Conversations with the Master: Prophecies

The conversation begins with citing some prophecies that seem to have come true. The Master responds about the laws of creation and the laws of the Universe. The Master goes on to tell, the media should not be telling any spiritual person what to think; the answers are inside.

Master, yesterday I read a collection of prophecies concerning future of the world. There are many people who have been predicting different events for years. Or they get the information from spiritual beings. For instance, Danion Brinkley saw the Chernobyl’s reactor disaster as well as the war between the United States and Iraq about Kuwait – “Operation Desert Storm” many years before it happened. Visions of wars in Europe, economic break down in the USA, economic collapse in the world, and war between China and Russia are predictions that have not been fulfilled yet. The American economic collapse was to be triggered off by a great trade deficit and natural disasters. The American debt is really huge at the moment and their dollar is weak. Any further turmoil may cause flight from the dollar to the Euro for example, or to other more stable currencies. The situation does not seem stable, something many economic analysts point out.

Getting back to prophecies, many people had very much the same information, more or less accurate. Master, I am asking You for your comment to these prophecies.

Mental inertia is a great problem of humanity. As conscious beings, you are only in the beginning stage of development. There is still a lot before you. You have not yet realised the laws ruling the world and the Universe; it still seems to you that money and power rule here. And according to this comes the experiences you receive; they are to make you realise your role in the whole of Existence. These experiences are evoked by you alone, by the collective consciousness that shapes and develops itself that way.

The way to changing of this state of affairs leads through love, through individual abandonment of false values and turning towards God and His Love. And afterwards also, there will come collective abandonment as groups, societies and nations.

This transformation will come through love and opening onto loving Divinity. For the time being, you often choose hard experiences in order to throw off spiritual burdens and take a significant step forward.

You need these experiences to sober up, to stop. You have not yet realised the existence and workings of the law of cause and effect.

Concerning the events you have mentioned, the trade balance is not any serious matter. It is only the external world where ups and downs take place naturally. It is the world of changes. Balance of trade and deficit also are an effect of something. They are the effect of a certain way of thinking about the world and about other countries. Thinking is a problem if one does not see living and sentient beings in others. Then there arises a temptation to exploit the weaker and imposing your own laws on them. I need not explain further what will be the result – now you can understand it yourselves. Great power implies great responsibility and the necessity of serving others. If these are not there then imbalance arises, which turns against its creators and this way it shows the proper path.

The spiritual downfall is the problem – the loss of good feelings, loss of love, compassion and solidarity. You will not build anything lasting based on egoism. Your constructions will survive for some time to collapse afterwards. Bigger constructions collapse with a bigger bang. But I repeat, this is the outer world and it is not to be paid much attention to. What is seen outside and what the media get excited about is only a result, the effect of forces that were once mobilised and are bringing fruits now. And, independently of what your authorities and masses of analysts maintain, only a change of hearts and minds will bring changes for the better and then, only then, the amount of unpleasant effects you cause will decrease.

Remember that the recipe for continuous development is inner harmony and, following its footsteps; outer harmony – turning with love to Divinity and working for the good of all beings. This is what all highly advanced civilisations in the Universe do. For the moment, you are collectively overcome by the demon of selfishness. This will be blasted out by events or changes prompted by love for God that will sprout in your hearts. Now you know already and have a choice. You live in critical times and the fate of you and your children depends on which path you choose. I encourage you to follow the path of love and make your way towards Divinity every day, Divinity that is Love.

Yet, Master, such events attract the attention of many people. The media deal with them endlessly and it is impossible to isolate oneself from the flow of information coming from everywhere.

The media should not be telling a spiritual person what to think. The source of answers is inside, not outside. There is nobody who points a gun at you and orders you to turn your attention to the world.

During a crisis situation or disaster, there exists a still greater need and even greater necessity of directing attention towards the Creator and His Love. If a disaster entails human or animal casualties then ask Love to direct all the beings towards itself. The more pressure comes from outside, the more intensively you should make your ways towards God.

Do not get involved in the mainstream of thoughts and emotions connected to events. I repeat that what you see are already irreversible effects. Love brings slow and less visible changes but just because they are lasting, they are the fastest.

Do not regard anything external higher than the inner love towards the Creator. This is one of the most important hints in this book. Head towards Love in health and in illness, in happiness and in unhappiness, among friends and in solitude, in luxury and in misery. You are Angels of Light who descended onto the Earth who forgot about their origin. I am here today to remind you about it, to persuade you to coming back and to tell you as accurately as possible how to do it. Let Love triumph in the heart of every being.


The media should not be telling a spiritual person what to think. The source of answers is inside, not outside. There is nobody who points a gun at you and orders you to turn your attention to the world.