Navaratri – Jupiter


This is the 5th day of the Navaratri celebrations (which are held for nine nights). All festivals are meant to remind mankind that they should cultivate noble qualities by engaging themselves in activities beneficial to one’s own self and society. Sai Baba has told that Navaratri, the nine nights, represents the Nine Planets.

During Navaratri, we invoke the energy aspect of God in the form of the universal mother, often referred to as “Durga,” which literally means the remover of miseries of life. She is also referred to as “Devi” (goddess) or “Shakti” (energy or power). It is this energy, which is embedded in the work of creation, preservation and destruction. In other words, you can say that God-Brahman is motionless, absolutely changeless, and the Divine Mother Durga, does everything; worship of Shakti confirms the scientific theory that energy is imperishable. It cannot be created or destroyed.

Sai Baba went on to say that each planet has its own significance. However, these planets are not outside, they are within. So we take the opportunity to examine the energies of the planets within, and examine how the Divine Mother is related to these energies. On this 5th day of Navaratri we will look to the planet Jupiter, and examine Saraswati’s role in higher education and learning. The colour for the 5th day of Navaratri is YELLOW, so we scribe in YELLOW for this 5th day and modify the background so that the text may be read on this site.

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