Going Green on the Inside

Going Green on the Inside is a small book written by housewife, mother and teacher-aide, Caroline Proctor of Melbourne. It is a simple exegesis of the oneness of all creation, and how our world, our experience, is created internally – and affected by – the foods we eat.

The Philosophy

This book commences with the simple philosophy that we start to see all creation as one, with similarities and differences. We are all made of the same goods. Love is inside all of us to find and experience, differently.

Excursion to the Abattoirs

The author tells of a school excursion to an abattoir. It exposed children to what they were eating and how it came to them. As a result, at age 12, the author became a young vegetarian.

A change in Attitude

Whether you are a vegetarian for physical, health, spiritual or emotional reasons, vegetarianism is a thing where its time has come. Given the current obesity epidemic worldwide and the medical profession considering declaring obesity a disease, it is time for people to give up silly fad diets and exercise personal self discipline with regard to the food they eat, how often they eat (every time you put food in your mouth, this constitutes a meal) and WHAT they eat. Fast food is simply empty calories and the foundation for free radicals to play within the body.

We Have Enough

There is a simple spiritual teaching that for every birth, there is food to sustain that life. Our lands are plentiful in produce, grains and crops. We need to look to what is available for a sensible diet and ask ourselves if meat and meat products are necessary for our diet. There is plenty of iron in legumes – peas, chickpeas and other pod vegetables to care for our dietary needs.


The Vedas and Vedic scholars all proclaim that Non-violence (ahimsa) is the ideal. Pope John Paul II proclaimed that animals have souls and should be treated with care and respect; they are not destined for the graveyard of the human stomach, as Paramahamsa Yogananada said. Non violence is a natural human quality within and it is seen by way of our character, our actions, our speech and our diets. All humans are seeking peace. Peace does not come to those who adulterate their bodies with needless animal foodstuffs.

It is true that for those who daily engage in physical labour, manual effort and work by the sweat of their brow, that gurus and sacred teachers advise them to eat meat for the strength needed to complete their yoga of work. Others, who live the sedentary, urban or scholastic lifestyles, do not need the strenght from meat and damage their digestion by eating same.

Focus on Self Change

With the world-wide pandemic of obseity – particularly among the young who are daily bombarded with “Love that Food”, “Finger lickin good”, “The burgers are better at this place” and high sugar content foods, there needs to be a systematic focus on inner transformation. Gandhi told, “be the change you want to see in the world”; if you want to see a better world and have a healthier life with longevity without illness and diabetes and loss of memory – then the day for the change to start is NOW. Follow the advice of Gandhi, begin with yourself and your own diet. Undergo a loving, gentle task of self management, management of desires and management of intake of foods. Fasting monthly, or fasting weekly and simply drinking water for one day, gives the body opportunity to flush out toxins within. Love yourself, and so, love what it is you place within your body for its energy needs.

This book is a simple, clear, book of love that promotes self-love by taking up the right diet for our body’s needs and energy needs. Caroline Proctor is a most healthy author in mind, body and spirit, with a cheerful mien and infectious laugh. The family pet dog, Wilbur, is vegetarian also. Do not forget that Sai Baba taught that animals can be trained to follow a vegetarian diet – with love.