward what the media is showing? Well, many do. But we are not helpless, we are not hopeless. As Gandhi told, Be the change you want to see in this world. Well, what can you change, you ask.

And sometimes people will say "Look at the newspapers, and the radio or the TV!" and think themselves that "Where or when will unity exist upon this Earth? And when will people stop fighting or arguing and hurting one another?"

Thoughts and feelings create the world we live in. We may take the time that Saturn and Shatabhisa nakshatra impose on Mercury to stop and look within: is this the world I want to live in? We have been taught that thoughts and feelings can change life; if we send positive thoughts and peaceful feelings to what is happening in that part of the world, and when enough people are doing this, things will begin to change by themselves. Source has told us that some dark stuff does not belong in the 5th Dimension, it has to be exposed and brought to the light. When it is brought to the light of everyday life, we can transform that. Thoughts and feelings are powerful, and Source has shared that these thoughts and feelings can be collected - a little like fairy floss - and sent to the place where transformation is needed. So this time of Equinox, preceded by an eclipse - eclipses are times of transformation where what is in the darkness is brought to light - is a fertile time to begin the process of change. And to find respect for one another; listen to one another ... and perhaps differ with one another ... but still be unified in that as humans we share life on one planet, our home, Earth.

Our next focus is in the crowded house of Pisces, where the Solar Eclipse occurred, and there is a conjunction of several planets.

When many planets are in the same sign, we call this a conjunction. In watery Pisces, we have Sun, Ketu, Moon and Mars. While Moon and Mars are friends with the Sun, (Ketu is neutral) we have three malefic planets presenting to us an afflicted Moon, which will not shine with any bright energy until it is 60° away from the Sun. Three malefics with the Moon indicate that there are heavenly forces acting upon the mind and effort is needed - effort to keep that balance we mentioned earlier. The balance of work, exercise, spiritual activity and relaxation. Four planets in one sign indicate that other parts of our psyche will not receive any attention. In order to keep inner balance and energy flowing through the whole person, the whole psyche, we have to put our shoulders to the task and make effort, push hard and ensure that we keep that inner flow of energy and balance.

In watery Pisces, we find that Sun and Ketu are in Uttara Bhadrapada nakshatra, ruled by Saturn, and Jupiter is the sign ruler. This is a time when we may demonstrate control over anger and aggression and exercise restraint. Uttara Bhadrapada is also the place where the Cosmic Rain comes from, and at this time, when the Sun is receiving and passing on energies of the 5th Dimension from the Source, the Central Sun of all Universes, we take time to reflect on what is coming to Earth in this Cosmic Rain - a rain of higher energies of the 5th Dimension.

Many expected to physically experience Ascension on 21 December 2012 - and pointed the finger or even blamed others - for their failure to experience a higher consciousness, or even (as some expected) to find their physical body transformed into a light body. Life and conditions on Earth will not change until we become the change we wish to see in the world. Earth - originally intended as a Garden of Eden - (the starpeople word-vibration-harmonic utterance for this planet is A-din or E-din, meaning "the place of a beautiful garden). We are taught by the Hierarchy that it is up to us what we create on Earth. We have choices, and our future (along with the future of all life on Earth) is dependent on the choices we make today. We need to have a social awareness and a planetary awareness.

A-din, or E-din, the harmonic vibration-utterance that creates a beautiful garden

Talk of a planetary awareness is not idle. It has been shared with us that all life in all the Universes seeks to experience birth on Earth, for it is here that the Love of the Creator, the Source may be known and felt within; it is here that warm blooded Earthlings have and express emotions, it is here that one may seek freedom from the cycle of birth-death-and-birth-again. In all the worlds, life on this planet is deemed precious. Man and women, young and old, child and youth, all have to put effort to experience peace and harmony on Earth, and to experience the 5th Dimension, which is called Ascension.

Ascension is about the rise of inner energies within, activation of the so-called "Junk DNA", and the recovery of dormant psychic and spiritual energy and capacity within. New energies, new drivers to action, new awareness arises within. Mars and Moon are related to energy, to action, to awareness within. Mars and Moon are in the final nakshatra - Revati - of the natural 12th house, Pisces, and while this nakshatra is ruled by Mercury, Jupiter has an extremely strong presence and effect here. Jupiter rules Pisces, Jupiter rules this last part of Revati nakshatra and Jupiter sends an aspect - a full aspect - of his energy to Mars and Moon. What then, is the effect of Jupiter and this nakshatra on the new energies of the 5th Dimension?

Of all the planets, only two are gurus, Venus and Jupiter. Venus is guru to the lower beings, Jupiter is guru to the humans and higher beings. Guru is a Sanskrit word, made up of two syllables gu and ru. Gu means to sit near; ru means to remove the darkness. So a guru is one you go to - who can remove the darkness. 'Darkness of what?', you may ask. It is the darkness of ignorance. If you don't know the path, then you cannot reach the goal. If you don't know the goal, then you cannot find the path. And our goal here on Earth is to become humans living in harmony in the 5th Dimension, all over the Earth, with all life forms, and with the Source.

Revati nakshatra is a wonderful place for nurturing, supporting, birthing, fertility, rapid growth, abundance and providing shelter for the emergent energies of the 5th Dimension. It is an excellent place for the Moon, and a natural place for Mars to supply drive and ambition to make things work, to achieve results, to spend the inner energy harnessed by the mind to awaken Ascension within. As the energies of the 5th Dimension are directly related to what is coming to us via the Sun (adjacent Mars and Moon in this sign) then we look to what the Sun - Sol (pronounced the same as Soul) has to give by way of light energy to our Soul.

The soul has an agreement of the many things they will be doing as their life progresses. They will be experiencing many things and meeting again with other souls that they know very well. Sometimes there are opportunities to heal misunderstandings between some of these souls. And other times there is great upliftment of joy and divine energies with those that they know very well and have come to assist them on their journey here on this Earth.
The agreement they have come with the Soul has made - between all - that they will help to bring unity to this planet Earth. All that happens on the planet Earth is with respect; respect to the Mother Earth. And respect to your Creator, the Creator of All.

The Sun provides light and heat to all; the Sun provides night and day and the Seasons to us all; at this time of Equinox, equal time of night and day, the Sun provides his rays to one and all in equal measure. In equal measure also, the energies of the 5th Dimension flow through Sol to Souls on Earth; energies to cells in our bodies, that transformation takes place deep within; energies to our DNA to awaken the dormant chains containing higher skills, higher awareness and greater awareness of our Unity; energies to the chakras and the nodes within the body so it may transition to the faster, higher vibration of the 5th Dimension. Mars and the Moon in Revati nakshatra, in conjunction with the Sun, give ample energy and direction, harnessing the emergent 5th Dimension within the human.

Our next pace is to Aries where Venus resides; Venus is in Ashwini nakshatra, and Ashwini is the home of the celestial twins, the healers. The planet Venus is the principle of harmony, beauty and relationship. Venus is artistry, gracefulness, elegance, harmonious surroundings, happy relations with others, and proper exercise of the intellect, as Venus is a guru, and the task of the guru is to remove the darkness of ignorance within. Here, Venus guides the intellect to seek the good things in life, with balance, gracefulness and harmony. We turn to Venus in Ashwini nakshatra.

Ashwini nakshatra is a most appropriate place for Venus to reside at this time of transformation. The celestial twins - who have the celestial healing arts - bring rejuvenation to the body, mind and spirit. As the body is the vessel for the Soul to have the human experience, and the body-mind-spirit complex is the place where the transition to the 5th Dimension takes place, Venus in Ashwini functions as a companion and guide to integrating the awakening energies. Aries is over-sighted by Mars, and is a place of fire, strong energies. We need to look to all that Venus has to offer here and seek the harnessing of the gentle, gracious, peaceful and harmonious nature of Venus - who wants the good things, who wants to be surrounded by elegance, grace and beauty, who wants charming energies around - to harness the energies of Venus in a place of healing so we may transition from darkness of the past to the light of the 5th Dimension. We may take time for self healing, being gentle with ourselves, our bodies, our minds. We may take time to heal the perceptions we have of this world and our place in it as these new energies awaken within. We may give time to Venus to be pampered, to be loved, to be caressed and held within by the celestial twins, in order that we use our skills, our intellect in a way that brings harmony and understanding to one and all.

This Equinox brings many things in a time of disturbance on Earth. There is great opportunity to contribute to human transformation - nay - transformation of all life on Earth, if we but take time, do not haste, waste, worry, remember our true nature as a Soul forever in contact with Source, and calmly examine the situation within, without, and discriminate right from wrong. Recall that the planets are all expressions, manifestations of the Source, and may raise us up, they may pull us down. It is up to us - we always have a choice - to use the planets for our betterment, whatever the situation we find ourselves in. This Equinox is an important time, an important marker of change here on Earth and the embracing of the 5th Dimension.

The 5th Dimension raises the human to their former status


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