Ten Principles of Ascension


Ascension is a state of being – for we are a physical body – with a profound interior life that directly experiences the higher dimensions. There is much promise in Ascension, with beings living in peace and harmony, respecting our planet, and interacting with love and compassion for all forms of life. Some will inner contact with higher dimensional beings; others will work on Earth to bring Heaven to Earth and restore the Garden of Eden; for this planet was first known as Edin, meaning a beautiful place.

We admit that people take up values (their guides to action) in different ways. Some live in compliance with the rules (and disregard them when authority is out of sight); others emulate role models – therein they practice the values of another. There are those who see the inherent good in values – guides to action – and internalise them, thus setting the example of good character and integrity.

Here in this message, we supply Ten Principles of Ascension for your reflection, examination, interior sensing of the movement of spirits and your take up. We supply these principles not as rules, guides, nor as commandments; but rather for your intellect, higher consciousness and your soul’s contract.

  1. Offer all that you do to your Deity; strive to manage your emotions, thoughts and feelings, such that you only permit expression of the high vibration emotions, which are Love, Compassion, Kindness, Forgiveness, Joy, Laughter, Harmony and Peace.

  3. Gain command over your thoughts so that you refuse entrance to those thoughts and refuse admission to your inner space such feelings as doubt, anger, resentment, anxiety or despair, or which bring these feelings to others.

  5. Understand that self-defence is only that. Initiating an attack on another is only acceptable when this is your duty – in the armed forces or the constabulary – and done to protect the community.

  7. Remain in a state of good will, kindness and compassion toward yourself and your fellow humans at all times. Any religion or attitude which professes enmity, disapproval or condemnation toward others is false and not of The Source of the All, the Prime Creator.

  9. Accept that you, and all the animal, vegetable and mineral life-forms on your Planet Earth are conscious beings with feelings, thoughts and aspirations to ascend. Refrain from eating the animals, for they are your kith and kin in another form. You will all ascend together, and you will receive great assistance from the other dimensions.

  11. Protect your planet as you would your child, for she, Mother Earth, is the source of Life. Do not permit invasion and attack to her body, for digging holes (mining) and extraction of minerals and oils causes great harm – here – and elsewhere in the Universe.

  13. Join with others, especially including the children, to joyfully and consciously prepare yourselves for this Ascension. Practising Love All, Serve All, Help Ever – Hurt Never, assures your own Ascension and that of the people around you.

  15. Allow the endless Love from Us to flow through your body and fill your heart, and the hearts of all that is around you. In this way, you allow your own ascension – and that of others – to occur effortlessly.

  17. Teach patience, compassion and endless Love through your own actions, which speak louder than anything you can say. Make peace with those around you, and you will live in peace.

  19. Your Breath is My Breath; Your Eyes are My Eyes; Your Heart is My Heart; Your Hearts will reveal to all living things the true purpose of life in this galaxy.


These are my Commandments and the desire of my Heart, to see every one of my Earth children ascend in Joy, as all fulfil the destiny of humankind, to live in peace and harmony in the 5th dimension. They are Universal Laws, and living by these Laws will bring unfathomable happiness and fulfilment to every being on Earth and in the Heavens.

I give you my Love, my trust in your innate Nature, and the assistance of my trusted Masters to help ease your way. May your days be filled with Laughter and Joy. I AM the Source of The ALL.