Meditation in time of Coronavirus: Getting Close to Love

sphere of light

The time of coronavirus elicits reaction: due mystery spread – unaccountable contact with the virus – there can be trepidation, concern, worry, fear. How does one go about their daily business? How do you get food and water? How do you care for your children, your family, your parents, your dependent friends and neighbours? You know someone who is aged and gets home help? What is happening for them? Are they getting meals, the proper care? These and other questions flood our minds in this time of coronavirus.

We are all spiritual beings having a human experience. We admit – as a human race – that we all have souls. The International Distress Signal is “Save our Souls“. What is it we can do to save our souls, save our minds from fear and worry in these dreadful times of plague all over the world, sickness, and death. What can we do for those health-carers, medical front-line staff who are selflessly rendering care to those who are infected?

The answer is we can take time; we can take time to not haste, waste and worry. We can take time to remember we are spiritual beings and get in touch with our own spirit, that spiritual part of us that floods our world with transcendent love. Here we bring you a meditation – for you to take time, and nurture your soul, your spirit, your well-being. In so doing, you give light and love to all on Earth.

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Love in Action

Master, the following question has come to my mind: I have the impression that You often ask and recommend certain actions, but You do not give commands. Why is that so?

You have touched on one of Mysteries of Creation, here.

Because of who I am, my commands get fulfilled instantly. So, there is no need for passing them on paper in a book.

This book is a help for you – a helping hand extended in a way you are able to receive.

In this world God asks you for a turn towards Him, towards His love, because this is the way it was earlier conceived and is being executed. In other words, such a Divine Plan we are implementing now and there is no need to abandon it. Obviously other Plans exist and they have different ways of execution and different realities. Our plan is as it is and this is both good and beautiful. Pressure and commands on my part would disrupt its superb and elaborate construction. And in this Scene I am the one who stays in the shade.

Come and stay in it along with me.

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Conversations with the Master: Low Energies

Energy is everywhere; the Earth is surrounded by energy, it has a magnetic field, there are the energies of the higher dimensions around the Earth as well. There are subtle energies which can affect us, places of low, ugly energy. It is like entering a room and immediately sensing “bad vibes”. We have all had this experience. Here, the master explains places where low energy pools and has effect upon the earthling, the human.

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Conversations with the Master: First Meditation – Closeness of the Creator

If you want God, if you want the Creator, if you want direct experience of the Source, then you have to turn to God with Love for God who is ALL LOVE. In this book, the Master (Creator of the ALL, The Source, God, Jesus, Buddha, Rama, Mary, Lakshmi, Holy Ghost – whatever name and form you are comfortable with) tells how to experience this love directly. There is no medium, no book, no ritual, no candle, no injunction, no restriction: you turn to God directly, within. He is there, he is always there, he is always there with Love, Love, Love. He is closer to you than the eyelid is to the eye. Try it for yourself. And do you know the Agony of The Source? So few, so very few, turn to God to see what love is there for them.

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Conversations with the Master: Subtle Energies

Some might expect that the question of subtle energies is about acquisition and mastery of siddhi energies leading to materialisation, bilocation, walking on water (yes, this can be done!) and so forth. Others recognise subtle energies as energies that surround us and penetrate within such as mass movements, chaotic nodes or thought-forms that seize our consciousness, our minds, even our feelings. These too, exist. Here, the Master is speaking of subtle energies that we have dragged around embedded in our souls lifetime and lifetime again. They are useless, they do not serve us, they tie us to this physical domain, where we do not belong. We belong – in Love – beside The Master, the Creator of the ALL who is Love, Love, Love.

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Conversations with the Master: Inner Voice

The inner voice of the Divine is present in everyone. EVERYONE. It is crowded out by desires, strong emotions, reactions, attachments, must-haves and the fears of modern men and women: fear of missing out. The turn towards the loving Divinity cures all these ills for modern humanity. The turn towards loving divinity and its soft voice brings in its wake the solving of problems and issues, doubts and hesitations. Yet, the turn towards loving Divinity requires confidence, strength and courage to endure and persevere. The Creator is all Love, and this world is shining with HIS LOVE. Love is the benefit when we turn to listen to the inner voice within …

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Conversations with the Master: The Valley of Doubts and Hesitations

Doubts and hesitations often accompany you in preliminary stages of the spiritual path. Plenty of questions come up, questions such as ‘Is the path I follow not some sort of fraud contrived to draw me into some unpleasant affair?’ … Many are afraid of getting caught up in a spiritual circle and having the surrender their will and freedom to a so-called-spiritual-leader. In this excerpt, The Master clarifies how doubts and hesitations on the spiritual path turn towards fear and darkness and not towards light and love.

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Conversations with the Master: Meditation and Love

Meditation comes in many forms. It has been said that a day without meditation is a day wasted. Medical and scientific research into meditation shows that it significantly reduces ageing, risk of heart attack, occurrence of dementia and is observed to prevent Alzheimer’s disease. (For more information, check the back issues of New Scientist, e.g., May 2017). Here, the Master shares a new meditation which will most definitely lift one into loving closeness with the Beloved.

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Conversations with the Master: Controversies Surrounding Religions

Faith is important to many people, and there are those who make faith their path to the Divine, their royal road to God. Religions enter via the mind by way of reason and faith; this is not the path to knowing and experiencing the love of God. Love is the path to Love. Nothing else will reach this path, except, perhaps, selfless service of one’s neighbour. Faith, propositions, theses nailed to cathedral doors do not lead a person to the experience of God’s love, and the mulitiplication of love in the human heart. The heart is the home of Love, the heart is the receptacle of God’s Love.

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Conversations with the Master: Vision of God – How Would God Like to be Perceived?

A great depth psychologist of the last century once said that the great sin of modern humanity was that they had recast God in their own image and likeness (Carl Gustav Jung, Memories, Dreams and Reflections). It is a challenge for any person to surrender and allow the Divine to reveal itself as it would do so for that person. It is somewhat like NDE’s, near death experience, where everyone encounters something beyond human categories of experience and expression and all come back and say a different thing. Here, the Master tells how God would like to be perceived.

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Conversations with The Master: Theory and Practice

Very early in life, most people learn that scarcity rules and money speaks all languages. Where is money and the trading of money in the stock markets in the spiritual life? Is money filthy lucre, or is money a sacred energy meant to be used for the service of mankind? Does Loving Divinity give hints about making money, trading, ending of markets, care for oneself, one’s family, one’s brothers and sisters in the society and culture? These and more questions we all have to resolve. Money is nothing to come between you and the turn towards Love, the learning of Love, the living with Love day by day. Money is an instrument, as The Master tells.

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Conversations with the Master: How I Was Making a Scientific Career Thanks to the Master

Many would think that God and Divinity is only found in so-called holy places. This is patently untrue, as The Master has been explaining in this series. Here, the Master helps one of his devotees to obtain his masters degree, and then his doctorate in areas perhaps know generally as Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity. While we recognise this term, few, if any, could follow into the depths of relativity and what is being uncovered today. Our pilgrim devotee tells the story of his approaching exams and how The Master helped him progress – and pass. Yet, at the very end of this telling-of-a-story-of-putting-the-inner-voice-first-in-life our storyteller tells how he wasted time. The Master reminds us we do not know tomorrow, and there are better ways to be productive.

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Conversations with the Master: Learning Humility

The Master tells that there is no spiritual progress, no spiritual development without humility. Humility before the Master takes many forms and feelings – as we have shared before, this world is light. As God is Light, as The Master is self-effulgent Light – humility takes shape and form before our family, friends, co-workers, neighbours, strangers, so-called experts, so-called spiritual leaders and Masters, many of whom are fakes and seek to belittle us in front of others in order to protect themselves. saranagatha is the Sanskrit word; when all is surrendered up to God, there is no self left to be apart from God.

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Conversations with the Master: A Few Essential Words from the Master Before Meditation

The Master takes you, Dear Reader, along the steps to Love in Action with pure love. It is an intimacy which guides you each and every step of the way towards the Loving Divinity itself, with the care, guidance, and loving correction of every mother and father who has had a child, raised a family, and set their children along the path of life aright. We take steps with humility, the Master explains.

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Conversations with the Master: The Author Speaks

The Master indicates that it is time to move on to the next book, “Love in Action”. Here, the Master takes over and speaks of the Journey of Love to Love in Love. Is such a journey possible? The Master will take you in his arms, with pure love, and protect you with his loving gaze, right into your eyes, every iota of the journey, every breath, every step. The Master. Pure Love.

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