Full Moon, September 2020

Varuna - deity of Shatabishak

While the Full Moon for September comes on 2nd of September, it is followed by some very positive events, quite possibly creating a situation which gives the world the news it wants to hear. The Moon will be in Shatabishak nakshatra, which has many benefits.

The September Full Moon occurs in Shatabishak nakshatra, in Aquarius, a sign that is ruled by Saturn. It is the nakshatra of one hundred physicians, the healing stars of the night skies. Satabhisha nakshatra is ruled by Varuna, God of the Oceans.

Shatabishak nakshatra is ruled by Rahu, so discipline and following of dharma is needed at this time. This nakshatra promotes the dharma goal of life. We keep in mind that Rahu hates dharma, and would rather promote his own needs, aspirations and goals. Self discipline is the order of the day here. And since this Nakshatra is of sattvic nature, in the sign ruled by Saturn, we look to how we can take up sattva guna. Sattvic energy deals with matters in a calm and measured manner. This is a feature of Saturn, manda, the slow one. There is no need to haste, waste, worry. We can take time, consider our common sense, calmly examine the situation and discriminate right and wrong. These are sattvic practices that build a life of peace and inner strength.

Aquarius is water sign. In this sign planets will behave like Saturn, the slow one. Indications are the ongoing efforts to maintain and regulate social networks and prevent the spread of the virus. Among the masses, the Moon, the presiding deity of the mind, points to the survival fears of the masses. There is much fear among the human collective who lack a still point, a centrepoint of calm and confidence. There is nothing wrong in taking confidence in your personal deity, your avatar, your God. That is what they are there for, that is why they are the inner resident, the resident of the heart. Just as you feed the body three times a day, you may feed your soul three times a day also, and spend time with your inner resident, your personal deity. These times are called sandhi, the junctions of the day, sunrise (or morning), noon and sunset.

If you don’t form a personal relationship with your Deity, what can you expect? Love makes space, love gives time to another, love makes space in the heart for the beloved to be in harmony – so what space inside yourself do you make for your god? Do you share your daily life, the ups and downs of life with your god? Do you turn to your god and smile? Do you share your happiness – and your sorrows – with your god? This is not static prayer time with mantras and chanting thrown at Divinity; this is creating and joining with your Beloved in the space of your heart, sharing all that is in your life. Coming back to the junctions of the day, these are good times to turn within and share love with your Beloved.

The aspects on this Moon are Sun and Mercury (who is momentarily depleted of energy and will transit to Virgo and exaltation on this day). This is something of a beneficial glance to the Moon by Mercury, who can be flitting around in the mind seeking knowledge, gossip, swiping left on social media: the glance is weak, this is a time when we need the calm energy, the Sattva that this Moon is immersed in. There is also the 9th aspect of Rahu. Although the Rahu aspect is strong, we keep in mind that Rahu is not far from changing signs (02° and retrograde), and so is not sending such a strong glance or drishti to this September Full Moon.

There are some very positive astrological events in Sept. 2020 centering around Sept 8-10th and Sept. 13-15th. We have Mars in its own sign of Aries, Sun in its own sign of Leo, Mercury exalted in Virgo, Jupiter in its own sign of Sagittarius going direct on Sept. 12th and Saturn in its own sign of Capricorn. For 6 days the moon also has dignity exalted in Taurus Sept. 8-10th and in Cancer Sept. 13-15th. This is also a Vargottama Full Moon, the Moon is in the same sign in both the Birth chart and the Navamsa, the 9th division. This makes the Moon’s energy more powerful, more effective.

Full moon in Shatabishak nakshatra looks encouraging: sattvic energy, follows dharma. Looking good with the hundred physicians. We may seek their protection in this time of the coronavirus. Om Varunaaya Namaha is the mantra for Shatabishak nakshatra.


Varuna - God of the Oceans