Companions in Spirit: A Guide to Working with Your Spirit Helpers

Companions in Spirit: A Guide to Working with Your Spirit Helpers is a most useful aid for those experiencing some of the effects of Ascension, the awakening of inner psychic skills and awareness of the spirit realm and the spirit helpers. This book goes a long way toward providing a proper foundation for the difficult task of sorting the voices in the head or the paranormal experiences of one’s spirit helpers.


In these days of Ascension people are awakening to psychic abilities. So-called “junk DNA’ from our star-people ancestors is being reactivated within and many are hearing voices, seeing auras and sensing the presence of unseen visitors. Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Clairgnosis, Clairsentience: all these skills – and others – are coming to the fore. The indigo children and rainbow children are born with a spectrum of senses which enables communication with and in the higher dimensions. In these days post 21 December 2012, the great Ascension is coming, and these higher skills within the human are being activated. How does one assess for themselves the veracity of their experience. How does one keep calm when they look in the mirror and see someone else – another being – looking back at them? What is the explanation for this, how does someone understand their spirit guides and the purpose of their guides? These issues – and more – are handled in this book with very down to earth, grounded, uncommon common sense.

Although first written in 1984, the author makes a startling prescient point: we evolve individually, we evolve nationally, we humans evolve globally. And it is through the global evolution that many will find themselves being hoisted over into the higher dimensions on the back of the chain reaction of light and love which is encompassing the earth by dedicated light workers. At this time – the author writes – we are learning magnanimity (forbearance, tolerance) and compassion. Compassion is the foundation of working with spirit guides, for we may serve all lokas, all worlds, when we are working with our guides. Ego and arrogance have no place in this work with spirit guides.

This book begins by saying that contacting one’s guides may be an achievement for some, but for others it is a matter which requires a certain self-discipline. Life is a balance of work, exercise, relaxation and sacred time – and it is here in the stillness of the mind and spirit that we take up work with our guides. The auras must be cleansed, the chakras must be balanced. If we are out of whack, out of balance, when we are not going to have steadiness of mind and spirit and be able to take up the ‘higher work’ with any success. We may be frightened and succumb to inner weakness that we are only hearing one of a multitude of voices in our heads. Which one do we follow, to which spirit – or spook – do we give our attention? This is an important issue, for just as one learns ABC on the slate boards or in the exercise books, so also, one has to start from the beginning and prepare the mind-body-spirit complex for higher work.


 When grounding is needed, we may take any suitable environment or surrounds
which feel helpful and nurturing, either physically or with imagination

Any person working with a spirit guide needs a certain grounding, groundedness, solidity. We may say these are clearly self-identity, a proper self-focus and self respect or self love. These are needful for you need to know who you are. There can be improper and inappropriate mergence between a person and their spirit guide. There needs to be a boundary, and that boundary is that one remains grounded in ordinary, everyday life and not in some other realm or “away with the faeries” as many do say. Grounding can be done in meditation, grounding can be done physically, outdoors with trees or nature and Mother Earth. Whatever method we feel most comfortable with, we stay with. We do not shift, swap and go with the flow. The mind needs a strong anchor, and strong anchors are made by doing the same thing again and again and again until it becomes second nature. Ditto with inner balance meditations, ditto with balancing and cleansing of chakras. These matters require a certain steadiness and self control to be effective and serve oneself.

This author has had a great deal of experience in helping people – albeit a bit scared and confused – being prepared and comfortable in meeting their guides. We are ourselves, we use our good manners and personal respect. The author points out, “When we meet our spirit guides, we greet them with due dignity and respect, and friendliness.” We remain in our comfort zone always, and extend good intentions. If we perceive discourtesy, rudeness or an inappropriate form taken by the spirit guide, then we may chide them and direct that they leave. Many strategies for handling inappropriate situations are given.

There is a listing of guides given, of several types. There are lifetime guides (called Guardian Angels), personal guides, guides for the day and guides for a specific purpose or character attribute. There are also guides for traumatic moments, mythological guides and totem animals. There can also be family guides, this is not like the family “spirit” or “deva” found in Indian families. While spirit guides do give comfort, guidance and direction, there are guides who help us develop certain qualities that we are lacking, or need to learn. The book gives multiple examples of these kinds of guides. Just as we are confronted with many situations and experiences in life, our soul has the opportunity to take up situations as learning experiences and so acquire stronger and more replete personality.

There is a small chapter with accounts of first meetings with spirit guides. Written in the first person, these meetings give accounts of guides and their action in the lives of the writers. Each is vastly different from the other, some guides are for a single purpose, some come to help expand life and its offerings, other guides arrive, make their presence felt and then give inner guidance as and when needed. The guidance of Azibeth is unforgettable. Simple, interesting narratives of experiences with guides, utterly valuable for inclusion in a book like this.



In the chapter “Working with a Guide” there is a range of activities that spirit guides undertake, viz, letting guides put things in your path, guided planting, guided tours, guided excursions. Some of us really need to ask for time to slow down, and to allow ourselves to be led by the spirit to relax and unwind, so that we might appreciate the beauty of our environment, and to absorb what nature offers us, through the ground, through the vegetation, the energies of the area, through gestalt, wherein we obtain inner refreshment. Relaxing and allowing our guides to show us how to relax is both a critical need for many, and a wonderful gift. There are many other activities we may take up given in this chapter.

Talk about meeting and working with our spirit guides is well and good. In these days of Ascension, this going to become more and more common for many people. How to deal with this, what to do, “how do I know this not the runaway component of my imagination?” as many ask. The author has a lot of experience and a lot of answers. She also has common sense and repeatedly tells the reader to use common sense and then spiritual sense. One does not act out of character, one does not throw away their values and beliefs when spirit guides arrive on the scene. In fact, one may even use simple rules of discernment of spirits as taught by the religious institutions for centuries: is it good, is it not harmful to me, it is not harmful to others, does it benefit all? Simple common sense and simple discernment are always needed. Perverted spirits only come to perverted people. People of good character, integrity and honesty attract spirit guides that are of good character, integrity and honesty, also. Like attracts like and this applies to the spirit world also. Keep in mind that sometimes our guides are sent to be of help to us in expanding our horizons, but such guides only come when there is a firm foundation in place. The discipline, groundednesss and foundations referred to earlier in this article are never discarded.

Much more is said about guides, and guides who come from higher dimensions and planes of existence (lokas). There is also a chapter on deciphering messages. We should keep in mind that for many, communication from the higher dimensions may be in image, symbol, vibration and feeling along with words, text. Much of the language of the higher dimensions is symbolic, so efforts must be taken to learn the language of symbol – such as in the work of Carl Jung, and others who provide dream and symbol dictionaries, like this. Dreams are full of symbols, and the key to the dream is always needed, one turns the key on each symbol to unlock its meaning. Ditto messages from guides.

We said that this book was first published in 1984. In the higher dimensions, there is no time, nor space. It is a place of consciousness, and the rules of the higher dimensions (See “The Light Shall Set You Free”) do not change over time. So also with the contents of this book, and we hope and pray that some of you who need guidance might find this on a shelf in a bookshop or in the bin at the welfare agency or in a second-hand store. This book with give a very strong foundation to the work with spirit guides and to the work of awakening to the higher dimensions and newly encountered psychic skills.



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