Islamic State

The Islamic State was (born) (proclaimed) to coincide with the start of Ramadan in June of 2014. While there is some confusion as to the exact timing of the proclamation, the planets do not grant any long life to this organisation. Examination of specific planets in houses illuminate the methods used by this organisation and its destiny.

The Islamic State grew out of the Islamist terrorist group formerly known as the Islamic State in Syria (ISIS) and the Islamic State in the Levant (ISIL). A caliphate was proclaimed in June 2014, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi-now known as Amir al-Mu'minin Caliph Ibrahim was named as its caliph, and the group was renamed the Islamic State. It is an extreme group which became notorious for the videoed beheadings of American photojournalist James Foley, American journalist Steven Sotloff and Scottish aid worker David Haines.

The source for date and time of the proclamation of the worldwide caliphate is from Astro Databank and confirmed by the Oxford Astrologer. A clarification of the timing for this chart is also found on the Oxford Astrologer website.

al-raqqah announcement of IS caliphate chart

Some Observations:

Ascendant is in Sagittarius; Pluto is within degree of the Ascendant. Pluto is said to be ruled by Yama, God of Death. Chitragupta, servant of Yama, is the recording deity of all actions. There will be significant coverage of activity by the Islamic State. This is somewhat confirmed by dominance of planets, Mercury dominates this chart, see below.

dominance of Mercury in Islamic State kundli

Islamic state makes abundant use of media, whether for shock value or for recruiting -- a state which could not function without the Internet. Recruits to terrorism - Kulampamshala yoga applies: benefics and malefics placed in kendras, lagna lord does not have aspect from Moon - the person will live in a distant land, vulnerable to poverty and the loss of wife and children. Recruiters come from all nations, many of them women, and are acting as ISIS ambassadors on social media — spreading propaganda and hunting for potential recruits. This is reinforced by the location of Ketu in the 5th house, a traditional location for communications. Ketu's residence here is signal of isolation and retreat from the community at large, as Ketu signifies social disconnections.

Maraka Lords Saturn (2nd) and Mercury (7th) are both aspecting the ascendant. Saturn also aspects the Ascendant Lord Jupiter. Such aspects indicate that this organisation will not have long life. While Mars is strong in this chart in the 10th house, its dispositor, Mercury is both weak and retrograde, suggesting a somewhat convoluted and unclear destiny. This organisation may attempt to reform, go underground, go elsewhere. Due Mercury and Saturn having such strong, malefic influence on the lagna, this organisation will not escape such malefic influences. Sarvavali indicates if the Moon is with a malefic in 7th or 8th house, then an early end to life is indicated.

Arishta Matibhramana Yoga - the organisation has perverse mental perception of reality. Found by Moon and Mercury in a kendra (7th) conjunct Sun; conjunct malefic (Sun). This mental disorder is found in the recruiting methods of the organisation. The Facebook recruiters redirect their sense of purpose to that of the organisation. Recruiters seek to isolate targets from their community and shift their emotional allegiances to the IS community, both online and offline.

Lagna Lord Jupiter is in the 8th House. Dehakashta Yoga applies - lagna lord (Jupiter) is conjunct a malefic or placed in the 8th house. The person will live without physical comforts. This is achieved by way of drug use. Captagon — a synthetic amphetamine-based pill — is considered the drug of choice for Islamic State fighters in Syria, Iraq. Captagon has been dubbed the "jihadist's drug" because of its ability to mask pain, fear and hunger, and keep fighters awake, calm and alert for long stretches, without physical comforts.

The Moon is the presiding deity of the mind. In this instance, Moon is also atma-karaka, the significator of the soul, and is conjunct Mercury in the 7th house, forming langna-aadhi yoga. With Jupiter as lagna lord and exalted, it is easy to understand that young minds are perverted and hubris takes over. Thus, many young people are recruited in service of a perverse cause.

The Islamic State offers money, drugs, women and glory to its recruits as they take up the re-purposing of their life in pursuit of goals which are at odds with the values of humanity at large. Significator of truth - Saturn - is exalted and aspects both the Ascendant and its Lord, Jupiter. Jupiter - although exalted - is weak in this chart - the other weak planet being Venus, signifying the horrid treatment of women by IS. Note that Venus is in a trika (evil) house, the 6th.

Many ask how long before we have world peace and be free of the scourge of Islamic State. Due the proclamation of caliphate in al-Raqqah on 28 June, a Jupiter dasha was implemented. As we write, a Jupiter/Moon period is occurring, but will encounter fierce opposition during Jupiter/Mars and Jupiter/Rahu, and finally they will be extinguished by the time the Saturn dasa commences in 2020.

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