Stones on the Road

Stones on the Road – a small book – narrates the experiences of Marian Larsen who heard the stones calling to her, speaking to her, guiding her to take the stones hither, thither. The stones work for a better balance on Earth and were here millennia before the genesis events that brought humanity about. Marian Larsen tells, the path of stones is a path of peace.


Stone and Soul

The world we experience is made up of many elements. Some traditions teach there are five elements consisting fire, earth, air, water and space. A question arises, is space empty? You might wonder what this has to do with a book about stones written by a Danish lady. Stones are a little like bones. They are mostly empty space with few molecules moving very slowly. Yet, it is also taught in one and another spiritual tradition that everything has a spark of the divine within – some might call this soul – and hence, a form of consciousness. And Marian Larsen, could hear the stones communicating with her. They were living beings with consciousness.

Marian Larsen first heard stones when she was 19. She became frightened, and did not know what was going on. She ran away for many years, only coming back in 2001 to take up her role, responsibility with the stones in different nations. The stones protect, the stones channel energy, the stones bring healing. The stones can enable higher consciousness within humans, and also enable greater awareness of the environment. Imagine entering a glen, a valley and encountering the vibrations of every living thing within that vale, the tree, the leaves, the lichens, the rivulet, the worms, the birds, the grass, the crabweed, the moss. And then there are stones, radiating different hues of colour, sending out sparks of energy, even sparks of light. Even harbouring dimensional gateways wherein beings in higher dimensions come, enter, travel with you in some kind of beautiful balloon of energy surrounding your good self.

Stone and Soul – the soul makes contracts before birth to undertake certain tasks, to meet with certain people, to cooperate with the elements and to serve Mother Earth. Such a soul contract can stretch, tear, challenge, reduce one to tears and emptiness, and raise one up to the highest bliss with joy and happiness at serving Mother Earth! And the stones! Some are born to hear the call of the stones, just as some hear the call of the sea or the call of the birds, or the call of the very Earth herself. This is a book about responding to that call. Simply written, sometimes verging into Marian’s personal life, sometimes sharing the vibration, the feel of living in country yet knowing you are in the wrong place and need to be somewhere else. These inchoate, unspoken messages are known within all of us; it is simply a matter of how sensitive we are and our capacity to be still, to be silent, to meditate and open up. Marian was once sitting on a beach and a great wave came to purify her. It was wonderful. After her silence and cleansing, she was walking along the beach and chastised the tide for going out: “Now you do not come” … and the sea comes once again and washes over her gently. Everything has consciousness.

Everything has consciousness and it is our ability to tune in that enables that knowing of Oneness with all that exists. For those that ignore or live their life in the fast lane, then life is separation, duality, a frenetic search for something else to satisfy the emptiness within. Perhaps we can take a lesson from Rainbow Wolf, below:



One interesting thing Marian Larsen tells: most stone people do not know that they are stone people. They may pick up some stones, they may purchase one or another stone and place it on a shelf at home and forget why they picked it up, or why they felt moved to take it home. Others decorate their sacred space with stones, purify and cleanse the stones, and dedicate their stones to sacred service.

So how do you read a little book like this? We took a chapter a week, and then let it lie for some time, before comimg back and reading it again. These are days of Ascension, and the mind has to be exercised a little this way, a little that way. Time is speeding up, and we need to create time, take space for ourselves. And to digest a book like this and awaken to our inner capacity for Oneness with nature in whatever way Mother Earth – Mother Nature is offering us, takes time. The subtle essence needs detection, slowly. This book is indirect proof of the multiple levels of consciousness that exist on this earth.

    Title: Stones on the Road
    Author: Marian Larsen
    Publisher: Llumina Press
    ISBN: 1-59526-523-6
    Pages: 102pp, pbk,
    Our copy: published in the UK by Lightning Source 9781595265234
    Cost: (USD) $10:95
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