A Cirrus Arc and the channelled Message

cloudarc by nasa satelliteNASA circulates satellite photographs – and often images of great storms and typhoons on the Earth’s surface. A recent storm photo recalled a message channelled via Judy Carroll, by one Maris who speaks of the yin-yang balance on Earth (and miserable lack thereof) and how Mother Earth is trying to compensate with global heating by producing cold weather. We include both articles for your reading.

A Cirrus Arc

Chances are good that you have heard of the jet stream, a river of fast-moving air in the upper levels of the atmosphere. World War II pilots were among the first to notice jet stream winds, which play a key role in steering air masses and storms around the globe.

Jet streaks—pockets of extremely fast winds embedded within the jet stream—are mentioned less often. Yet they are important to the formation of winter storms because they are associated with rising air, which can trigger clouds and precipitation.

The presence of a jet streak is not often apparent in natural-colour satellite imagery, but occasionally there are tell-tale signs. That was the case on November 28, 2019, when the Moderate Resolution Imaging Spectroradiometer (MODIS) on NASA’s Terra satellite captured this image of a wide arc of clouds stretching across the northern United States. At the time, a powerful winter storm was building in the East.

“The arc is a cirrus cloud associated with the jet streak. There was just enough moisture and upward motion to create localized cirrus clouds on the poleward side of the jet stream,” explained Emily Berndt, a Short-term Prediction Research and Transition Center (SPoRT) scientist at NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center.

When the image was acquired, air was circulating around the entrance of the jet streak near Nebraska. As air enters a jet streak, it generally speeds up. In this case, warmer air was rising to the south of the cloud band, and cooler air was sinking north of it.


cloudarc image by nasa
Cirrus cloudarc image from NASA satellite. Click the image to see a larger version


Rising air tends to produce clouds: air cools as it rises, and cooler air can hold less moisture. This causes water vapor to condense into droplets or ice particles. “After the cirrus clouds formed, strong winds associated with the jet streak whisked them downstream, pulling them north and east,” noted SPoRT scientist Christopher Hain.

The winter storm associated with this jet streak proved to be a significant one, blowing across the Midwest and New England and dropping more than 1 foot (0.3 meters) of snow in some areas.

NASA Earth Observatory image by Lauren Dauphin, using MODIS data from NASA EOSDIS/LANCE and GIBS/Worldview. Story by Adam Voiland.

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Why This Material is Here

Judy Carroll writes:
Yin Yang
Maris sent this message through on the subject of global warming. Very interesting! As usual, he’s gone right to the heart of the issue.

Everything is energy, vibrating at infinite frequencies. This includes all of you, the human species of Earth. As Soul Essences, you are expressing a very small aspect of your true multi-dimensional beingness in physical human bodies on Earth, which is also a sentient, multi-dimensional Energy being.

Once energy moves out from the non-polarized Oneness of Source (that which you call ‘God’), it becomes polarised. In the greater reality there is no separation, but, as quantum physics on Earth is finally beginning to prove, you create your own illusion of reality through the workings of your minds. On a Level One planet like Earth, a large part of the illusion is separation – you are down here, God is up there; you are human and we are alien; some of you are one religion or nation and others are of another. You cannot perceive the reality of us all being One.

Being an energy form, all states of dis-ease begin as an imbalance in the energy frequency of your chakra system. As a sentient, living Being, this applies with your Mother Earth as well, whose state of imbalance is being expressed through climate change and global warming. Some of you believe that this is a natural cycle, and others of you believe that it is man-made. In a way you are both correct, but it goes much deeper, with a problem that needs to be addressed at the energy level, where all dis-ease and imbalance begins.

The problem is that Earth’s energy frequency is intrinsically linked into the energy of humankind, which is badly out of balance. This has come about because of the patriarchal yang energy that has been and is still being promoted through your planetary leaders, your religions and your governments, thus the natural cycle of your planet is also being affected. In a human body, this imbalance would express through symptoms such as fever, skin rashes and eruptions caused by the internal excess of yang energy within the chakra system.

The terms yin and yang refer to polarity as it is expressed through Nature. Yin is negatively polarized energy and yang is positively polarised energy. This has nothing whatsoever to do with ‘good’ and ‘evil,’ as some of your religions have misinterpreted it. It is simply energy, just as a battery has both negative and positive polarity. The two polarities may be opposite, but they are equal and complimentary to each other, keep each other in balance, and need to work in Oneness to create the energy to empower the lights and other electrical equipment in your homes and work places. Expressions of yang and yin polarity in nature are male and female, day and night, sun and moon, inner and outer, heat and cold, etc., etc. Even the organs in your body are either yang or yin.

Getting back to the climate of Earth and what is occurring, all you need do is look at the history of humanity to see how the male, yang, patriarchal energy has dominated on Earth for a very long time. This has been building for hundreds and even thousands of years. Seasons change, but major climatic changes do not occur because of the short, one-year elliptical but almost circular orbit of the planet around the sun. Earth cycles span much longer time frames than that, and the balance of yang/male/heat energy has been building over many hundreds of years, and has now reached a critical point of impacting upon the Earth’s climate, exacerbated over the past century and more by human-created pollution, and population growth, which is also out of control.

No matter how much so-called evidence is fed to you on global warming being a wholly natural event, the burning of fossil fuels and human pollution do play a large part. The planet herself tries to compensate and rebalance, with very cold winters experienced in some areas, but human consciousness dominates and controls the climate. Until such time as the cooling, calming and balancing of yin/female energy is allowed to be properly expressed, acknowledged and respected, the heating will continue.

Yin/female energy is to do with gentleness, peace and nurturing. Yang/male energy should be about strength, compassion and caring, thus ensuring the safe-guarding of Oneness and respect for all beings on your home world. Unfortunately, on Earth, yang is more about patriarchal control and domination, warfare and bloodshed. It expresses in an imbalanced way through racism, religious intolerance and prejudice and the building of walls both physical and emotional, to separate and divide. It is all about ‘overcoming the enemy,’ which, in reality, is a reflection of self and one’s own inner, unresolved fears.

Attempts have been made to rebalance the patriarchal dominance, but in some cases the so-called Feminist Movement only causes more imbalance as it is often expressed in an aggressive yang way rather than as a cooling, calming and nurturing yin energy.

Even in the field of UFO and ET contact research there is fighting, jealousy, discord and bullying! Even in this, humans cannot work together in Oneness and accord! No wonder not much progress is ever made!

There is so much disinformation and cover-up on the subject of an alternative energy source to run your transport and industry. In our and other off-planet societies, energy is generated cleanly, naturally and safely, in ways that are freely available to everyone. This higher technology has started to be known by some researchers on Earth, but is kept firmly under wraps and not developed commercially because of fear – fear of loss of jobs, fear of loss of money, fear of loss of control – always fear!

While your religions and governments put their energy into divisiveness, xenophobia and war-mongering, no real solution is possible. Humanity will remain weakened and disempowered. It is only through harmony, peace and cooperation between faiths and nations that true progress and empowerment can be made. Once you begin working together in loving Oneness and respect, and as a planetary culture, a door will be opened to levels of technology that you have not dreamed possible.

Our technology may seem like magic to you now, but when peace and unconditional love reign on Earth, it will be made freely available to you. The ‘secret’ behind it is our more expanded conscious awareness, which can only be achieved when you all begin working together in peace and cooperation as a planetary society. The first step must start with the re-balancing of the yin and yang aspects of Earth-plane humanity. The patriarchal imbalance mainly has its roots in religions which portray ‘God’ as a male figure. This is totally incorrect and has caused major problems on Earth. God is NOT a physical male being. God is pure, non-polarised Source Energy. The term non-polarised simply means that yin and yang, negative and positive, are in complete balance and empowerment, This understanding is the key to your evolution as human beings.


Yin Yang
Yin and Yang energy is necessary – in balance


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