Conversations with the Master: Talking with God, Relations with Others

Many doubt that they might ever converse with the Divine within. The Master shares that this is a skill that is built up slowly, over time, turning to Love with Love. So much of our time is taken up by the world and its never-ending concerns. First, transform yourself, then your relations with others and with the world you live in will be transformed. This can only be done by drawing near to Love and making Love your constant companion.

Master, I would like to get back to the question about personal communication with You. Many people ask me how to learn talking to You.

It somehow seems to me that I got You interested in this subject. I can feel sudden seriousness emanating from You. I love You.

This is an important matter. It is one of the key matters in this and the previous book. And I am going to answer this in an exhaustive manner as possible. Listen then. Listen reader. Get close to me, embrace me with love and stay this way. It is a preface to coming to our natural relations, which are devotion, love and intimacy.

Firstly I want you, the reader, to know that you do not have to do anything special to be able to talk to me. The reason is very simple: we talk all the time, only you have not known about it so far. It is time to realize that everyone’s life is a constant dialogue with loving Divinity. The conversation takes place in and on many planes. We talk all the time. You are always aware of this in higher, spiritual spheres of life. If you only want, you can be aware of this on this plane as well.

I think that this topic will be of great interest for many readers.

Remember that love and my closeness should stand in the first place, and not people, knowledge nor events. Spend all your free time turning towards Divinity. This is the best way to advance communication between us.

Secondly, ask me to guide the process of awakening of your awareness towards my presence.

Thirdly, begin turning with requests for help in different issues. Let us focus on spiritual things first, as they carry greatest importance for your development. Ask me to help you to make the next step towards Light and Love.

And then learn staying by me, remaining focused on me. Answers and hints will start coming. They may come in dreams, in a book that will get in your hands, in a feeling that will arise and enlighten your thinking. Words, sentences and images may emerge from deep silence in meditation. But do not attach yourselves to these; go on moving further and further. Go towards what is most important, ever towards Love.

More and more often you will gradually realize that I Am everything and I Am everywhere – in every man you meet, in every animal or plant. I am the wind that strokes your faces with love every day. I am the wind which brings new energy and changes during a storm. I am the smallest particle of dust at your feet. I am the whole Universe – from end to end and at all times. I am Love.

Get close to me and let us talk as old friends. I am close. I have always been and always will be here. It has never been otherwise since the beginning of time. The Time has now come for you all to become aware of this.

Relationship with Others

The next subject worth touching on is your relationship with others. One cannot overestimate the influence of egoism on Western civilisation. It can be said that in most part it is shaped by human egoism. You renounced God and focused on the world. The result was that the life-giving currents of energy that could uplift you high towards God got cut off.

You gave up acting for good of others, putting yourselves in the centre of your universe. This is why your civilisation is so distorted, deprived of love, goodness and humbleness. Your civilisation is ill.

And in reality you are only one little step away from love. Divinity resides within every man and by serving others you serve God and develop internally. The talents you received and experience you have gained over years should be serving others, serving society of which you are a part. Strive to do something useful, use your talents for the well-being of others, to help, to solve problems, to remove obstacles.

Ask Divinity in your hearts to show you a possibility of serving others and Divinity itself. Offer God everything you do as a gift for Him, a gift that should bring Him joy. By doing so you will quickly set yourselves free from the manacles of self-interest and fighting for “your own.”

Master, I have a pretty strange question.

Go ahead.

Could You explain please what man lives for and what humanity exists for.

Strange question? It is not strange. It is a very good question and the answer to it will be again a great surprise for many of you. Please think about some possible answers yourself first. Give me a few, let us say three answers.

We have something important to do here.

Good, but you do not know what?

One of the religions states that we have been waiting all this time for the second coming. It is to end the time of darkness and suffering and commence the never-ending kingdom of the righteous on earth, as it is in heaven.

What else?

I have to admit that nothing else is coming to my mind.

Think for a moment. We are talking about the ultimate, the most important things and you are not able to give me any interesting concept. Do not you know, or are your spiritual attainments possibly that poor?

Rather that first plight. I have not read any book for years; except, maybe your discourses.

This is actually a positive thing.

Master, I am giving up. I have used up whole my supply of ideas. I feel emptiness in my mind.

All right then. It is my turn now. I must say something exceptional so that you do not feel disappointed.

I am thrilled with anticipation about what you are going to say.

Good then. Now there is proper climate to give the answer. I will pronounce it and you all think about its meaning for a long time. Next think for an equally long time what practical conclusions ensue from it for you. After that think what you can do to begin pursuing your vocation. And then practise ideas you have contrived asking God to inspire you and to give you more and more suggestions.

Is everybody ready?

Oh, yes!

And here is my answer:

Man lives to make God happy!

My happiness is your happiness. Your joy is the cause for joy for me. Your good conduct is the compensation for me for all the effort I have invested into Creation. It is my joy. I keep counting on more and more of it from your side.

Now take a moment to ponder over my hints formulated above. Begin thinking and turn to me for help. Your vocation is to love, to do good and thus make God happy.

Master, your words are quite far from what we know.

Yes, that’s true. It only bespeaks how far from Truth and Love you are. If you were closer, then this statement would be obvious for you.

And now, when you already know “what all this is about” the matter becomes clear, doesn’t it?

Oh yes, much clearer. Now we just know. We need to reflect and introduce the conclusions of this thinking in life.

Not only thinking, but love too. Follow what your heart dictates to you. Pray, meditate on Light in your heart, get closer to Divinity as often as you can and stay in its embrace. And then work for others treating your effort as the service to Divinity, to Love.

Master, could You suggest something? How can we make You happy? Let us say, such as ten items we could often refer to.

Excellent idea. But I still have to explain a few other things before I give you some ideas.

Firstly, know that I do not want anything for myself. Therefore my joy and love for you are completely selfless.

Secondly, I would like you all to know that I also am the Essence of Truth and Beauty. It carries pretty momentous consequences for you.

Thirdly, know that I am very, very modest; I am simply the most modest of you all.

Fourthly, consider whether you know how to love and if the answer is “No”, begin learning love by turning towards its Source … that is, towards the Creator.

Fifthly, know that I cannot delude you nor can I lie having any bad intent.

Sixthly, know that everything I do, I do solely for well-being of others and that there is not the tiniest trace of egoism in me. There are no desires, no desires of possession or being somebody in me either; none of them – not even in the smallest degree.

And now a few hints, write them down sedulously.

I am ready, go ahead.

Splendid. Let us begin then.

Firstly, smile to me and to each other more often.

Secondly, know that love longingly awaits you all and looks forward to the time when you turn towards it. Thus my joy in your actions depends in a large part on your turning towards Love.

Thirdly, busy yourselves with work for others. It can be small things. Often ask yourselves the question, “How can I be useful for others while doing what I am doing?”

Fourthly, keep thinking on how to make me happy. Using your imagination, building up your convictions and finally, the certainty that I am someone dearest, closest and most beloved will surely help you in these endeavours.

Fifthly, begin putting a ceiling on your desires. It is desires that lead you astray and you get stuck off of the right way to Love for years or even whole lives.

Sixthly, smile to Nature seeing in it a living and feeling part of the Creator. Admire its beauty and panache.

Seventhly, live honest lives and beware of lying. If you happen to be telling lies or being dishonest, give up this misbehaviour as quickly as possible. Speak so that it does not hurt anybody.

Eighthly, busy yourselves with something useful for others and do it without the desire of getting anything in return or being paid for it; not even personal importance. Do it selflessly.

Ninthly, allow your mind to rest turning to the heart for hints. God resides there and, as you already know, the world is the problem and God is the solution.

Tenthly, get closer to the Creator-who-loves-you, embrace Him and … do stay that way for ever. It is very, very important.

Eleventhly, meditate. Thanks to meditation your spiritual strength grows and this in turn makes your life fuller and richer. Your happiness is my happiness. I love you and I want only good for you. Do please me by meditating.

Twelfthly, start slowly withdrawing from so called global issues. Limit the amount of newspapers you read, how much television you watch, stop your undue interest in the outer world and spend the time saved this way for good actions – work, prayer, meditation, serving others.

Thirteenthly, try, at least once, to look at people around you as the manifestations of the Creator and see in them the Divine perfection. Try to think, at least for a while, that everywhere you look you see me, only me and my living Love. When you do this, you are very close to the truth.

Fourteenthly, change your attitude towards other people. Leave off the habit of continuous interest in their business, criticising and judging them. Instead, you can ask me what you can do for them. Learn turning with goodness and gentleness to others and you will see how everyone around is going to change.

Fifteenthly, start loving animals. They need your care and love a lot. Talk to them calmly and nicely.

Sixteenthly, try to put Divinity in the first place in your relationships, so that it becomes source of inspiration and goodness towards your life partners. Stick to this practice consistently and you will see how many new values will appear in your being together.

Seventeenthly, pray with love asking loving Divinity to take part in every moment of your life and for lifting every division between “you” and the Divinity.

Eighteenthly, and lastly for the time being, choose two or three items from the list and focus your efforts on them for some time. Do not do everything at once. Your intentions and work is what counts. Otherwise, the time dedicated to reading of my words get used improperly. It is practise, and not theory, that changes your life.


start slowly withdrawing from so called global issues