Full Moon / Lunar Eclipse – May 2021

penumbral lunar eclipseThe next Full Moon in the month of May will – at the maximum time of Full Moon – will be fully hidden and eclipsed at the same time, on 26 May 2021. This particular full Moon is called a Super Full Moon (it is closer to the Earth) and a Blood Moon (it is a total lunar eclipse).

If you are in Australia, parts of the western US, western South America, or in South-East Asia, you will see a Super Full Moon totally eclipsed for about 14 minutes during this total lunar eclipse, weather permitting. The eclipse takes place on 26 May 2021: Total Lunar Eclipse (Blood Moon). A Blood Moon eclipse occurs when the Earth is between the full Moon and the Sun, when the Earth’s shadow covers the Moon, which often has a ruddy (bloody) color which evokes passion and sometimes upheaval and violence. A Supermoon is closer to Earth and indicates a stronger lunar effect than in normal full Moons!

In this time of lunar eclipse, we look to the world, for eclipses affect nations for a period of upto six months. The pandemic is surging in several nations. Plans are afoot to share the vaccine to poorer nations. Cryptocurrency is having its ups and downs. The Sunspots and the new sun cycle show a large region of the Sun with gaping darkness. The Schumann resonance is wildly off the scale indicating extreme bursts of energy. The Earth’s magnetic field is weakening.

In a time of uncertainty and vaccine hesitancy, there are encouraging signs. Mental illness, which has increased exponentially during the pandemic and lockdown – along with damming increases in domestic violence and family violence – these matters are receiving attention, aid is being funded, increases of personnel attending to these horrors of the mind. More and more, police are gaining success on the dark internet intercepting, arresting those engaged in child sexual abuse, and taking these children into care. In dark corners of our planet, there is light, light, light. The auguries are not bad, the planets are propitious, raising up the vibration, the sathwic energy, the inbreaking of right conduct (dharma) into areas heretofore hidden in the dark.

This Full Moon / Eclipse takes place in Scorpio, usually the place of hidden matters, of mystery-destruction, exposure of secrecy, and of inner transformation of the person. Scorpio is the natural 8th house, ruled by Mars. At the time of Full Moon / Eclipse, Capricorn is rising, giving 11th house significations to this eclipse. The Moon is in Anuradha nakshatra (healing and learning); the eclipse is caused by Ketu in Jyestha nakahtra (fighting battles/resolving problems).

The 11th house is the place of our peer networks, it is a house where we are comfortably settled, nested, habituated to familiar rhythms of the marketplace, systems, networks, community, assemblies, ecologies, achievements, goals, sources of revenue. It is also a place of expression, of feeling, of rising emotion being expressed (that which has been buried by pandemic and vaccination anxiety) (mentored into expression by the hidden secret feelings of Scorpio which have been dammed down into darkness at this time). The 11th house can be a place of expansion, of building networks and relationships. The 11th house also has a facility for expressing feeling and emotion in relationships, and the pandemic – along the isolation – has somewhat stymied expressing our feelings in our networks.

Eclipses are also times of inner transformation within the human. Eclipses destroy energy, there is an diminution of energy to the human body in time of lunar eclipse (the Moon – the presiding deity of the mind) radiates energy to our minds, our bodies. This all takes place in intense, hypersensitive Scorpio, which represents the many battles we must fight in our everyday lives.

This eclipse takes place in Anuradha nakshatra, ruled by Saturn. The deity is Mitra, one of the sons of the Universal mother, Aditi. Mitra is one of the guardians of ‘rta, the eternal order of the Universe. In the late Vedic texts and the Brahmanas, Mitra is increasingly associated with the light of dawn and the morning sun; he is the patron divinity of Friendship.

Conjunct the Moon (and cause of the eclipse) is Ketu, the shadow planet. Ketu in Anuradha nakshatra can have us turning inwards and seeking the connection from the individual to the Universal. Ketu can lose connections to the networks of the 11th house and be very comfortable in the interior depths. Nonetheless, 11 house can be an uncomfortable place for Ketu due disturbances of the peace from groups, community needs, social media, and the forced interconnected environment of the pandemic.

In the 11th house we can take comfort from being emotionally networked, sentimental expressions of friendship, being gainful, being in a linked community. However, this time of Full Moon / Eclipse tells us that we cannot go back to the way things were, before the pandemic. Life is change, and to achieve human perfection, we also must change often. That change is being brought about by the 5th dimensional energies, which are rising and being embedded in all that exists.

In the navamsha, the Full Moon / Eclipse takes place in the 8th house (once again, a place of mystery, hidden matters, transformation, exposure of deep secrets); the 8th house is Tula (Libra), where Venus is Lord. Venus, at this time, is in the seventh house. The Moon is in Swati nakshatra, ruled by shadow planet Rahu. The ruling deity is Vayu, the god of Wind and Life breath. The body part is chest, which is indicative of the ongoing pandemic and different strains of the pandemic continuing to emerge. The aspect is from the Sun (time of Full Moon) which is exalted in Aries. This suggests that strong personality, strong minds will help the aged (let’s think 50+) to get past anxiety, vaccine anxiety to a place of health. The planets can raise us up, they can pull us down: it all depends on how we utilise the planets.

Sun Gayatri Mantra

Om Bhaskaraya vidmahe
Maha divya karaya dheemahe
Tanno Surya prachodayat

This is a new age with a new consciousness, a raising of energy, frequency and vibration to the 5th Dimension – whilst this is an eclipse, it is also a Full Moon, and a stepping-stone to higher consciousness. Humanity on Earth, all planets in our solar system and stars in our galaxy are receiving energies flowing from the Grand Central Sun of All Universes, a raising of consciousness of all life forms. More light, more energy, at higher frequency and vibration are flowing from the Grand Central Sun.

The prayer, the meditation for this eclipse and full moon period is, “How can I add to the Light in this world?” How can I, in thought, word and action, spread the light among all that I encounter as service to Mother Earth and all who live upon her? What actions might I take, what intention might I have in these challenging times of Covid-19, that will raise the energy, frequency and vibration of Light all around? The ancient Hindu prayer Asatoma, prays,

From the Unreal, lead us to the real;
from darkness lead us to light
from death, lead us to immortality,
Om, Shanti, Shanti, Shanti

In this time of eclipse and full moon, let us hold the intention in our hearts given by this prayer. Let us pray that we are led from darkness to light, the light that illuminates all the worlds.


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