Day 10 – Dassera – Dusshera

Goddess DurgaAs the nine nights represent the nine planets, we have presented a focus on Navaratri; the nine nights of the Mother is complete and we now focus on the day of Victory – Dassera (derived from dasami, tenth) and the Victory of the Goddess over evil. All participate in this victory and delight that the eternal cycle of triumph of good over evil comes yet once again.
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Navaratri Day 5 – Jupiter

As the nine nights represent the nine planets, we will be having a planetary observance of Navaratri with an account of one of the planets for each of the nine nights. The fifth day of Navratri is marked to worship Goddess Skandamata, mother of Murugan (var. Skanda, Subramanya, Kartikeya), is worshipped on the fifth day, one should wear yellow. This colour stands for happiness and brightness. Skanda-Murugan is the leader of the armies against evil.

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