I, Observer

I, Observer is the narrative of the survivors of the Mothership Rexegena, when it came to Earth, their lives, struggles and adventures. It is an excellent story written from many points of view (mainly young ones and children, and Ishy the Ishnaan) which illustrates how the starpeople came and helped the hairy-upstanding-ape to evolve from Man to Hue-man, one one with the Crystal Light – or Christ Light – within.

A mighty mother ship called the Rexegena set off from the Pleiades for a small planet called Mu. But before the Rexegena landed, the resident reptilian people destroyed the ship. The survivors struggled to complete their mission to create a race of people born of the many colours of the spectrum – the first hue-men. Their children, peaceful and wise, were born with a pure spark of love in their hearts. In these exciting first days of life on a new world, two children help the stranded Star People learn to survive and build new lives. In their brave voices, the ancient stories live on forever.

There were many beings from the Universe travelling on the Rexegena from different stars, different galaxies, over 50,000 – all of whom were volunteers – who came to assist the planet Earth (known to them as Mu) in evolution and growth. It was to be a garden of Eden. (Eden is our rendition of the galactic word-vibration A-din or E-din, which means “a beautiful place, a garden of peace.)

There was betrayal and destruction of the Mothership, and this is the tale of the survival of those who escaped the Mothership before it was (completely) destroyed.

This story opens with a telling from a being within a crystal, called Ishy. Consciousness that lives and exists within crystals are called Ishnaan (sometimes spelled Ishnan) and are know to be of Arcturian origin. The crystals on the Mothership Rexegena were used for communication across the vast distances of space. As there were many beings that did not consume gross matter (foods, plants, etc.) for nutrients and nourishment, the Ishnaan crystals may have also been used to transmit life-force energy from the Creative Source of All for these life forms – many of whom were light beings and existed in the 4th, 5th and higher dimensions. Ishy is the Observer named in the book’s title and tells the tales contained therein.

There are very strong characterisations in the book, and the children and their adventures stand out brilliantly. We accept the children have different skills and qualities and communicate using telepathy. One is a shape-shifter who has to learn how to use this skill, and undertakes a mysterious journey underwater with dolphins and the great whales to recover lost crystals. Other children have different skills and gifts. There is a touching story of the tribe of hairy-upstanding-apes who are slaves to the reptilian peoples, and how the girl-child teaches one of their children to communicate with telepathy.

Myths and stories, legends and narratives are how we form our world. This is an important book, for it is a complete world which brings an understanding of how life evolved here on Earth. As children create their world and their beliefs from stories and narratives, this book is an excellent introduction to knowing and understanding the role of the different star-peoples in our past. It is an absolutely creative telling of the story of the Mothership Rexegena, and I shall leave the finale to Ishy, the Ishnaan who narrates a meeting:

“There will always be a special group of humans living on Mu, who will be called the ‘story tellers’. They will be known as the first people. It is their sacred duty to keep their story pure and to pass the truth on to each generation. One day they will know it is time for the return of the Star People. It will be in the stars. It will be in the songs they sing and in their dances, the sand paintings and rock carvings. All these will tell of this time. And there will be many days when their message is not heard. They will be sad, because no one listens to them. One day, all will listen.” -Mother Seer, a great Pleiadian wise woman Long ago.

Pubished Balboa Press, September 2014, 222 pages, paperback and ebook editions. ISBN 978-1-45252-573-0    
Available in e-book and hard-print.

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