Cosmic Consciousness Conference, Uluru 2020

The Cosmic Consciousness Conference 2020 was held at Uluru, 11-13 January 2020. The Yulara resort was home to many, many lightworkers who came to see in the new decade and participate in the transformation energies of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction and complete an ancient umbilical cord ceremony interrupted may aeons ago. What follows are notes from the conference.

On to the Cosmic Consciousness Conference – we learned of the Kaninya teachings and of Rainbow serpent being responsible for connections with all things. We learned of Indigenous myth and (law)(cultural practices) and that knowledge is not the property of one person; it belongs to many. In (law)(cultural practices) we learned that there is always Personal Choice, Free Will and Personal Responsibility. It was a very sagacious and wise presentation. There was a really attractive presentation of rainbow serpent traversing down the human body at several critical points, not unlike chakras.

Another presentation occupied the subject of the coming 5th Dimension – as a planetary blueprint, as environmental complexities, and as exposure to many and varied values systems. (We were told we were allowed to agree and/or disagree with anything presented) so I made a note or two. It seems to me that the five human values are what elicit true humanness; and while there might be ascension to higher dimensions, with multidimensional energetic fields, and DNA reactivation (of non-coding dna), it does not seem meet and proper to proclaim a free-for-all with regard to behaviour and values. So while a leap in consciousness may require growth in energetic systems, I keep in mind that behaviour is based on choices, which are based on values. I keep in mind the five human values, Truth, Right Conduct, Love, Peace and Non-violence.

I also had some thoughts about this “overlay” of lightbody of simple/complex geometries vis-a-vis kosas and gunas. Needs exploration.

We had one presentation on transition and transformation which opened up a rather compelling rethink about self-empowerment, self-transformation. We were asked to think about our multidimensional selves, through our multidimensional hearts; consider the creation of reality through our hearts. It was rather repetitive (many reported this to me) but there were compelling points. The ego-mind has a constant mis-perception of what reality really is – and that the correct alignment of the heartspace will help us see what our reality – which we create all the time – really is. Self empowerment is You-Birthing-You.

The Tesla metamorphosis talk was really interesting – that is, to discover a lot of the patents Tesla put out, and all his inventions, and then to learn of the tesla frequencies that accompany healing. Has to do with Tesla soul communications, communication beyond words through meaning, emotion and images. Many interesting images – of orbs and frequencies around the human body were shown.

Martin Kenny gave one talk – which is summarised in his youtube video “Once upon a starseed“.

One thing that came up again and again and again is the notion of torus field, toroidal fields and spirals – around our bodies, around our planet, and its uses in Ascension.

Here, Aunty Nelly Patterson introduced us today to some of the stories of the Seven Sisters that she has painted in her beautiful artwork.

Aunty Nelly Patterson
Aunty Nelly Patterson explaining her art about the seven sisters from the Pleiades

Second Day

The day is cool and sweet; the Rock looks sublime in the crisp morning, birds everywhere, birds, birds, birds. Different kinds of finches, too. Staff here at the resort are very courteous – and set a marvellous example in hospitality.

Looking to the forthcoming conjunction event, we were reminded of past conjunctions that have resulted in transformation of society and culture – and institutions in particular. The Banking Royal Commission has (and will) wreak great change. The Sexual abuse Royal Commission exposed abuse of power in many institutions. Brexit shows a change happening in the UK, as does the scandal surrounding Prince Andrew, and now, more institutional change with Harry and Megan. There is a need for deep change in the structures binding society, and how we use or allocate power to others. Perhaps we should be looking at how we use power –> power for, power with, power over, power against, power within, power together. All these dimensions require thought and action to change the thought-forms that saturate our planet.

We heard about (another) trinity of mind, body and soul v. energy, frequency and vibration. Everything is electromagnetism in one form or another (turn the light off, brush your hair in the dark in front of a mirror to get a simple example)… so magnetism is very much going to play an important role in our future. As I say, we are allowed to agree and disagree (within, politely) with the speakers, so one fellow said the soul is plasma and bridges the mind and body.

He spoke a lot about the light-body within, the blue beings of history – and those blue beings that children can see this day, this age. Everything is plasma. The mind is eternal, he claimed. Well, he has done a lot of work in three short years and it seems to me that he has a piece of the divine diamond we call divinity and he is making his contribution to the raising of consciousness on Earth, and to what many of us call Ascension and the Golden Age.

Aha! A session on Aboriginal cosmology (or how Aboriginals see the creation and sustence of the world). Have to do a bit of a summary here, it was long.

  • Creation occurred in the Dreamtime
  • Ancestral spirits are still here – not visible
  • Earth and life created by great powers, who are not omnipotent
  • Humans play a role as co-creators.
  • The task is maintenance of ecological balance, maintain harmony between natural and cultural systems
  • Harmony and balance are the key to the health of these two systems.

The sky is a canopy – many stories about holding up the sky, the sky people coming down and meeting friends, the sky being held up by trees, healers and dreamers (shakti people?) climbing the sky and walking with the sky people. There was social discourse with the peoples of the skies. A silver cord – umbilicus – from the tree to the body to anchor people. Several cosmologies about Moons.

Another session concerned leylines on the Earth, the chakras of the Earth, the masculine and feminine reproductive systems of Earth’s topography. Many slides shown, the lines from Bairnsdale to Bali goes through Shepparton and Echuca and follows the Goulburn River for a distance. I have seen photographs of blue lines on the ground leading towards Uluru, so very much, this talk was about the balance of of masculine and feminine as shown by Mother Earth herself.

We were told about the Galactic Community Agenda and how various communities from the stars transmitted sacred teachings to human cultures. Andromedans, Pleiadians, Lemurians, like this. Earth plays a pivotal role due its location, warm blooded life forms (mostly) and the fact that people can obtain liberation in one short lifetime. So Earth is a sacred gateway, there are dimensional realms and portals, we have to realise that we are “one without a second”, there is no separation, there is only “oneness of reality”

As I said earlier, many of these speakers and presenters have small pieces of the Divine Diamond, and are presenting their life’s work, their contribution to human progress and rising of consciousness to what we might call the Golden Age, what they call Ascension or the 5th Dimension and higher dimensions. All have a place, all have a role, all have that small shining fragment of the divine diamond; none has whole, yet, when we bring the fragments together, an unmistakeable firmament begins to emerge.

The Antares Seals are about human advance and raising of frequency and vibration. THis can be measured in hertz frequencies, so symbols which affect consciousness, symbols which instigate DNA re-activation, and proper emergence of non-coding DNA to active DNA strands. We all have up to nine DNA strands reactivated, it is different for everyone. Ask on the inner level, and seek the meaning of the reply.


Antares Seals
Overview of the Antares Seals – taken off a camera shot.

We have heard a lot about the “walk in”, the soul exchanges, the agreements made before birth to engage in an exchange of souls in the human lifetime. It is very hard for walk ins to come in halfway through a life and learn simple human skills. They express illnesses like gut aches, neck aches, jaw ache, lower back pains, hip issues and above all, tinnitus. We were told that those who have tinnitus should explore the frequencies within the tinnitus itself, and engage in a path of inner self-discovery. (In the middle of aches and pains!) (some people can!)

Valerie Barrow gave a session on channelling, the Alcheringa stone and how everyone – through simple meditation, can access their own higher self. At the end of this time, there was a channelling from Goolagaia, the black Aboriginal Giantess who resides at Mutijulu Springs. This was a gentle message about promoting and protecting the simple truths and teachings of the indigenous peoples of Australia.

Have lots more to share, that’s enough for now.

Here is the Rainbow Serpent that I mentioned yesterday.


Rainbow Serpent
Rainbow Serpent and the centrepoints of the human psyche

Third Day

Well, the conference is over, it remains to share the final day with you. The lady from Telslametamorphosis spoke again and presented material from the HeartMath Institute. The electromagnetic field of the heart is 60% greater than that of the brain. 80% of our knowing comes from the heart. The heart can access fields of information not limited by time and space.

On the other hand, Instinct is something which transcends knowledge when other sources of knowledge fail us in the moment. Heart consciousness is the portal to akashic information which is downloaded via the ether. The brain is just a receiver of downloads, all knowledge comes from the ether. (Tesla quote)

Tesla also said that the secret of the Universe is to think that everything is energy, frequency, vibration. (This keeps on coming up in different sessions.)

The important thing is that the vibration of love, hearts vibrating at the frequency of love can cause a chain reaction (like what happens in U235) and pull the rest of humanity over to the frequency of love – this has to be kept in mind. There is a purpose in living in the energy, vibration and frequency of love.

Valerie Barrow came to the stage and gave an overview of her time with the Alcheringa Stone. She gave an account of her current work as a channel and how she is one with a future version of herself, from the galaxy M31, Andromeda. (Time is an illusion; everything is happening now, hard to grasp and understand, but this is fact.) Valerie went on to give an account of who Alcheringa is, his relationship to Uluru and our galaxy, and then commenced channelling Alcheringa.

Alcheringa explained the nature of Uluru, and how it is from the stars, and how the starpeople brought it here. Kata Tjuta and Cave Hill are also of the same essence (arkose feldspar) and were also brought here. Alcheringa explained how the Earth was a garden of Edin, (Eden), and and that was the essence and vibration of the creation of this planet and its purpose in this corner of the galaxy. There was the Mothership Rexegena, the rescue mission, and the creation of the first humans (the hairy upstanding ape with the hue of light, the light of the creator, the Soul within). These were the first humans – 900,000 years ago created through genetic engineering with the permission of the Creator, the Source.

Stephen Booth gave us several extended demonstrations of Esoteric Acupuncture, which uses acupuncture points and meridians to give access to the Shen Dao, the Spirit Path. This transcends the rational mind, allows us to experience alignment and clarity, and allows deeper content within to emerge. There was some really lovely music here, new encoding patters using the Indigo triangle, and practical working with interference patterns and field interactions with partners. This music blows Dark Side of the Moon out the window, I tell you. It is channelled music.

We had a session from Barry Eaton on past lives, reincarnation and a most interesting story about a fellow who studied medicine at the age of 90 and stumbled on his past life as a doctor and surgeon. A riveting narrative.

Kay McCulloch spoke about Feng Shui and the human balance of masculine and feminine culminating in a new cycle of balance in the period 1984 – 2024 and shared her exploration of Ken cycles as they are depicted in Feng Shui. An alignment of current earth cycles was explained, fits in with current earth events, with a master timeline of 124 years. This was all about the proper balance of patriarchal male energy, and matriarchal feminine energy, and the proper balance of yin and yang. To a large degree, there has been far too much patriarchal control of society and its institutions and there is a need to have balance with the female energy. This is not burn the bra, nor is it women with balls taking on male leadership roles and leading with yang energy. No, this is about a gentler return to the social matriarchal complex of women – plural – in circles, discussion about the needs of peoples, groups, their future direction and how to get there and include everyone. (And appease the males in their new roles).

Aunty Nelly Patterson returned and explained several of her paintings. What followed was in the flow, Indigenous Art and Binary codes. Binary, as you know is 1010101010 … like this. So aboriginal art is like that also, circles and lines. Their sacred symbols are recognising the deeper language of the cosmos, and frequencies in sacred art addresses the unconscious mind and is reflective of the zero point … in the matrix, if you get that.

Everything is frequency, wavelengths, ups and downs, we breathe frequencies, it is part of our energy field. This has surprisingly a lot of connections to the true nature of reality, i.e., that the central sun of our universe is a dark star, and this is represented in many ways in indigenous art.

Circles are people, people are moving in lines. This was then connected to other art forms that have circles and lines, such as yantras, coils in circles, Buddhist art, the four quadrants and there was a close examination of the frequencies emitted from art as we encounter it.

IN indigenous art, a circle can be a place, an activity, a vortex, a point of emergence, a point of destination and merger with all. This was then compared with the cosmic egg, hiranyagarba, the source and end of all. The Earth mother has many archetypes, Creatrix, Rengeneratrix, Destructrix, with the examples of the triple goddess, Durge, Lakshmi, Kali; Sarah, Mary and the Magdalene, like this. The primary colours are black, red, white, which in creation, form the Cosmic Egg. Light is electric (or electromagnetic frequency) so we have the electric man, the electric woman. Sorry, I cannot reproduce the art shown here, but if you were in there, you would have seen the connections between indigenous art and the binary code 1010101010 … like this.


Exploring the binary nature of indigenous art (image courtesy Kaiela Arts Gallery)

Mary Rodwell’s sessions

Mary is the Founder and Principal of Australian Close Encounter Resource Network (ACERN) which was established in 1997 to provide professional counselling, support, hypnotherapy and information to individuals and their families with ‘anomalous’ paranormal experiences and abduction type contact experiences. In her first Session, Mary addressed Communication & Contact with Non-Human Intelligences. Mary shared that central to her task was assisting people to wake up. Over on The Dr Edgar Mitchell Foundation For Research into Extraterrestrial Encounters (FREE) there is a 600 questionnaire that people can do to share information about their alien encounter. The results of 4,200 questionnaires have found that 75% of experiences are not real, and 25% are real. Critical to this is the ways people wake up (awakenings) to higher dimensions, left and right brain thinking simultaneously, alien intelligences and patterns of communication. Mary went very fast, she had a PowerPoint and wanted to get through all of the material.

One subject examined was contact and mediums of communication. There were orbs or what the indigenous call min-min lights, there is The Orb Project where Dr. Klaus Heinemann discovered frequencies and wave forms around the orbs. We were shown several different forms of frequency bands around the human, around orbs, etc. We were also shown images of frequency bands around humans in healing. (This coincided with the images from the Tesla Metamorphosis.) We were also shown how orbs did healings on some people. We were treated to form, function, the nature of orbs and the frequency fields surrounding them. We were treated to video and phone audio from ret. US Army Jimmy James who had a lot to say from what he had learned about and from orbs. DNA upgrades, for example, occur via light. Activated pineal glands are significant with interactions and opening of portals (discernment?) There are hybridised humans among us, and of humans, 26% obtain information via DNA upgrades.

Dr Maree Batchelor (of Australia) teaches “People don’t realise the matrix is galactic. Many don’t understand that the ‘gods’ of the old religions, the Great Beings and Ascended Masters that people are going to temples and bowing to, are really multidimensional galactic beings…,” (which is not something I have a problem with via revelation from Cosmic Sai Baba and Andromeda Val). Dr. Maree Batchelor, MD, comments on DNA and explores the possibility that human DNA is now being activated for humanity to evolve.

Tags on Children: Indigo, Crystal, Rainbow: these reveal a personal expression of self, and vibrational difference. All children born since 2000 have these higher capacities. ADHD children – are Always Dialled into Higher Dimensions. We have to have the courage to accept that we do not know, and courage to accept data about matters that we do not know about. The New Human, how is this connected to labels such as ADHD, Asperger’s, Dyslexia, forms of Autism? Dysfunction or something remarkable? How is this connected to the awakening of multidimensional awareness within? A Cosmic agenda? The New generations of human…how do we identify them?

Mary went on to speak about soul exchanges from beings called Mantis and Lion Beings (Leonines). Kids aged 3 – 15 report these experiences. There are many different forms of life in the cosmos, Insectiods, Mantis (the same), Humanoids, Greys, Reptilians, like this. Walk-ins come from the 13th dimension (where they have no form).(This somewhat resonates with the Hathors who share that there are formless beings in the 10-12th dimensions.)

We need to also keep in mind Group souls and planetary souls.

Second Session

Again we return to the terms energy, frequency and vibration. When we reach a certain level (frequency, vibration) revelation occurs and the Gods tell us about themselves. A signal is sent to us to wake us up. Again, we returned to orbs, as energy fields that increase (or give) multidimensional awareness. (This very much linked into the material that Christine Day gave to us.) We can all access frequencies, everything is about frequency, DNA is changed by frequency.

Via a fast moving Powerpoint, we went on to examine the nature of ET contacts. With images. There is a language of light, communication via light and other modalities (like non-verbal communication of Vedanta) and dolphin languages. Uses of “star languages” were given, examples of people writing “star script”, examples of children talking “star languages” were given. Activation of higher awareness can occur through music. Children with musical skills, such as Matthew Mark, playing music scripted from higher dimensions, the purpose of which is to wake people up. Julliena Okah – One Life, Many Worlds is the extraordinary life story of Julliena Okah, a solo violinist and artist who met nonhuman beings when she was a young girl in post-World War II Japan. Celestial, nonhuman beings have been guiding her throughout her life, and encounters she has had have led her along unimaginable paths.

Mary went on to say that certain musical patterns create Resonance. Resonance to doorways to higher evolution. We were shown video of Hebrew chanting that led to creation of a portal; photographs of this session and others showed light coming down onto people, onto altars, onto images, etc. Ribbons of light descending onto people. We were shown video of light beings transforming from ribbons of light. All through music and harmonies. I am not exactly saying “sacred music”, Mary was illustrating that certain music – often channelled music – creates patterns that give access to higher dimensions (or creates portals, whichever sits best with you).

Mary went on to talk about “Walk ins” …. a soul agreement made before birth. Walk ins need assistance as human incarnations, when they come in later life, they have to learn how to live as humans, how to speak, eat with utensils, all about growing up, etc. We then went on to learn about human language. Human language is linear, and is constructed in terms of tenses. Information transfer with higher beings is through images, telepathy, thought, like this. Higher thought moves faster than 3D thought; and is incredibly compressed with information and data for future development.

Homo Sapiens –> Homo Noeticus
Peter Smith was involved with artwork similar to that of indigenous peoples. Dots, particles, waves. He speaks of bringing consciousness to paint before painting. He has moved on. However, he has done artwork of inner earth, and artwork from higher dimensions. Artwork can be seen as a portal, activating something like an internal Rosetta Stone and waking us up. It is another part of the activation process, and brings changes to crystalline form.

Peter Smith is the author of Quantum Consciousness. His love of Quantum Physics and expanded states of awareness brought into being the Institute for Quantum Consciousness, and the Quantum Consciousness Experience (QCE). This became the subject of my second book, Quantum Consciousness – Expanding your personal universe. We journey in expanded states to embrace the multidimensional nature of who we really are, embracing Alternate Realities, Parallel Lives and Interdimensional Consciousness to heal profoundly or seek wisdom. This work is undertaken in a resonance where we raise the vibration of our collective selves, with every interaction.

After 2000, we move from Homo Sapiens to Homo Noeticus, that is, to a species that comes to knowing in different forms, different media.

Mary spoke of Aboriginal sacred sites – these have frequencies to assist you. We can raise in frequency and experience “downloads” of higher thought, higher information at these sites. So, in summary, music, art, symbols, script, song – yes, song, frequency delivered through voice – are all different media or forms of energy, frequency, vibration that are helping us to (wake up) (ascend)(enter the golden age).

We were treated to many, many stories (video) of people waking up, mostly young people. Very Young people. Here is an example, from Lea Kapiteli:

In the late hours of the night, when my family slept in their beds, unaware of the world around them, I found herself waking to a strange light seeping through the window. My five-year-old mind couldn’t understand why there was light during the night; nor could I understand why the shimmering light seemed to be calling to me without saying my name. My only understanding was I had to go to it. My bare feet kicked the bed covers off and steadily made the way, while crunching on carpeted ground. I knew this was no dream or a happy fantasy.
There was an odd familiarity to it that made it easy for me to walk to the light, that resulted walking right through the window. On the other end of a short, light pathway, I came face to face with a small, bald figure that waited for me outside the house… See

Well, I don’t know if I have done Mary Rodwell justice of any kind – you really need to attend and watch the video, the Powerpoint. Do so if you ever get the chance.

NB: Conference video will be available soon. Watch this page for information.

NB: The next Cosmic Consciousness Conference will be at the same location, December 20-22, 2020. This will be held over the powerful Solstice period as we move into the Age of Aquarius. Presentations, workshops, tours and catered conferencing on offer. It is the time of the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction, which – some say – references the awakening of the Serpent. Bookings here


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