Conversations with the Master ~ What benefit accrues from reliving problems?

On this day, we take up an important question explored by our seeker, about memories from the past, and the ups and downs of life. Ups and downs are inevitable for all, for we are crossing the ocean of life, and there are always waves on the ocean. Some waves are high, some calm and some are low; some come crashing down upon us, and other waves lift us to joyful, exhilarating heights. Today our seeker asks The Master about reliving problems from the past.

I would like to ask You about one thing. We have many problems demanding our attention. We often suffer or lapse into sadness and depression. Later we cannot overcome these.

It is good that you touched on this subject. What I will say is extremely important for you.

I know that you suffer, experience pain, separation, losses, misunderstanding, you suffer from unfulfilled needs, because of human perversity, from countless reasons which are important for you. Yet the path, whether in happiness or in the abyss of suffering is still the same – towards the living Divinity-who-loves-you. Keep turning towards God asking Him for help, grace, for the possibility of turning towards Him in any state you find yourself in. He will never deny you His help, because He loves you and He is Love.

Proceed further, independently of what you experience. Focus on Him and keep staying close to Him. Meditate about His closeness. It is very important in any situation you find yourself in.

I remember how it occurred to me that what I think, experience or feel is not important, but what is most important, always, is to what extent I am able to turn towards You. Only You and your love count – nobody else, myself inclusive. And that was a time of great inner pain, of suffering from personal reasons. Thank you for showing me the path at that time.

Otherwise I would not have seen any other way out, not anything of value, and would have drained my energies away without any benefit for anybody. Instead, I focused on You and quite quickly, considering the depth of this experience, came out of the darkness towards You!

I am accepting your thanks. Anybody can do that. Turning towards Divinity heals wounds and allows you to rebuild your life based on higher values – love, joy, devotion and sharing with others.

Keep moving away from any states that you credited with meaning and consistently be on the make towards the Highest of Meanings. This is the way of solving of not only this issue, but also many, many others. It is the way to changing of your life into a life full of love, happiness and experiencing loving Divinity every day.

Another thing is that often we do not know why we are depressed and why something bothers us, why troubling thoughts come, and so on and so on…

This is a paradox of your civilisation which, (considering the amounts of money spent on research) enthusiastically explores the Cosmos and greatest depths of the oceans while practically ignoring the spiritual sphere of life.

It can often happen that different energies are released within you, including sadness that once accompanied some event and lodged in your subconscious. You are not capable of finding the reason for this or that state of mind and moreover you do not need to do it at all. Just wave it aside and consistently proceed towards nearness with the Divine. Meditate. Reliving problems again and again in the mind is not going to give you anything. Turning towards love is something far more wonderful.

In the presence of You and your Love, things from the past – possibly from other lives – have no significance.

And it is not worth it going back there at all. You will not find anything valuable. Allow me to cleanse you and change you into beings full of love for God and everything, into beings happy with Divine happiness. Allow me to work and you keep turning with love towards me. This is the way to liberation. May Love and Goodness prevail.

Let us leave the past aside and let it get covered by the veil of silence and oblivion. For it is not more important than God and His Love. Nothing is more important. Smile! Smiles help you all to live! And to love.


Smiles help you all to live! And to love