Conversations with the Master ~ World Means Light

In conversation with the Master, we learn that this world is actually light, and nothing else. We need to turn to the Master, and we will be guided to Love. The Master is extremely modest, yet waits for our Love. His modesty is our example. Religion simply still does not know much. This is so because in the past, instead of trying to learn and experience happiness and love in sweet union with the Highest, it started looking for power over people. The turn to Love is beyond categories of “understanding” and mind-wanderings; it is simply action offered to Love.

What does the world truly look like? What in reality it is like? Will we ever be able to understand it?

The word ‘world’ (in your tongue, Polish, ‘shvyat’) is a shortening of the word ‘Light’ (‘shvyatlo’). The true world is Light. Love towards Love is the path to Light. Not love towards people, creation and the world. Love towards Love, God, Truth, Universal love, whatever way you prefer to call it. Less thinking, more loving. This is the best clue for you.

I have certain difficulty in following your thoughts.

It’s all right. I will repeat it again, some two hundred times.

Love towards God?

Love for God.

How can we learn this?

Oh, this is a good question!

You need to start changing your life. Leave behind customs and habits and replace these with common sense and Love, if you can already feel it. Think about God, about His closeness, love and devotion. Try to get closer to Him via meditation and prayer. He can see what you do, hears every word. Know that God is Love. Know that He loves you more than anything.

Ask questions about who he is and seek the answer. Follow that which results from the best knowledge, spiritual experiences and confidence in his love and wisdom.

Even if you do not notice the effects of your requests and efforts right away, know that they are there, that nothing is lost, not a single gesture, not a single look, not a single good word goes to waste.

Everything you do in this direction brings you closer to Love, and God blesses your efforts. When your sensibility refines you will start feeling His vivid responses to your approaches. For the time being you are not able to notice the responses, but they are there already.

Your words imply a devotion of God. Our religion does not mention anything about it.

It does not mention many aspects of Divinity, such as love, devotion and modesty. Divinity’s modesty can and should serve as an exemplar for you. Religion simply still does not know much. This is so because in the past, instead of trying to learn and experience happiness and love in sweet union with the Highest, it started looking for power over people.

Today, your view of Divinity is distorted, because you have never wanted to inquire into the reality of Divinity. So far you have not desired to know God. You have stopped with theories and even did not try to check them. It is time to make this small step ahead. The time to COGNIZE Him has come. One small step and you will stand at the gates of a Universe full of miracles. Let’s open the door fully. And let there be Light, Love and Happiness.

Light, Love and Happiness—this is what GOD IS.

Master, a question tormenting different spiritual schools for centuries, comes to mind. Is God personal as some of them claim, or impersonal as others do?

Statements that God is a Person or impersonal Absolute are the same distance from the Truth. He is personal and impersonal and yet something more. The essence is not to devote yourselves to thinking about His alleged nature expressed in categories of that what is known to the mind, but to leave off words and COGNIZE what the truth is.

How to cognize, then?

You will not grasp God with the mind, but you will experience Him with a clean and loving heart. Love is the way to know God, which is recognising your True Nature. The love for God, Truth, Love or whatever you call it. It is a challenge for all of you. Learn how to love the Creator and do not stop until you have learned it.

Love is the key which opens the door to a wonderful Universe, the gate of Heaven. You love, get closer, come in and take a look at the loving Face of the Creator. There is no way to express the feelings that are born then.

You may listen to me, you may read my words tens of times, but you will not touch the reality behind these words. Remember, they are only signposts. Go in the direction indicated and you will find for yourself what I am talking about.

Master, I would like to ask You how to learn to love. Give some practical hints, please.

Oh, you are so stubborn! I have already told you about it a number of times.

Dear Teacher, repeating will fix firmly the knowledge. As they say, repetitio est mater studiorum.

Repetition is mother of knowledge, it is true, but experience of Divine Love is the mother of all wisdom.

It is exactly what I am talking about. Could I get some practical hints, please?

For what? Do you think they would serve some useful purpose?

Master, I have an impression that You are teasing me.

I have freedom to do so. I value my words.

Your answer surprises me, Master. Are you suggesting that I do not value them?

Yes, exactly.

You have listened to my answers many times already, but still you have put little of this into practice. That you have received this great gift, the gift of the possibility of learning my answers, should inspire you to a greater respect for the benefits, which I pass to you. The fact that you are listening to what I say does not mean too much to me. I do not have to talk to you at all. You asked and I answered. The change comes not from listening but from putting into practice, through learning love for God.

The only reason we are talking is that you may undergo this transformation. Writing this book does not constitute a value in itself for me. The value is in Love and in the way to Love. Get on the path and start taking the first steps. When you stumble and fall down, pray and I will raise you up. You will go further and find the goal. This is why I am. This is why I speak. I give knowledge and energy for the road, guidance and security. Listening to my words is not an objective. The goal is to find love by transforming yourself.

From now on listen very carefully to what I am saying and try to put into practice what you hear. This is the only way. Put my advice into practice.

Thank You for Your words full of love, Master. Anyway, could you drop one more hint for me?

Not any more. I have already said enough. Now, it is time for you to work on your own. If what I say is true, pray to Divinity to guide your searches and thinking. Learn how to cooperate with God. Do not confine yourself to only listening to what I say. Work and the work will change you. It concerns each of you.

Master, I have a feeling of some indetermination that is creeping into our conversation. I mean the indetermination of notions we use, wherefrom misunderstandings may crop up.

The mind creates notions and is susceptible to staying closed inside them. You imagine that ‘it is exactly like this’ and you stop thinking. From this begins the construction of your own importance and authority. Break off this process.

‘Indetermination’ means putting a question mark at thoughts, notions and judgements in order that you free yourselves from mental concepts about the only truth. Then you will stop pursuing the wish to enclose everything in notions, sorting them out, which you laughably call ‘understanding’. You will realise that it is worthwhile to look elsewhere, to approach things from another side. It is worthwhile to love and look for Love, because it is Love that is going to lead you out of darkness into Light.

And one more thing, it is not going to be love for anything created, but for the highest. Every other love makes your conditioning stronger, whereas this Love sets you free.

Is there any other way?

There is no other good way.

What of meditations? There are so many techniques.

Meditations serve different purposes. If you meditate because you love God or want to learn how to love Him, then it is all right, since this is the highest goal of meditation. If the goal is different you will profit in some manner, but you will not reach the most important benefit, which is Love. Each of the great religions refers to the practice of meditation as the medicine for the insanity of the world. Each of them places love for Divinity at the very centre of their teachings and doctrines. Now, let us put these two things together, the goal, which is Love for God, and the means, which are various meditations, and we get harmony and, more importantly, an effective whole.

I am reading and listening, yet what You are saying is intangible to me.

You are trying to catch meaning of my words thinking that they contain some hidden implication. But the meaning is very simple: God is the goal, love for Him is the goal, and meditation is the means to achieve it. There is no deeply hidden truth demanding meditation. These are concrete guidelines to be put into action.

Leave the mind aside and turn to the path of love. Then many issues will get sorted by themselves, right away. Go towards Love, follow Love and the rest will get clarified on its own account. Trust me. And love Me.

Oh, this is a perfect clue. We are so used to continuous thinking and processing of information.

So much so that you are like the man who put a lot of effort to dig a huge hole on a straight road, only to fall into it, straight-away! The mind led by egoism is that hole. It is thought serving ‘I’ and its numerous varieties like ‘I know’, ‘I have’, ‘I am somebody’, ‘I am great’, ‘I am wise’.

Master, it cannot possibly be so simple

It is so simple. Follow paths of Love. Go to the wilderness of the mind having God as a guide. And love will come and stay with you. You will meet Divinity face to face. You will meet in love.

You need a simpler method with less tension, more joy, and more imagination. Do not tire your minds so much, as they are not meant for this. Keep turning towards Love and as time goes on everything you need will become clear on its own.

Is that your promise?

It is My pledge. It is in the nature of Truth that truth can be checked, experienced and learned personally. Love is real and God is real. I know this, you know this and everybody can make sure of this for himself, once he puts the shovel away, stops digging the hole called ‘I’ and turns towards Love. Put what ‘you know’ aside and turn with your mind and heart towards Love, towards the Creator, who is the most loving being in the Universe.

On this path, Divinity and its Love start to manifest right away. Your love is a magnet that Divinity cannot resist. Love God and leave the rest aside.

And what about so-called ‘everyday life’? It requires our focus, attention and thinking.

Really? And what are you able to think out? Most of events do not depend on you anyway, and those that appear to depend on you are just that; appearances …

If you are able to look behind the curtain of things (and Love grants such a possibility), you will see the truth. Not even a single thought arises without the will and intervention of God. Our whole conversation is happening in God and is being inspired, transmitted and received by Him. The same applies to every man and every situation. Sometimes, by looking carefully, you may observe this for yourselves.

Can any important conclusions be drawn out from this?

Yes, of course. Whatever you or anybody else do, you will not ‘get out’ of God. In a deeper sense, you are not able to do anything. Everything you and others do is in reality done by me.

This way, without revealing yourself, you ARE.

I AM the base of everything. My consciousness is the arena where the tragedy or, as others say (who are actually closer to the truth), the comedy of life is being played. It is an unreal, although beautiful, dance of delusion.

Dance of delusion … world of illusion. Master, what is real then?

God is the reality and only Him. The rest is Divine play. You, as personalities, are taking part in it. Only you forgot that the play is not real, it is a movie you have become involved in so much that you forget that you are the actors. Wake up!

How can we do this?

You should ask and pray to God that He takes the reins of this process while you make the effort of learning to turn with love for Him.

What should this effort consist of? We are all different, but maybe there are some common elements.

There are a lot of them. Firstly, it is your way of life. Every one of you is so strongly attached to earthly matters, family, work, friends, and entertainment that there is no time to link up to Me and learn My opinion about your life.

The first steps on the path to God consist in a partial stepping away from worldly matters, limiting contacts with people to the essential minimum, and a conscious disengagement from other people’s issues.

The second area is a cleansing from the load of the past. For this, learning of meditation is essential. You spend years in schools and universities imbibing masses of information and you do not want to spend a couple of minutes a day for useful training of the mind that brings many blessings during your whole life.

Meditation cleanses the mind, lessens susceptibility to illnesses, removes many physical and psychological ailments and improves cleverness. This is so important that it is true to say that life without meditation is wasted.

Thanks to meditation you will see some of the traps of ‘I’ and, with a certain amount of vigilance and effort, you will stop falling into them. Love, which you will turn to, will show you the path.

How should we meditate? Is there any best, universal method?

One. Ask God, whom you have in your heart, which method is right for you and pray that He teaches and guards you during the meditation. Ask Him to show you the method that you should use.

Master, do You have in mind any particular books, courses or teachers of meditation?

Ask for methods that are safe and right for you. Love will not deny you. You can use those described in this book.

Are there going to be any special signs accompanying this path to You?

Yes. Today, people need signs and miracles to become fully convinced about the truthfulness of what they experience. Experience of spiritual truths, the actions of Divinity, and the existence of the law of cause and effect will, as time passes, fully convince you about the value of the teachings that I am passing to you. The worst enemy on the spiritual path are doubts. They cause a lot of confusion and suffering.

Oh yes, I remember this curse from years gone by. What to do in such cases?

Busy yourself with something useful, letting the situation settle itself. Stop unnecessary ponderings. They usually lead to nowhere. Replace thinking with focusing on Divinity, prayer, requests for help, requests for support for others, prayers for happiness of all beings.

this world is actually light; it is our illusion, our minds that cause confusion and darkness, the Master tells.