Guru Nanak as Interfaith Practitioner

Ivory minature of Guru Nanak The message of Guru Nanak after emerging from the river Bein, three days after he had been in communion with God, was the opening of the Japji Sahib — the Mool Mantar that described the oneness of God and his attributes. He emphasised that God existed and was synonymous with truth before time, was present throughout the ages, is present now, and will be forever present in the future. He declared that: “There is no Hindu, there is no Muslim.”

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VSI – Spirituality

Book Cover - Spirituality - A Very Short Introduction
A Very Short Introduction: Spirituality by Philip Sheldrake
An overview of ‘What is Spirituality’, its origins, definitions, the emergence of contemporary spirituality, spiritual types in practice and attending to this day, this age: secular spirituality. Is religious spirituality in the process of being replaced? What is the value of spirituality? How do we deal with different kinds of spirituality such as Engaged Buddhism, Cyberspace and Spirituality, and the forms of mysticism? All this is examined in this small tome.

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Chaitanya Mahaprabhu as Interfaith Pioneer

Chaitanya Mahaprabhu as Interfaith PioneerChaitanya, also spelled Caitanya – more formally known as Sri Krishna Chaitanya, also called Gauranga. His birth name Vishvambhara Mishra, (born 1485, Navadvipa, Bengal, India – died 1533, Puri, Orissa), was a Hindu mystic whose mode of worshipping the god Krishna with ecstatic song and dance had a profound effect on public devotional activities in Bengal. Chaitanya was also instrumental in interfaith activities bringing about the re-creation of Brindavan.

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