Discernment and your Spirit

 Decision making and your spiritIn these days of the coronavirus – and threats to public health – as well as your own personal health, we need to be clear-headed about the decisions we make – particularly in the times that create stress and challenge for ourselves and for many, many other people. What is the best way for me to make important decisions at this time? How can I know I am making the right decision? What feelings will I have if I go ahead and do as I wish? What do we do with all this media information about who is right, who is wrong, is there a vaccine, should I take this or that solution? We need to use discernment, along with our common sense, and our spiritual sense. All these – together – can guide us on the path of life.

  • There are times in our life when people present information to us in a compelling, convincing manner;
  • There are times in our life when the media presents information in a compelling, convincing manner;
  • There are times in our life when social media makes claims about what is true, what is false;
  • There are times in our life when we have felt bewildered, at a loss to understand, and sometimes following others, unsure of ourselves;
  • THOSE are the times in our life when we need to use the skills within, our discernment – our inbuilt facility to sort fact from fiction, treasure from trash, truth from untruth.

We can all do this, with self-confidence.

We all know that we have a heart: in our hearts there is a beacon, a searchlight, always pointed towards home, the true goal of our journey in life. Our true home of light, happiness and peace. We can trust our hearts to lead us aright.

Different elements within us make up the parts to the inner beacon, the searchlight within:

Some of us like to think things through; some of us like to feel our way, some of us prefer to use our values that guide us through life, and some use intuition, the inner tuition or inner-teacher.

Thinking things through uses the intellect and common sense about what is right, what is wrong, what is trash and what is treasure in the media. This comes to decisions quickly.

Those who like to feel their way, also like to feel the impact their decisions will have on others. Mothers holding a family together, young people about to enter a relationship, and people whose feelings are important, and always their guide. This takes time, this considers others, this gives time and space to how others will feel.

Now the people who use their values – values like truth, right conduct, peace, love and non-violence: to pause, and think of an action, a proposed path, for values guide choices, and choices guide actions. Instilled into reactions, these values form our character bank and become stronger every time we use them. This is an unfaltering way to discern the right action, to sort fact from fiction, truth from untruth. It is walking your talk.

Inner-tuition: our intuition, the still, small voice within, or the soundless hunch that wakes us up and has us suddenly knowing we have to get up and do something. Intuition may not always take in all the facts – it may not even tell you what all the facts are – but intuition draws on a wide range of materials to discern the path to take – experiences, interactions, feelings, learnings, tuition, understanding, and the feeling of rightness, the feeling of peace that comes with following a path of action, or taking on what another has said to be right, to be true. Intuition can garner together much data to make decisions, to discern in powerful ways.

So we may use our intellect, our common sense, our spiritual sense in discernment, in making sorting fact from fiction, treasure from trash, truth from untruth in our journey through life.

Cosmic Sai Baba speaks on making choices

However, you pray and call upon God and me if you like – or the Archangels – or it is probably best to call upon God. You will find you are immediately responded to, although you may not be readily aware of it – it is only after something that has happened in your lives and you chose to call upon help that you will realize and look back, and say “Yes” we were helped.

Not necessarily the way you thought it should have been but it is help. And this is the point I make direct coming from a benevolent point of view – coming from all is that they need to ask first – because the Universal Law does not allow us to come in and just take over.

You have choice – humans have choice. And what they choose in their lives is what they choose in their experience from that point. So there is nothing to worry about at all – if you choose to call upon a Benevolent spirit/energy – God – Angelic Beings – or someone that you can trust that you know in other worlds – this I would encourage you to call upon and you will be responded to straight away.

I have not come to speak for too long today – I just want you to be aware that there are energies – other worlds – other beings I have talked about before – but there is a need for you to use discernment at all times.

So if you can connect to your heart – because your heart has a consciousness that by-passes the brain – it connects to the consciousness that is within your heart; and you will have that feeling of calm within you – it is in all of you – It is of the Divine Light that exists within you and the Universe.

And is always with you – you will be taken care of and you always, if you calm yourself, have the ‘knowing’ as to how to handle a situation.

Source: Cosmic Sai Baba, 3 October 2017

Cosmic Sai Baba on Truth and discerning the path.

However … the Truth is within you. The Truth is within all. The Truth is within everybody’s heart … all they need to do is to sit quietly and think about the various things that they learn … … they will be able to use discernment and decide for themselves as to what is real and what is not.

For each individual soul that is upon this Earth, that is in an earth body is experiencing a journey with God. God is with them, God is the Creator … the Source of All Knowledge. All you have to do is quietly, with the thought that you wish to receive The Truth, the knowledge from the Source of All … … and it will be given to you.

It may not come in a way that you expect it … it may even come from another, another world, another one speaking … but … with discernment you will know the message is for you.

There is Great Love on Earth at this time. Many people have chosen to travel the path of Love and Compassion and not to argue or disagree with people … but rather to respect one another and to accept the differences. For this is the only way that the different races upon this earth will come together as One. There is really no difference from them … they are all human beings. The love of mankind is within everyone. It is up to to each one to demonstrate that and to live it.

The Force, if I may put it that way, is for good; the kindness, the gentleness, the sharing … that is within everyone. It is known as your God Conscience … you know when you feel you are not following your inner-most point within the heart. I would encourage everybody to listen to their intuition, their inner teacher, a still small voice within, and follow from that point.

It is your choice.

So do not allow yourselves to become confused …. about information that may come … take a little time ‘off’ shall we say, to digest the food of thought and then use discernment and the understanding will be realised within you.

This is the way the teachings come through your soul into your heart and into your brain … this is the way it is meant to be. The energy that holds this knowledge and the love of God is within you all. It is within ‘The Mother’ the planet you call Earth, for without her you would be lost.

Source: Cosmic Sai Baba -Transcript of 7 July 2009


Download Cosmic Sai Baba guidance on Discernment (given in 2012)



 Decision making and your spirit
Decision making and your spirit