Did Charles Dickens invent Christmas?


I’ve seen two stage versions of English writer Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol.

One I saw in Glasgow in 2011 – an intimate, warm adaptation, with puppets for apparitions and a Scrooge speaking in broad Scots.

The English author Charles Dickens and his daughters. Picture: Getty Images

The other was at the Old Vic in London only a few weeks ago, a musical adaptation by Jack Thorne. This same adaptation is currently playing at the Melbourne Comedy Theatre, with well-known Australian actor David Wenham as Ebenezer Scrooge. Another production in Melbourne, by the Victorian Opera, relocates Dickens’ story to Federation Square and Flinders Street Station, making it contemporary and local.

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Om Kristave Namaha

Christmas nativity sceneOm Kristave Namaha: Salutations to Christ! Why do we give salutations? We look to the life of Jesus, his words, his actions, and the actions of his followers. This is the ONE who told – in Palestine – before the Romans arrived and destroyed the temple in Jerusalem that he was ONE with his Father. Perhaps it is meet and fitting to reflect on the path of Oneness with Divinity that Jesus taught in word and action, in dying and rising from the tomb.

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Sexual Choking: some reflections

Pornography and Sexual Choking: some reflections
Human sexual activity is part of the spiritual journey. When we practice truth, love, peace, right conduct and non-violence, we bring all that we are to our practice of values. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. And that involves a sexual element as this part of our lives ensures the human race will continue. Recent surveys of young people – and recent courtroom events – reveal a rise in sexual choking. For the young, this behaviour flows from the sexual landscape of pornography that shapes so much sexual activity in this day, this age. Some reflections and observations are offered.

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Water and Animals – Fish – Insects moving in circles

Sheep moving in circlesIn recent days, several videos have been circulating on the internet, where different species of animals can be seen acting in strange ways. Groups of horses, ants, and even orcas are being seen going around in perfect circles for several days without apparent reason.

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Magenta: colour that inspires resilience

Magenta: colour that inspires resilienceThose who purchase clothing often pay little attention to colour and variation – simply due the offerings of sales and retailers. What is well known in the West is that townships filled with retired people will be filled with people wearing aquamarine blue; and those places populated by the aged can reliably witness those wearing purple, violet or high violet hues like this. Here, Magenta is celebrated as the incoming colour for year 2023.

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