Conversations with the Master: Inner Voice

The inner voice of the Divine is present in everyone. EVERYONE. It is crowded out by desires, strong emotions, reactions, attachments, must-haves and the fears of modern men and women: fear of missing out. The turn towards the loving Divinity cures all these ills for modern humanity. The turn towards loving divinity and its soft voice brings in its wake the solving of problems and issues, doubts and hesitations. Yet, the turn towards loving Divinity requires confidence, strength and courage to endure and persevere. The Creator is all Love, and this world is shining with HIS LOVE. Love is the benefit when we turn to listen to the inner voice within …


(blue text is The Master speaking … )


The inner voice has always existed in man. Your culture and science has been trying to squeeze it out of your consciousness. Religion that was to direct you towards the loving Divinity also gives its doctrines and judgements precedence. This shows just how far it has left purity and understanding of Divine laws. The voice of Divinity has become a threat to it; it is threatening material possessions, power over minds and absolute rule.


The inner voice will lead you towards Love, towards the loving-you Divinity, towards true freedom from the world, its lies and mistakes. The Divine voice will lead you towards freedom from yourself, into regions where the corrupted world has no access.


The inner voice comes from the regions where you are in unity with God. Normally you are not aware of these. It was the task of religion which has failed all along.


Essential in activating the inner voice is the grace of a Master who will create inner conditions and will provide support on the way to recognising and developing it.


Master, thus it is so that your grace is needed for initiating it?


As it is needed for everything. Remember that it is not you who decide on the form of this world and Universe – not you as people.


The inner voice manifests as an inflow of subtle thoughts or quiet words. Therefore, meditation and concentration are needed in order to hear it.


Distinguishing between thoughts coming from me and those of your own making is a certain problem for you. The presence of other beings from the spiritual sphere, who sometimes like to pose as Masters, Angels or spiritual teachers is an additional “danger”.


As regards the latter problem, the solution is quite simple: A quiet life, meditation focused on the loving Creator and a calm personality with its desires dependant on the Master minimize all dangers. Equally important are requests directed to Love, to the loving Creator to surround you with care while you are turning to Him.


Many blessings come from listening intently to oneself and to the voice that is speaking sweetly.


Firstly, the Peace surrounding you intensifies.


Secondly, straight-away your life shapes up differently and you begin to build up inner trust in the loving Divinity.


Thirdly, the trust in love and wisdom deepens even more the peace and feeling of joy in life; a great deal of problems and uncertainties disappear. Then you not only believe but you know that there is someone who takes care of everything, even if you do not care about it.


By experiencing the care of the Beloved you become calmer, full of deep joy and and surrounded by positively thinking people. Life opens its depth for you and you learn how to take advantage of it – for others, for yourselves, for everyone.


Divinity is selfless goodness.


Master, most of schools dealing with the subject claim that your voice never gives commands nor forbids anything. It points out, but does not order you around. But in my own practice I have heard you very often – currently much rarer – you and your strong words prohibiting different decisions.


Yes, it is true. Everything depends on a man. He gets what he needs. Strong wording are sometimes the only advice for a man in order that he does not step on the “wrong” track and not suffer any unpleasant consequences thereof. I know them, you do not yet. Once we agreed that I say and you do, and this is the right way.


Trusting me simplifies many things, and as you know I do not get in the way of good things. I destroy exaggerated desires, burn to ashes attachments and constantly direct you onto paths of Love. Your happiness and awakening to clearly seeing the Truth of who you really are is my goal. Have trust. Trusting Love and Divine Wisdom is the armour of the man – or woman – on the spiritual path protecting him or her against adversities of all kinds.


My children, I will be speaking to you more often and will be manifesting more strongly in your life, whether you want it or not. Expansion is my goal and as you know I am the only Force – no other can stand in its way. Love will win its quiet and gentle way.


Master, what means do you use to communicate with people? In other words, how could we define your voice?


It comes as quiet words in meditation, a fleeting impression in response to questions, the quiet and sure knowledge that flows from within your being, or a sudden flash of insight, the sudden arrival of a solution, the inspiration to words, reflections and deeds. It is love that comes and endears itself when all questions and answers fade away.


It comes in the form of meaningful dreams, life situations, unexpected turns of fate, events, all events. All events. Turn to me within and you will understand what I am talking about.


Master, many people take “hearing voices” as the symptom of mental illness. What would You say to those who think like that?


“Hearing voices” may be and often is a sign of psychic disturbances and these kinds of beings should not be paid attention to. The sign of contact with Divinity is mental health, composure and self-control, love and balance manifesting in life and action. This is the first hint how to distinguish between illness that are mental disorders and genuine abilities to contact with the loving Divinity and its voice.


Secondly, note that I mentioned at least ten other forms of contact, words being just one among them.


Thirdly, do not look for answers outside; everything is in you. And the outer sources, whatever they would be, are only signposts directing you to turning within. Keep turning towards God and His love, not towards people.


Fourthly, people who do not allow the possibility of direct contact with me have limited experience and limited imagination. Human history is full of good examples of contact with the Beloved, just reach for it.


Fear about what they could hear about themselves is another serious problem.


Fear, ignorance and aversion to learning are problems you must manage.


Do not blight natural talents in children. Children who are not subjected to intense indoctrination often have access to the pure spiritual regions they have come from. Do not drown out their natural state of spirit. If you have someone like that around and have influence on his upbringing, teach him love towards the Creator and the results will exceed your wildest expectations. Trust me and allow me to direct the development of your offspring from inside, where I reside.


True education is based on what there is, and not on what you think is right.


Today, real education has more to do with forgetting than with learning new things.


The entire world is filled with Love. The world is Love and Love is the world. In every human being love is present as effulgence which shines in his feelings. Love is life and life is love. Even as the power to burn is natural for fire, and the power to cool is natural for water, love is a natural trait for man. Without it he ceases to be human.
Sathya Sai Baba [December 25, 1993]


Be silent concerning what God may have given you and recall that saying of the bride: My secret for myself [Is. 24:16].
John Yepes [Sayings of Light and Love]

Unexpected situations requiring quick decisions will be happening in everyone’s life. Try not to react emotionally in any of such situations and do not make decisions driven by emotions. Step aside, try to calm yourselves down – deep breaths are one of the best methods. Turn to the Master inside you asking Him to suggest what to do and to direct the situation so that it settles itself.


The inner Master can find a solution to any situation, or direct it to the most advantageous ends.


A response could come in the form of a thought, inner voice, premonition of what to do, subtle feeling of rightness of the chosen path, fleeting impression, insight or flash of intuition. The response may not come at the given moment at all; it may come later. The situation will shape up without your action or irrespective of it.


Follow your inner voice regardless of the resistance of ego. The goal of calming down is to quieten the mind and help you listen to the subtle voice of the loving Creator who is always present.


At any time, especially in so-called difficult times, know that your Friend is in you and around you. Your Friend is pure Love. Your Friend will not fulfil all your expectations but will do whatever is possible in any given situation.


Try to establish contact with the inner Master, the loving Creator every day during your time of calming down, relaxation and meditation. Life consists of moments and each of them is good for turning towards the Loving Creator. This contact will help you later in more difficult times when you will really need help.


Be patient. In the beginning the inner voice is barely audible. It becomes clearer with time and with progress in proficiency of meditation. Open your minds; what you will hear may depart from your beliefs and do not fit your plans. Be open; consider many possibilities without getting attached to any. And let Love be your guide.


What makes sense for the mind may be completely pointless for Love. The reverse statement is also true. Get directed on the paths of Love and follow it.


For a very long time, uncertainty as to whether what you hear is really coming from me will be accompanying you. Learn humility and patience and let uncertainty become your ally. It does not allow whispers of the self-confident ego to come to the fore. Absolute certainty is the domain of personality; love is the domain of Divinity. Do not live in certainty, but in love.


Do not live in certainty, but in love.


Strive to experience love.


Keep turning to it and it will come. Be positive about it.


The Creator lights up all of Creation.


Faith, hope and Love. Love is most important of these three. Love will connect you with the Highest and the other two are only states of the mind which are conducive to the turn towards Divinity.


Come to me and I will console you. I am the source of good states of the mind. Lack of contact with Divinity is the source of all suffering and confusion.


Call me by any Divine Name and I will immediately come close. In fact, I am here all the time. Look around. It is me. Today you may not yet feel the love, but there will come a day when it appears.


There does not exist place in which the loving Divinity is not present. Everything around – and you yourselves – are pure, shining, loving Divinity.


What you see around you and everything you feel and think is a film. For quite some time, you have forgotten this great truth. You are not participants but actors who play with dedication their roles in it.


Turn to the Director for guidance how your play is to proceed. Doing so you will make Him very happy.


The world is a form of Light.


I listened to You, Master, thought over many things and took a look at myself. I see myself being an ordinary simpleton who for years has wasted your grace by pursuing his desires and ideas.


You are present, You speak, support me and bestow love on me. Few people in the world, as I think, could say that they receive constantly as many gifts from You. And yet I still happen to act in the manner far removed from your teachings. What more can I say? I can only ask You one more time to help me change this state of affairs. Perhaps I should get further away from this world, do not busy myself with the work and spend more time with You? It would presumably do everyone good. I could then, for example, write more books. The work I have does not give me any special joy nor does it get me closer to You. It at least seems that way to me. But maybe wanting something other, I am again asking for too much. I do not feel lost but only see the disappointing dissonance between what is and what can be.


We are dealing here with a few things. It is the time of intensive transformations and change of outlook. It is natural that old forms cease to suit you. Thanks to this discontent you are changing yourself and your conduct. This is a very good way of transformation. An alternative to it is the path of experience and suffering connected with it. If you learn and follow lessons given to you by the Preceptor then life becomes simpler and you accomplish its objective.


It is true that your goal is very high, much beyond what people may wish for. But also my support is much greater. Do not worry about how you perceive yourself and the discomfort you feel. Replace it at once with getting closer to the Divine Perfection. It is able to manage all problems and negative traits, whatever they could be. I am preparing further changes, so wait quietly for what will happen. There will be less work and more peace.


Whether you want it or not this is the way your life goes on. It is both, paying of karma and opening up new possibilities – not only for you but also for thousands of other people. I will not explain this yet today, but in a few years you will understand exactly what I meant today. Work in peace and have confidence in the loving Creator. Come close to Him, embrace Him and stay that way. When you notice that you went away, simply come back. Your task is to show people how to love Divinity and live a normal life at the same time.


It cannot be done by someone who lives in solitude without contact with everyday life and the poison of this world. People would say that you fare well, but I do not see it that way. You live, work, solve typical problems and this just how it is to be. It will change one day, so why would you want to talk today about the future?


Let us talk about love as it and how the turn towards it will bring the greatest and most positive changes in the future, and not the knowledge and insight into what will happen. The past is gone, future is uncertain. Focus now on what will make the future be the most beautiful of all possibilities: that it will become a never-ending song of love towards the Creator in union with Him.


It is not worth anything at all to care too much about oneself, the future or the world. Turn towards the Loving God and He will sort out your lot His way.


Keep your spiritual experiences hidden. Only a few have the task of talking about them loudly for others’ sake. And even if you belong to this group, wait at least ten years with all you want to utter.


Silence is the only language of the realized. It is only in the depth of silence that the voice of God can be heard. Silence stills the waves of one’s heart.

Sathya Sai Baba [108 Sayings]

I recognized Him.
I saw Him in the depth of the heart
I am inviting you to the tavern of ecstatic beings.
Join us. Come in.
Let your every movement come forth from the centre of joy.
Mansur Mastana

Taken from Conversations with the Master, Book 2, Love in Action. refers.


 The Creator lights up all of Creation …

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