Conversations with The Master: Theory and Practice

Very early in life, most people learn that scarcity rules and money speaks all languages. Where is money and the trading of money in the stock markets in the spiritual life? Is money filthy lucre, or is money a sacred energy meant to be used for the service of mankind? Does Loving Divinity give hints about making money, trading, ending of markets, care for oneself, one’s family, one’s brothers and sisters in the society and culture? These and more questions we all have to resolve. Money is nothing to come between you and the turn towards Love, the learning of Love, the living with Love day by day. Money is an instrument, as The Master tells.

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All Planets Direct Meditation

A rare phenomena will occur from 8 January to 7 February when all the planets will take up direct motion, when viewed from the Earth. This event will make the Earth seem like the Sun, where planets are never retrograde (seemingly going backwards). A world meditation for peace, harmony and positivity will be undertaken during this period, for it is a period without major obstructions and blemishes. Any worldwide synchronised meditation on peace and harmony will benefit both all on Earth and those who contribute to the meditation.

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