Shani Chalisa

Shani Dham Temple is located in the Indian capital of Delhi

Devotion to Gods is often in a form of a narrative of their acts, their deeds, their properties, their strengths and how their devotees are cared for. Many Gods in Hindu devotional material interact with other Gods, animals who can communicate, and humans. The Mahabharatha is the great story of the presence and actions of the Gods among men and women in the history of India which was called - and still is - Bharath. Hence, Mahabharatha, the Great Story of Bharath. Shani Chalisa records the many facets of Shani, planet Saturn in the ancient times, and also recalls the transits of Planet Saturn.

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The Protection of Mars


Mars is a planet and a planetary deity. Remedies for Mars may include mantras, asktakam, gayatri mantra, and other prayers, such as Ashtottara Shatanamavali - 108 names. One of the 108 Names of Mars is Om sharanagata poshanaya namaha. We surrender to and seek the protection, the fostering of Mars. What protection does Mars offer, and why would one seek that protection and surrender?

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Navaratri – Saturn

infra red saturn

This is the 7th day of the Navaratri celebrations – nava meaning nine, rathri meaning nights. All festivals are meant to remind mankind that they should cultivate noble qualities by engaging themselves in activities beneficial to one’s own self and society. Sai Baba has told that the navaratri festival of nine nights represents the Nine Planets.

Sai Baba went on to say that each planet has its own significance. However, these planets are not outside, they are within. This refers to the cosmic energies of the planets within, and pursuit of the spiritual path would include influences within us from birth. Taking up the opportunity presented by Navaratri we look to the influence of Planet Saturn within and examine how the Divine Mother is related to these energies, in the form of Ma Durga. The colour for the 7th day of Navaratri is GREY so we scribe in GREY for this 7th day of Navaratri.

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