Conversations with the Master: Should we Abandon Religion?

There are many questions in our minds about the efficiency of religion in leading humankind along the pathway to experience of the Divine. In fact, some religions never teach that one may experience the Divine. They teach adherence to rules and dogma. Some even speak of the Haram Police, the religious police who check to see if you conform to the expected behaviours. The Master has much to say about this, and how humanity creates its future.

A strange thing came to my mind today. It seems that regardless of being raised in any religion, man should abandon it along with the Deities worshipped, in favour of pursuing the voice of our heart that points to other manifestations of Divinity.

This is true. If you need consolation, it doesn’t matter what religion you practice, any will do. But if you seek the path leading to union with Divinity, all that was invented by man is an obstacle.

Your beliefs often diverge from reality. You believe in absurd and even harmful things. Most people have forgotten that religion is a guidepost on the path to God. Surely it is not the goal, nor the path itself. For centuries, people have made up so much that instead of considering today about what is valuable and what is not, it is better to submit oneself to God’s care, so that He may lead us and enlighten the path to Himself.

Master, you are depriving us of something we are used to, something our culture and social structures are based upon.

Culture is only of value to the extent that it is able to pass on the message of love for God through the generations; to pass on the message of caring for others and for Nature, to inspire seeking higher values and thereby enriching man’s life.

Your culture passes on judgements and prejudice; it imparts hostility towards strangers. It teaches respect for authorities and institutions, and submissiveness to the governing authorities. It gives out a false light for you to follow.

Then is the conclusion that we should forget about religion and culture correct?

Leave them off, seeking true values in the heart and seek God. The line between Divinity and the world is very sharp and you should take a stand on one or another of these sides.

In this cultural system you talk about, is all that matters is to get power over people?


The point is to get you interested in issues and opinions that somebody else offers in order that you take them to heart and get involved in them. This is not a good way to work with people. It is much better to encourage people to search for their own truths in their hearts and conscience, and to support people in their development towards higher values, such as love, peace, and goodness. Your achievements in the fields of widely understood culture, including your world outlook, are twisted. Your egoism, attachment to ‘my’ and aversion to ‘the strange’ are the main factors standing in the way of the flowering of good culture.

Simply put, your religion and culture are short of love. Love does not seek power because it is modest, it does not want anything for itself because it is selfless. Love lives by continuous giving. This is one of its attributes. This is a Divine quality. It does not have to create hierarchical social structures nor any machinery of oppression to force and maintain obedience. Love means priority in taking care of the welfare and concerns of others ahead of your own. This is the way the Universe is created. You may doubt this, but this is simply the way it is.

If you base social values on egoism, if you do not take into account the Divine laws of love, goodness and selflessness, then you create a system that brings suffering to people. As humanity, you stand today before the enormous challenge of transforming the system which you have created into a new one. The new system will conform to Universal Divine rules, and first of all to the principles of Love. In this transformed system the values and wisdom that will be passed on to future generations, you will also pass on to yourself when you come back here. You will find goodness, love, and Divinity. The new system will give you freedom from suffering.

Master, I am afraid that what you are saying now is too enigmatic for many people. It looks like yet another theory, of which we have had lots of lately. None of them have come true.

Ask yourselves the question why it happened that way. Think about this issue. Consider a wider perspective. Inquire if there is discord between what is being said and what is being done. And, of course, why it is so.

There is an inconsistency between theories put forward and the practice thereof; and this is probably the main cause of failures. We say one thing, do another and most often get yet another of the two combined. Politicians promise a lot, but when push comes to shove, they usually take care of their own business or the business of some narrow social group or party. As a matter of fact, we do not know ourselves nor do we know consequences of our actions, which adds to the problem.

Good remark. Therefore start a new ‘culture’ and a new ‘religion’, understood as spirituality based on what you are going to check. Ask yourselves, as individuals and as a whole society, a few questions and find answers to them.

Let ‘Does God exist?’ be the first question.

Let each of you seek the answer as long as necessary until he/she finds it. Turn towards Divinity, praying that it gives you empirical proofs of its existence. Ask for them. This experience will give you a lot of answers. I know that fears will come and this is natural for this process. Religion taught you for centuries that you are to be afraid of Divinity. Bear it calmly. Many good powers are going to come to your succour.

Let ‘Who is God?’ be the second question.

And again, as before, pray for experience of Him. Ask that He reveals Himself to you, so you may feel and experience Him beyond any shadow of a doubt. It will be a shock for most of you, since Divinity will turn out to be totally different than what religions have passed on to you. Find this out yourselves. Divinity is tender love, it is devotion, it is serving you every day, it is complete selflessness with no trace of thinking about oneself, it is thoughts only about the good of others. Divinity is humbleness, putting itself in the last place, so that the beloved get what they need and nobody is forgotten.

But do discover this for yourselves. Test my words. Be courageous enough to ask questions and convince yourselves how much the answers are worth.

Master, how should we relate to the authorities? In Europe we still find traces of a mystic aura that surrounded the rulers of olden days. The Americans have a more pragmatic approach.

Direct your life towards love for God and everything else will become much simpler. You are asking me about trivial issues which are of no import compared to what really is the essence of the matter. Power, rulers and officials have been here for thousands of years and will be here for a long time yet. They arise from a collective effort to organise life, ensuring some degree of order and safety, including financial safety, and economic and social development. Governments and their institutions keep evolving and this will stay that way. The problem of people holding positions is the same everywhere and it is a general problem of people on earth. Namely, it is egoism. Under this influence people who are to protect the public welfare and take care of development, think about themselves and how to procure everything for themselves.

But Master, this is how whole of our society is constructed.

Yes, but if we talk about Love and about the fact that everything comes from Love, you may notice that such an approach is only a transitory phase. Power, the way you understand it, is not the right concept. Service is much better. In these cases, people who for some reason have more goods, abilities or possibilities share them with the others, thinking about others, not about their own welfare.

In time you will mature enough to be able to exchange ownership with love, and exchange concentrating on yourselves to focusing on God. Serving all beings in the spirit of love will naturally follow. There are huge changes awaiting you. In the face of such changes, the present technological revolution is only a baby’s toy.

Can we go back to the influence of society on man for a moment?

All right. Ask yourself a question, ‘What values have other people passed to you so far, including parents and particularly, school and religion? What precious knowledge or quality did you bring from those hundreds of hours spent in schools, churches and universities?’

‘Did they teach you how to single-handedly search for answers? Did they teach you how to freely seek the truth and live according to its guidance? Did they show you how to establish relationships with other people so you and they could find happiness? Did they teach you how to love Divinity and the whole of creation, how to find satisfaction of life? Did they show you what that goodness that flows from man and enriches everything around, is? Did they instruct you how to keep yourself cool in everyday life situations? Did they show you that you could become an important member of society and bring true values into it? Did they show you the way to turn to God, to receive His love, guidance and leadership?’

‘Were they able to teach you Love? Were they able to teach you to love Divinity not in words, but in thoughts, feelings and actions?’ After all, this is the most important thing, where-from all kinds of goodness and inner beauty comes.

For the umpteenth time, I do not know how to respond. I was under the impression that schools and universities usually teach many valuable things. However, listening to your questions touching on so many important issues, I am inclined to think that university time has been wasted with ample measure.

And you are completely right. No school teaches these subjects, no school teaches how to live, how to find your own place in life, how to face adversities and pursue the goal of learning true love. Instead, schools force you to memorise ‘revealed truths’, i.e., views based on the judgement of history and culture. You cultivate values that in reality are not values at all. Simply, this is why you are not able to recover love and truth. In fact, they do not belong to your ‘world’ even though it stubbornly maintains they do.

The problem that concerns your social and cultural attainments consists of a narrow point of view. You limit yourselves to what is ‘my’ and ‘known’ while ignoring or negatively evaluating or fearing ‘otherness’, whereas you are one family. Even more than that, you are One. And instead of becoming more broad-minded and broad-hearted, opening yourselves to the whole Earth, the cosmos and its peoples, you preach love and dedication to only one country, to only one doctrine. If you could teach people devotion to values, and not theories, life here would look quite different. Your culture is based on fear and manipulation. But it will change when you start turning towards Love and God in your life. Love unites above every barrier created by the mind. Learn love towards Divinity, hand on this acquisition to new generations and they, and all of you, when you come back here again, will live in greater and greater happiness and prosperity. The negative power of illusion will lose its authority over you.

What future awaits us then?

You tell me.

From what you said earlier it looks like we could be in trouble. What solution, do You, dear Master, see?

Instead of the word ‘trouble’ let us rather say ‘effects’. Today you infringe the balance of life on Earth and in the future, when you come back in new bodies you will receive the fruits of today’s conduct. You may not believe this. That is your problem, and quite possibly your biggest problem. You act according to the principle ‘let there be ashes after we pass away’. And this is not a good mental climate for understanding life and finding happiness in it.

This is why I am proposing that each of you think over the phenomenon of reincarnation and the law of cause and effect. It is good that so called ecological awareness is awakening. This awareness understands that future generations must have a place to live as well. Now, advance your perception one step further. Pray for the possibility of being persuaded of reality of reincarnation. And pray for yet another thing—ask if the law of cause and effect really operates. These belong to the questions you asked about.

When you find the answers, reflect about the somewhat deeper conclusions that arise from them. Those future generations are but you, your parents, grandparents, children and grandchildren. And if the law works, then every negative action sooner or later will recoil upon you. Think it over, think, ‘Do you want to suffer?’

Let your knowledge of the law of cause and effect along with love for Divinity become central ideas of your thinking about the world, humanity and suffering. You will understand massively, when you but take this one step. Many of you will see for the first time that your image of ‘world’ that you create with such enormous engagement has huge gaps.

But do not stop at this. Take further steps. Ask Divinity to give you an experience that testifies convincingly about Divinity’s action and existence. This will be the second big step forward. Ask further that Divinity continuously lead you towards itself, over and beyond this world of illusion, towards the land of happiness and love.

Come back to the place you came from, to God and his Love. Each journey ends with the return to Love. No civilization can evolve neglecting cooperation with the power that created the Universe. Science and technology, if they are not balanced with love, cause a lot of trouble. They are like a mad horse, galloping down mountain paths. Misfortune can easily happen.

It would be a sorrowful loss.

The Universe does not know the notion of loss. There are processes that lead to concrete results. The outcome is known beforehand and it is Love, be it on this or that side.

You know the future. Could you tell what the final outcome of all this is going to be?

Humanity will merge into Light.

And will life on Earth survive?

No. Within a couple of billion years the Sun will envelop it with its radiation and the planet will burn up.

What about the nearest one or two hundred years? Will anything that could threaten humanity happen?

This question will not be answered. I have said enough already.

Master, it seems to me that when we converse about dangers in the future, spoken words will not change anything, yours or mine.

You are wrong. They may change a lot. At this very moment there is a race with time. Sometimes one sober-minded person can reverse the course of the history.

Yet, I think that within next fifty years no such thing will happen.

You do not know the future. Very few people predicted the events of September 11, and look at the enormous shock you got through this. You do not know what the future is still going to bring. You are not able to secure yourselves from everything. One sober-minded man is able to point out a new direction and make people follow it.

And we should stop playing with, for instance, science, shouldn’t we?

Not necessarily, because science itself is not a threat, but way you use the discoveries of science, is. If you live in union with God, you will start discovering even more powerful forces and they will not be any threat to your existence. After great technical and technological discoveries, the time has come to discover the intellect and conscience and, of course, to start following them. It is time to discover God. It is time to find Love and reconcile with it. Love without beginning and end. Love without limits. The Love that fills the Universe with itself.

You are part of a bigger system, and the system is an entity, a Being. When you are hurting any part of it, in reality, you are destroying some part of me. Life is One.

I cannot count on your answering my question about the future, can I?

If I told you today, it would take away all our joy of adventure uncovering the world and the Universe. The tome of future events has remained closed for people for thousands of years and one need not change this.

The biggest adventure of all, however, is discovering You.

Gospel truth.

It seems that You know an accurate, and even exact answer to the question about what will be here in 100 or 200 years, but You do not want to reveal it.

Getting to know the future is of no use for you, although there are people that know a lot about it. Yet, their thoughts and visions continue to stay in the realm of science fiction.

This reminds me of books by such authors like Jules Verne or Arthur C. Clarke. They were giving out surprisingly accurate visions concerning, for example, the first flight to the Moon or a number of inventions.

They were not the only ones that discovered a golden key to the door of the future.

Is imagination the key?

No, inner inspiration is.

But could we today talk about possible scenarios of events?

No, today it is still too early. It may be possible in a few or a dozen years. Right now, it is far too early.

One last question. From what You have said, I understand that thoughtless and morally sick people work on these dangerous experiments.

No, I did not say thoughtless. It is just the opposite, intellectually they are very efficient. Yet, they lack the inner intuition that is essential while dealing with issues of such high importance and far reaching consequences. First of all they lack love, which shows researchers the way to discoveries of good and beautiful things, things that serve others. A mind directed by the heart is a powerful tool for doing good. Thanks to such a combination of mind and heart, you will be able to learn much, much more.

Many areas of discovery are closed for you and will remain so until you change yourselves. Love in the heart is the best Guide for each of you.

What conclusion can be drawn for the reader from what you have just said?

That it is worthwhile to keep turning towards God, and seeking support and care in Him. That it is worthwhile to turn towards His Love, as it solves all problems and gives hope for the future. To the same degree that the twentieth century was a time of attraction to production and technology, if things go right, the twenty-first century will begin a period of fascination with Divinity and Love; then all the troubles of the peoples on Earth will end.

And there is a lot to discover in this subject.

The whole Universe, love, joy and the urge to living that will never cease.

I have a feeling that there is no danger impending for the Earth for the next ten years.

There are a lot of dangers, but luckily I am here and am taking care that nothing that could get in the way of your development will happen.

Does it mean that fate of our human race depends on spiritual development?

Yes, this is main determinant of the future.

This implies that there is a possibility for some huge disaster to happen as a result of turning away from the Light?

Speaking hypothetically, yes, it can happen. It does not have to be an occurrence of external origin. You can physically evoke it.

Thus, it follows from your words that we are sitting on a volcano.


Master, what would be your advice in this situation?

You would like to know all the answers. Seek inside yourselves, you will find them there. Seek a path based on love for God and take this as guardian and guide. Love will not let you down.

But could you suggest something anyway?

Oh, that is what I have just done. I pointed out the straight route to an abiding peace and prosperity. Just go.

What about some more concrete clue?

This is the most tangible clue it can be. Turn inside, to the heart, to God, who resides there. Find him and start to live in harmony with him and yourselves. Be happier and the world will change immediately. There are individual guides for everyone. Find them, pray for them. I am always available, at any time, ever and everywhere. I am Love and I love you. Ask and it shall be given to you. Nobody is going to deny you help.

And this is the course to transformation of social awareness on Earth.

Even more. It is a path to complete change of social awareness and tuning it with planetary awareness. Bringing together these two states of existence (which are still separated today) is going to free huge reserves of spiritual energy, which are currently involved in restraining further destruction. Then, even those who are the most resistant will start seeing and understanding more, and their conduct will change almost automatically.

In one of your books You have mentioned a critical mass.

This is a number of similarly-thinking people, spiritually oriented, able to form an aggregate awareness in a positive direction. After crossing a critical point, events start happening on their own, since your common power of creation is being activated and directed in a positive direction. I am waiting for this moment.

How far are we from this point?


As I understand it, it is about change of common awareness?

And following on from this, a change of group awareness. This is why I do not talk about concrete scenarios, but about the road that leads to all solutions. I would like it if all of you understand this distinction.

My answers given here may arouse your interest, but they will not bring true inner change. Only love for the Creator can accomplish this. Without this love you will continue to stay in a deadlock and you will not reverse the disadvantageous turn of events that awaits you. You may know a lot, but that knowledge is not going to move you forward even one step.

Did You say ‘disadvantageous turn of events’?

Oh yes. It is the focussed work on yourselves, turning towards Love and experiencing Love, making right choices, establishing relations between man and loving Divinity; that is the way to change your lot. It is the individual work of every man, without middlemen.

Master, I would not dare to be impolite, but this is what every religion professes.

Every religion creates middlemen and makes its living from the intermediation. Given your egoistic state of mind, it becomes natural to look for ways of influence on possibly the greatest number of people. As a result, religion loses interest in the individual’s progress towards God. Instead, it invents injunctions that ever better suit the developing doctrine.

I speak about something else. You do not need middlemen, nobody does. Each of you has a heart with me residing inside. It is enough to turn to me. Only this will cause the shifting of group awareness to a higher level, and not any ‘moral growth’ or ‘establishing in faith’, as you absurdly claim. Start from yourselves. Pray to Divinity to initiate your positive transformation. Take on the challenge of changes for better. Together we will create a world with a difference, a world based in love.

In summary, we do not need scriptures or middlemen.

Not anymore. Now, you need only love for God and response to His Love and grace, because only they can set you free. Most religious doctrines and the spiritual cultures accompanying them are poisoned with egoism, divisions of ‘mine’ and ‘thine’, ‘us’ and ‘them’. Separation means closed hearts, the absence of love. This route does not lead to God.

Do you think that Divinity is not able to lead man or reach him without those ‘helpers’? Only God can open a closed heart. No middleman or book can accomplish this task. True change may come only from the inside.

“True change may come only from the inside”.

Change of an individual, society and world, exactly in this order.


lasting change comes when we turn to God with love for God.