Diversity is necessary for human progress

the soul is a thing of light, majesty and beauty It is a law of nature that nothing can be attained without personal endeavour and striving.
We are the fruit of our choices, our karma and our diversity.

Expansion is a sign of life. The Universe is expanding. Discovery of universes and galaxies is expanding for modern humanity due the telescopes we put up in the skies (think of Stanley Kubrik’s ape throwing a bone up into the heavens). From cave dwellers to urban cities, the imagination of our habitats continues to expand and seek even more. The urban descendants of the upstanding-hairy-ape wear clothing, eat different foodstuffs and pursue manifold vocations, spending their lives in pursuit of satisfaction and happiness. They reside in an urban jungle of concrete and inhabit human-made stalagmites rising to the skies.

The urban jungle demands that our minds absorb and process new data quickly, a rollercoaster of an endless electronic roundel gathering more and more social media until we live with a permanent fear of missing out. Life at the cutting edge demands that we tweet, have face time, share messages of significance in the electronic aether (ether)(ethernet) as we watch our children become depressed, disconnected, and filled with more and more meaningless anxiety. Expansion is a sign of life; incursions of social media into our lives are not an expansion of the human being, homo sapiens – the sentient being who has capacity for wisdom and self awareness.

The speed of modern life demands our minds move quickly; our minds move faster than that they were designed for. The mind was designed to move at a slower pace, to consider all relevant data and and reflect on matters slowly. Discrimination and discernment were the tools of minds that moved at a more sedate pace. The Australian Aborigine used to take days to answer questions; the essential urgency of modern life with its electronic demands forces replies more quickly. Our minds move too fast, causing us to miss out on what it means to be truly human and encounter diversity, celebrate difference, to rejoice in the cornucopia that life has on offer for us.

Diversity is necessary for human progress. One small group cannot perform nor complete all the tasks necessary for productivity, progress and prosperity. The task must needs be divided up and allocated to various groups to complete. It is the same for religious endeavour. Without freedom to adopt the world cannot progress. Minds are different, personalities are different, life-choices are different. The names and forms of the divine, the forms of religious practice suited to society and culture reflect these differences. All say there is the One, without a second. The sacred scriptures tell us so. Different names and forms, different beliefs exist, and may exist in harmony, all affirming that there is the One who is known by many names and forms.

The word nation originally meant (in India) that all communities were marching to the same spiritual call – affirming the One exists, yet affirming some say Shiva, some say Buddha, some say Krishna, others say Allah or Jesus. The word is One, the goal is the same. Diversity in attitudes and practices was accepted; it is a sin to use force upon anyone in matters of spirit.

The Vedas are like Creation, without beginning nor end. All inquiry into faith and matters of spirit find resolution in the Vedas.

Spiritual inquiry is the right of anyone. None may prevent inquiry into faith and spirit. Children have to be taught they have the right to this.

Vedas, Vedam nor Vedanta accepts that the world was created only a few thousand years ago and will cease to exist permanently. Creation is ongoing, there are universes, multiverses (many universes), parallel universes, and frequencies of existence, such as dimensions. Some live in the 3rd or 4th Dimension; Others ascend to the 5th and 6th Dimension. There are those who live in higher dimensions, such as 10th and 12th Dimensions that are without human form. The frequency you can access is very much a matter of your own personal mind-management, something the Vedas propagate, eternally.

One’s attainments are determined by the way one lives. Nothing can be attained except by personal endeavour and striving. The mind is like a camera, it takes the picture. The mind takes the form of whatever it is pointed at, so be careful where you focus the lens of your mind. As the camera faithfully records, so also, the mind – a bundle of thoughts – takes shape and form of whatever it is focussed on.


Balance - light and dark, fire and ice, the Oneness
Yesterday, today and tomorrow: true humanness is always self-awareness and balance



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