Full Moon April 2020

Pink MoonA pink supermoon greets this time of full moon. We are in times of coronavirus, and the planets indicate restriction, lockdown, curfew, social distancing; all this. Yet, other planets deliver energy that we must learn to manage. We can do best when we chant – internally – “I am the light; I am the love, I am the truth, I AM!

A super “pink” moon will rise into the night sky on April 7th, the brightest supermoon of 2020.

A supermoon occurs when a full moon happens on the same night the moon reaches perigee, or the closest point to Earth in its orbit. (Apogee is its furthest point from Earth in its orbit.) In April, in the US the full moon peaks at 10:35 EDT. Though the moon is called a “pink” moon, its color won’t be any different than normal. It will be golden orange when low in the sky, and brighten to white as it rises. The name comes from pink wildflowers called creeping phlox that bloom in early spring, under April’s full moon, per Catherine Boeckmann at the Old Farmer’s Almanac. That “pink” reference is from botany in the USA.

Supermoons are only about seven percent bigger and 15 percent brighter than the average full moon, so the difference may not be obvious. The slight change in size happens because the moon follows an eccentric orbit around Earth that isn’t perfectly circular. On March 24, for example, Earth’s lunar companion reached its furthest apogee of the year, about 252,707 miles away. On April 7th, it will be about 30,000 miles closer, only 221,772 miles from Earth. That’s only a few hundred miles further than the closest supermoon in recent history, which occurred in November 2016.

Supermoon isn’t a scientific term for the astronomical event-that term is “perigee-syzygy.” Rather, the term supermoon was introduced by astrologer Richard Noelle in 1979.


Moon Corona, Halo, and Arcs over Manitoba Credit: Brent Mckean Date: 2020 February 12 Location: Eastern Manitoba, Canada


The Full Moon

The April Full Moon occurs in Virgo, in Chitra nakshatra Pada 1.

Virgo is the natural 6th house, has both kapha and unhealthy vata. Earth sign, ruled by Air planet. Dusthana sign. However, at this time, it is not the 6th house, for the Ascendant – lagna is in Gemini, Mercury is Lord of 1st and 4th houses and debilitated in midheaven, the 10th house. Mercury is very weak and cannot offer much intelligence nor swift movement at this point in time. This moon is in the 4th house in this time of lockdown, Janata Curfew; the enforced stay at home for many peoples in many nations.

The situation here is that people may begin to feel ambitious, and start planning on resuming their lives, for the Moon is in pada 1 of Chitra nakshatra, wherein lies the drive, the planning for perfection. Tvashtar – the divine architect – is the devata of this nakshatra. And living in lockdown with a lot of people will turn the mind inwards to plan a the perfect escape. Unfortunately, for those who escape, the authorities are not so kind. We need to put down roots (this nakshatra helps), and bide our time. An interesting Full Moon, aspected at this point in time from Capricorn by Jupiter, who brings the inner resources to soften the hard crash of lockdown. Jupiter makes matters a little gentler.

We began by saying that Virgo is the natural 6th house, has both kapha and unhealthy vata.. This signifies multiplication of fluid on the lungs and vata needing relief: people will be on ventilators, and with the weak aspect of Mercury on its own sign, the ventilators will not be in sufficient quantity when needed. It is a most challenging time, beefed up by Rahu with the Ascendant.

Rahu in Gemini (vata sign, signifies lungs).

Rahu in Gemini somewhat multiplies the desire to escape lockdown. Rahu conjunct the Ascendant has a passion for mobility and supremacy. Rahu will seek admiration by risk-taking and driving people flout the boundaries of the coronavirus lockdown. It certainly doesn’t help this time of full moon with similar energy flowing from Virgo! Rahu loves to over-extend social norms; we need to practice self-awareness with a dash of self-control when the urge to break free and flout the social distancing norms arises within. Yes, Rahu will drive many stir-crazy, a condition well-known in prisons which makes people want to escape captivity no matter what. It is really time to slow down, to go within, to take space for the soul and get in contact with the soul at this time, rather than let the excitement of risk-taking lead us astray.

Kaal Sarp Yoga
We must point out that all planets except the Moon are between the head and tail of the dragon, what is called the Kaal Sarp Yoga, the serpent of time. The Moon – the presiding deity of the mind, feels threatened by malefics on either side – Rahu and Ketu, and so has nervousness until it passes Ketu in transit. Kaal Sarp Yoga tends to affect nations more so than individuals, and analysis of national charts is needed to ascertain the effects. Astro Cartography may also help in this instance. Here, examine the transit of the 40° parallel, and the nations involved:


40th parallel and coronavirus
40th parallel line and cities, nations affected by coronavirus

Jupiter, Saturn Mars in 8th House
Jupiter has transited out of Sagittarius, where it was conjunct Ketu in this time of pandemic; the energy of Jupiter was multiplying the pandemic – auspiced by Ketu and Rahu.

Now that Jupiter is in Capricorn, it will behave a little bit like Saturn and actually slow things down. The energy of Jupiter in this time and place will actually help “flatten the curve”. Let’s look at this. Jupiter is normally debilitated in Capricorn; here, today, will not be debilitated. The neechabanga rules, the one that says Neecha is cancelled if the debilitated planet is aspected by a planet in exaltation or own sign. So we have Saturn in its own sign (Saturn is Lord of Capricorn) which is the first cancellation or neechabanga. Then we have Mars: Mars is exalted, fulfilling the second neechabanga condition for Jupiter, thus making Jupiter strong in this sign. We also note that Jupiter is vargottama; it is in the same sign in the Navamsha chart. This strengthens the role of Jupiter as a benign influence on Saturn and Mars – thus generating an energy of resilience instead of wartime tension and suffering.

This is reinforced by the role of Mars in the 8th house: here, Mars rejuvenates, discovering secret sources of regeneration and rebirth. Mars will aid the purgation of the various realms of experience: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, to bring about resilience that looks to yesterday, today and tomorrow with confidence and rebounding back.

Saturn in the 8th house indicates resilience and resistance to danger. Saturn explores narratives, stories, legends and family history about survival, rigidity, structure, statutory law, and persistence in the face of obstruction. Saturn – manda, the slow one – will rely in inner experience and learning, draw strength from bildungsroman – the coming of age in this time of coronavirus – and slowly map a path to recovery, resilience and danger. Saturn will take up the script of control, boundaries, restriction and prohibition and turn them into assets that create the future -slowly, with endurance, with confidence in the outcome.

Here, we need to talk about the planets in our lives. We often tell here that the planets can raise us up, they can pull us down. You may propitiate the planets with puja, hommam, stotram and mantram; you may propitiate the planets with trikarana suddhi, the purity of thought, word and action. You take to these matters, these current conditions with awareness of what your inner talk is about, and manage that, then you will be a mastermind and draw the positive energy, the positive magnetism of the planets. We are speaking of nava-graha, the nine seizers. Graha means to seize, you want the energy, the refracted light, the magnetism of the planet to have a positive effect within. Recall that grace (anugraha) requires effort; you put in your part with trikarana suddhi, self management of time, talents and resources, and you will attract the right energy around yourself. Ditto with planets.

Sun in 10th House
The Sun receives dig-bala (additional strength) when it is in the 10 house, the mid-heaven. Here, the Sun finds itself at the centre of affairs, handicapped and perhaps restrained by restrictions and conditions. However, the Sun will seek to preserve as much personal freedom as possible whilst fulfilling the karma of following strict conditions and restriction. The influence of the Sun here does not want to be engaged in penury nor durance vile of lockdown. Where the personality, the naisargika atmakaraka seeks to be strong and dramatic and the centre of attention and activity, it takes a significant effort for the Sun in 8th house to express native intelligence, and “see” beyond government institutional bureaucratic hierarchies. The Sun seeks to shine with customary brilliance. It takes time… and patience.

Venus in Taurus
Venus is home, grounded in swarthy, earthy, loamy Taurus. Visible in the morning sky, Venus, the Earth mother, will help many emotional, physical and spiritual problems to melt away when we engage in activities which draw the drishti, the light, the magnetism of Venus. (All during a time of coronavirus and lockdown, here is the raising up of planet Venus available, the seizing of harmony and gracefulness of Venus …) Venus will be very strong in the sky in Taurus for 4 months and afflicted by the Sun from May 29-June 8th and turning retrograde May 11th. So Venus’s strong qualities come out most of the time.

Full Moon Meditation:

We spoke earlier about managing our inner self-talk and how important this is for human integrity and purity.

In this wise, we must recall, “As you think, so you become”; we must recall yad bhavati, tad bhavatum, as the feeling, so the result. We must also watch our words, for words affect the cells in the body; what we say out loud becomes a spell that affects every cell, every electron, proton, neutron in the cell. Words are powerful. In Sanathana Dharma, we have the principle of true humanness, which is built on trikarana suddhi, the unity of thoughts, words and actions. This is human integrity.

For the full moon meditation this month, we recommend inner chanting of the following mantra. It recalls your I AM essence, that is, the essence of the Soul. It recalls the statement that the universe is based on truth, and therefore, your life is based on truth. It reminds you that you are an embodiment of love, and that you carry the eternal love of the Creator within your heart. It states you are light, you emerged from light, that this world is light, light, light. Share your light with others, let them see the light within your eyes.

Repeat this mantra with inner chanting any time of your day, start the day with I AM THE LIGHT. I AM THE LOVE. I AM THE TRUTH. I AM. Fill the day with I AM THE LIGHT. I AM THE LOVE. I AM THE TRUTH. I AM. Spend the day with I AM THE LIGHT. I AM THE LOVE. I AM THE TRUTH. I AM. End the day with I AM THE LIGHT. I AM THE LOVE. I AM THE TRUTH. I AM.

You will change this world, you will raise this world to the light. You will raise this world to the Love. You will raise this world to the truth.







line of candles
Many candles can be lit from just the one candle – your light can be shared around like so.