Notes on a Solar Eclipse – July 2019

Solar EclipseThe July 2nd 2019 solar eclipse will be followed by the partial lunar eclipse of two weeks later. This eclipse occurs in the Southern Hemisphere, mostly across the Pacific Ocean and then visible in South America – Chile, Agentina, and pretty much ending at sunset in major cities such as Buenos Aires and Montevideo, Argentina (sunset is ten minutes after partial totality at 0.99 Magnitude in Buneos Aires).

Eclipse Notes

The total Solar Eclipse would be seen from Chile, Argentina and South Pacific Ocean. La Serena, San Juan, Bragado, Junin and Rio Cuarto are few cities of Chile and Argentina where total Solar Eclipse would be visible. The partial Solar Eclipse would be visible from South Pacific Ocean and most parts of South America. A total coverage of the Sun’s disc by the Moon is called totality. In this solar eclipse, the longest duration of totality will be 4 minutes and 32 seconds.

Some of the well-known cities from where Partial Solar Eclipse would be visible are Santiago in Chile, Sao Paulo in Brazil, Buenos Aires in Argentina, Lima in Peru, Montevideo in Uruguay and Asuncion in Paraguay.

The effect of eclipses is felt for a period of six months. We look to this eclipse from Santiago, Chile, one of the first places totality makes landfall. Eclipses affect all places on Earth, visible or not due flocculation of the blood within humans (solar manifestation of light is hidden from blood).

Due the path of totality crossing the Pacific Ocean and entering South America nearby Santiago and pretty much terminating at Buneos Aires, Argentina and being lost to visibility due going below the horizon ten minutes after totality (this is due to sunset) the majority of effects – long lasting for period of six months – will be on South America. We can also expect to see changes around the USA-Mexico border region, some distortions of activity, events, incarceration. Recall that Rahu is desire, and crossing the USA-Mexico border is an object of desire for many who are seeking a better life.

It is interesting that the Dalai Lama tells that the heart chakra of Mother Earth has moved to South America. Does this eclipse have anything to say about this? We need to look at the eclipse details:


Path of Totality Solar Eclipse July 2019
Path of the Total Solar Eclipse on 2 July 2019. Image Source:

In Classical Muhurta, it is said of eclipses:

Also, the day of the eclipse should be avoided as well as the three days before and the seven days after, though some sources consider three days instead of seven days after an eclipse to be the unfavourable period. If the Sun or Moon sets while being eclipsed, then the three days before the eclipse are particularly unfavourable.

(Muhurtam relates to planning of events and undertakings.)

Rahu and Ketu are not visible planets, like the outer planets (Uranus, Neptune or Pluto) which are not visible to the human eye. Rahu and Ketu, however, do create a visible effect; they are the cause of eclipses. They, therefore, do create concrete events and influence the actions of Man.

  • This eclipse occurs in Ardra nakshatra: Ardra becomes weakened or ineffective for the next six months. Ardra is of sharp and dreadful nature – with abrupt incursions; Ardra is ruled by Rahu and is both confronting and creative in nature, yet sharply suspected of destruction of all in its path. Rudra (a form of Shiva) is the deity, and represents both anger and the power of destruction.
  • Eclipses affect nations. The mundane effect of this eclipse will be mostly felt in South America and on the USA-Mexico border region.
  • US President Donald Trump was born during an eclipse. There will be challenges to President Trump over an extended period of time. The challenges will not result in impeachment as he has protection of Planet Jupiter.
  • Rahu causes the eclipse in the natal 9th house of Argentina, thus laying a smokescreen and darkness around matters of philosophy, religion, travel and application of law through the courts. Rahu is an agent of change, so we can expect change in these spheres of mundane activity for some time.
  • As an example, Venezuela is currently experiencing 3,500 people leaving the country every day due political instability. This eclipse may trigger some resolution to the situation in Venezuela – particularly with regard to medical supplies, hospitals, supply of electricity. Matters may be resolved in an unexpected manner.
  • This eclipse brings a debilitated Mars with it, conjunct Mercury. As Mercury takes the nature of the planet it is conjunct (it is within the orb of influence) we will also be seeing a debilitation of Mercury’s energy, transfer of information, a slowing down of internet and networking capability, and desuetude or slowness of activity and work around computing. A debilitated Mars loses drive and vigour. When Mercury is conjunct Mars, be careful with important, significant decisions. Wait until the Moon is at least 60° from the Sun, in order to be free of lunar malefic influence. Patience is needed with Mercury conjunct debilitated Mars.
  • This eclipse occurs in Mithuna (Gemini), the sign of couples and relationships; living together, junction points, the union between a man and a woman. An eclipse here lowers the vitality, the light present in the relationship. It would be good for couples to make allowances for one another for at least three days after this eclipse, and go through a small ceremony in the place of relationship to bring the light back to fullness in their union.
  • This eclipse may also stir some restlessness within – for all signs. Mithuna – Gemini is the place where many seek completion and inner satisfaction in material reality, and this often is seen as restlessness and dissatisfaction. The key here is to recall that the soul is complete within itself, and all fullness and completion is something that comes from within. Remember, Happiness is an inside job.



A number of crop circles have begun to appear featuring the eclipse and suggesting energies being released from the Grand Central Sun of all Universes. With reference to Ascension, we suspect that this eclipse will usher in changes in human life by way of understanding the higher dimensions, recognising the presence of UFO’s and the star-peoples within, and the Universal brotherhood of Man – even though those in the UFO’s do not have human form. In the Vedas it is suggested that there are over 500 races that are humanoid in form. Many are more intelligent than homo sapiens. These crop circles – appearing in England and France – have featured Sun, Moon and planets indicating change of energies after this eclipse. Further reflections will be provided.


Crop Circle in France
Crop circle in northern France, June 2019

Solar Eclipse of 2 July
Total Solar Eclipse on its way to South America.