Astrology, 4 – 18 February 2015

The full moon occurs in Ashlesha nakshatra – the nakshatra lord is Mercury – currently retrograde. Retrograde means “to do good“, and while the madding crowds say communication becomes difficult during during Mercury retrograde, how the planets deal with us can be modified … it is up to us how we use the planets; they can raise us up or pull us down, as the pundits tell. Modification of Mercury retrograde for you personally could come about easily as Mercury is retrograde in Capricorn until 12 February. Capricorn is a movable sign, so effects can be modified somewhat easily in a movable sign – by approaching Mercury with the following shakti mantra: Om Aim Bhum Budhaya Namaha. “Aim” is vachana shakti, the power of articulation, calling, guiding and teaching.

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The Great Freedom Teachings of Candice O’Denver

As someone who has spent more than 20 years on the spiritual path, met many Saints and studied numerous New Age, Hindu and Buddhist teachings, I am very happy to be able to say that the ‘Great Freedom’ teachings of Candice O’Denver are the highest, clearest, and most accessible wisdom teachings I’ve ever heard. Several hundred hours of her full-length talks are now available for free download as MP3 audio files on the website, and I highly recommend them to anyone seeking the ultimate meaning and fulfilment of human life. Although the verbal element of her teachings is convincing and compelling in itself, Candice’s laughter-filled presentation directly conveys the great bliss, peace and freedom she has discovered, and her responses to questioners clearly show her compassion, strength and remarkable open-mindedness. After listening to the downloads, I’m convinced both of the greatness of her teachings and the depth of her attainment.

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Conversations with the Master: Wise and Loving Power

There are questions about just how much the world can offer us. Can it offer us growth and progress along the spiritual path? What, exactly, helps us along the spiritual path? The world clamours for our attention and participation. What would happen if we gave – say 30% of our time – away from the world to Loving Divinity? What would happen?

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The Zeta Message

The Zeta Message is the story of contact and interaction between star people and humans. It is the story of two friends, their families, their interactions with the star people, and their learnings from the star people. It is extremely useful reading for people who work with “upstairs” or call themselves “lightworkers”; there is much to learn, and much confirmation from the stories, narratives and reflections in this book.

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