Ganesh Jayanti 2023

GaneshaGanesh Jayanti will be celebrated on January 25. Ganesh Jayanti literally “Ganesha’s birthday”, also known as Magha shukla chaturthi, Tilkund chaturthi, and Varad chaturthi, is a Hindu festival. This occasion celebrates the birth day of Ganesha, the lord of wisdom. Today we are celebrating Ganesh Jayanti, the birthday of Vighneshwara. Who is He? What is His greatness? What has He taught to the world? We celebrate the jayanti but do not make any effort to understand the tattva (principle) behind it.

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VSI – Jewish Literature

Book Cover - Jewish LiteratureA Very Short Introduction: Jewish Literature by IIan Stavans
The story of Jewish literature spans the globe as well as the centuries, from the marrano poets and memorialists of medieval Spain, to the sprawling Yiddish writing in Ashkenaz (the “Pale of Settlement’ in Eastern Europe), to the probing narratives of Jewish immigrants to the United States and other parts of the New World. It also examines the accounts of horror during the Holocaust, the work of Israeli authors since the creation of the Jewish State in 1948, and the “ingathering” of Jewish works in Brazil, Bulgaria, Argentina, and South Africa at the end of the twentieth century. This kaleidoscopic introduction to Jewish literature presents its subject matter as constantly changing and adapting.

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The Blue People

The Blue PeopleToday we explore the subject of Blue. Blue from your atmosphere is seen as the sky in daytime: it is pale blue, or darker blue and at night it graduates to a deep mid-night blue. But the blue is a colour that has an energy. There are Beings that have a bluish white skin – they are sometimes referred to as The Blue People. These Blue People, at another time, came to this planet you call Earth.

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Mahayana New Year

On this day, 7 January 2022, the OM Full Moon Day, it is also Mahayana New Year. Just as Christianity and Islam have different streams of practice, so also does Buddhism. There is the “Great Vessel” and there is Theravada (also known as Hinayana, the vehicle of the Hearers), and Vajrayana. Mahayana means ‘the great way’, which aims to benefit all people and all forms of life. This word comes from one of the ways a person can practice Buddhism. The motivation for their meditation, prayers, ritual, and mantra can be not just for their own sake, but for the sake of all their precious family, and for the sake of all beings. On this day of Mahayana New Year we take an overview of Mahayana Buddhism.


Guan Yin Bodhisattva

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Pope Benedict and Human Values

Pope Benedict and Human Values On Christmas Day in 2005, Pope Benedict XVI released an encyclical on the practice of Charity in Truth. In this encyclical (a letter to the Churches), the Pope seeks to develop Christian social teaching, as taught by Popes who went before him. It is intriguing to see the Pope mirroring the teachings of Sri Sathya Sai in a number of places, and without so much as naming human values, he promotes the proper practice of human values.

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