The September Full Moon – the Pisces Full Moon

Full MoonThis Full Moon comes at a time where many regions on Earth have been hit by multiple natural and biological disasters, while climate change has continued to warm the world, exacerbating the impacts. While the turbulence of this world of maya, illusion, seeks to afflict the mind, the path forward shown by the planets is one of steadiness, looking within and following the inner guidance.

This September Full Moon is in Pisces, ruled by Jupiter and aspected by Saturn. Pisces is the fifth house at time of full moon, trikona, so a place of strong energy. Lord of the 5th (Jupiter) is in the 3rd (Capricorn) conjunct Lord of the 3rd House, Saturn. Jupiter is with Saturn, sandhi (deprived of energy), debilitated. Saturn is in his own house, here we say Saturn is in dignity, and cancels the debilitation of Jupiter. Although retrograde, this cancellation of debilitation allows Jupiter to exert quite a strong influence on the zodiac at this time.

Moon is in Uttara Bhadrapada, Pada 1. Uttara Bhadrapada is a nakshatra of Saturn; it is tamasic in nature, so slow, deliberate, like Saturn; while its goal is kama, satiation of desire, it has a very strong satwic undertones. It is likely that desires might be properly fulfilled, rather than abandoning self-control and values to acquire the fruit of desires.

Next from Moon is Rahu in Taurus; The Rahu-Ketu axis is 7-1, with Ketu conjunct the lagna. This is an axis of affliction, of negative energy. Rahu is in the sign of Venus, Venus, Lord 7, is in the 12th house. This is a trika situation, we have Lord 12 in 12, not a good look for the 7th and its affliction or negativity. Rahu is in Krittika nakshatra, nakshatra of the Sun and with a strong influence of Jupiter in the pada. Rahu is also aspected by Jupiter, 5th drishti, which gives the philosophical, priestly, hierophant with higher learnings and wisdom applying in the 7th house. This somewhat thwarts Rahu, and causes Rahu to be confused: there are so many avenues to deceive and fraud people in the public domain. Jupiter and Saturn throw interference and cause a stunted situation where strong energy is out there to mislead, give misinformation, yet, Jupiter and Saturn with 5th aspect, cause stoppage, create higher reflections and awareness of dharma, the right thing to do. There is much misinformation about on the coronavirus, and much of that misinformation is on social media, and in energy – thought forms of the angry suffering the lockdowns and deprivations caused by community protection orders from the Health Department. Nonetheless, we must not pay attention to the misleading social media on vaccine hesitancy. Dharma staphana, the restoration of dharma in the public domain would say we are not safe until we are all safe.


The Five horsemen of the Apocalypse

Nabassa yoga is present, there are not any more planets until 5 houses away from Rahu, where we have the Sun, Mars and Mercury in Virgo.

This is the 11th house, Mercury’s home, and Mercury is present in this house. This is the 11th house, the house of networking, connections, links to people we connect with as family, as work, as social relaxation, a house of increase in energy for these connections, especially with the presence of Sun (personality), Mars (energy and drive, the warrior going forth) and Mercury, the fleet-footed one the one who moves quickly with ideas, information, knowledge and spread of intelligence. We have aspects from Moon, Jupiter, Saturn and Rahu on the 11th house. Strongest is Jupiter, once again lending the drishti of higher information, higher understanding and comprehension of our public situation in this sign. The influenza, the common cold, these have basically been beaten to nothing at this time. There are fruits – positive fruits – at this time.

Sun is in Uttara Phalguna, this is a nakshatra of the Sun, it is sattvic in nature and seeks moksha as its goal. It is important to recall that the Sun is the naisargika atma karaka, the representative of the soul, which seeks its own goals – the purusharthas – the lofty goals of the end of life, release from the cycle of birth-death-birth-again. Sun is personality, personality is strong (particularly so conjunct Mars), and the temptation is to be overbearing, stand-over, intransigent with opinions, getting your way, brow-beating others. Mercury, Lord of the 11th, here present in the 11th house, is in a nakshatra of Mars, so also behaving a little like Mars. Caution is needed! Keep in mind that whatever you hand out to others by way of energy: thought, words, emotion, actions – you are handing out to your own self. Would you like to be on the receiving end of what it is you are dishing out to others? The aspects of Jupiter and Saturn caution you to slow down a little (yea, even among the frustrations of this coronavirus and the health rules, lockdown, vaccination, pressures from others) yea, slow down, take your time, and remember, everyone is a reflection of your own self. Take your guide like so: start the day with love, fill the day with love, spend the day with love, end the day with love: this is the way to God.

Now we come to the 12th house, Libra, the sign of Venus, where Venus is in dignity and Lord. 12th Lord in the 12th is a trika situation, a situation of extreme challenge, of repression, of lockdown, of durance vile, of hospitalisation, of imprisonment of one kind or another. Libra is an air sign, so much of this energy is going to be floating through the mind causing negativity in thoughts, feelings, emotions. We can feel down. Mental illness is definitely on the rise due the negative vibrations in the ether. No one is immune from this. Moon is presiding deity of the mind and is 6 houses away. This six-houses-away can be significator of illness, it can be significator of backstabbing and enemies, yes, BUT. It is the significator of community service and the best way to deal with mental illness, depression, feeling down and out is to go and do community service and leave the results to the Divine. This is how grace is earned.

The 12th is a house of meditation and dreams, and withdrawal from the material world. The sense is that this can be a time of withdrawal from the world in order to touch bases with the energy of love within, for Venus is the karaka of gracefulness, artisan energy, creativity, and taking this time out can bring about a rebirth within of fresh energy and creativity emerging from our prior experience and practice. We can emerge like the caterpillar from the cocoon, chrysalis, a transformation of the heart. While many would say this is a time of a total eclipse of the heart, the truth is within you, not somewhere out there. Venus gives the energy, the vigour, the drive to touch the depths of renewal within (that the 12th house offers), treat ourselves with care and kindness in what looks like a time of total deprivation, and emerge to be stronger in our minds as we move forward with love and compassion in this time of pandemic.

The Navamsha

At the time of the September Full Moon – in the Navamsha, the 9th division or harmonic of the birth chart – we find the Moon in the 9th house. The ninth house is the sign of religion and philosophy, the tools and foundations of which are lived as spirituality, our relation to ourselves, our relation to society and culture, our relations to that which is unseen but felt daily in our hearts: the Divine, the Source of the All, the Watcher, the Witness, the Guardian, the Guide.

This Full Moon is in a fire sign, the Lord of which is 7 houses away, the Sun. When the Moon is in the sign of the Sun, it will behave a little like the Sun, in an apparent dignity, under the influence of Ketu, for the Moon is in the nakshatra of Ketu, Magha. This is a reinforcement of what was expressed earlier, that which is found within, that which resides in our hearts, for Ketu looks inwards, Ketu explores the depths, Ketu seeks Moksha, release from the endless cycles of reincarnation. Ketu is a little energised, rajasic, throwing wild energy around inside, causing internal alarums and excursus to different ideas or competing, conflicting thoughts about what should be done at this time. The clue is (thank you Saturn who is aspecting Moon from 5 signs away), the clue is to take time. Take HIS time, do not haste, waste, worry. Calmly examine your circumstances, and discriminate right from wrong. Your discrimination comes from the intellect, the buddhi, which is nearest the Atma, and derives over 80% of its energy from the Atma itself. So take time, touch the inner recesses and take control of the mind fleeting hither, thither, and allow your inner wisdom to prevail. These are called jnanindriyas, the inner instruments of action. The planets stand ready to help you, USE THEM.

In the second house from the Moon, we have Jupiter (Lord of 1st and 4th signs), Mercury (Lord of 10 in its own house) and Ketu – all in a nakshatra of Mars, Chitra. Because they are in the house of Mercury, and in an earth sign, Jupiter and Ketu will behave a little like Mercury with a Mars overlay. That is, there would be some grounding to this fleeting thoughts and energy pulling in this and that direction, firmly convinced that rectitude is not needed but action is necessary. We look to the nature of Mars, the warrior. Warriors can take their time and wash, rinse, repeat, for this is what warriors do. They do their training, their drill, their exercises and have long periods of languid desuetude, boredom and emptiness, which they fill with wash, rinse, repeat. Exercise, exercise, exercise. Jupiter, the mulitplier of energy, would do. Ketu the inner agent of deep enquiry would be looking for the meaning hidden in wash, rinse, repeat, all this repetitive activity. Mercury would be wanting to flee, to move, to spread energy, knowledge, information.

This is the 10th house, a house where skill, ability, creativity are put into action. The foundation must be strong, the will to energy and action must be strong. As a kendra, this is the strongest of the kendra signs, yet afflicted in the Rahu-Ketu axis. Rahu, Mars and Venus (exalted) are in the 4th house, intimating emotional comforts and the security of the home, deep roots, settlement. Saturn, on the other hand, is in Aries, the fifth house, and debilitated.

However, Saturn in Krittika nakshatra – nakshatra of the Sun, and in enemy sign of Mars, is facing challenges: Saturn and Mars are implacable enemies. This confirms that all are living in a time of challenge from the pandemic, and dharma is best served by taking one step at a time, pausing and consulting the intellect and being guided by that inner resident of the heart.

It is a time for meditation, and if enough of us are meditating, either on the day of Full Moon, the day before or after (preferably in a group) then we may send positive energy, uplifting energy to places in the world that are in need. Lockdown and pandemic are causing mental health problems in many places.

Full Moon Meditation

Full Moons are times when strong and plentiful energy floods the Earth. This energy, directed by the Full Moon – may be taken and used for benefit. Hence, the Hierarchy offer us the choice to harness energies for planetary benefit by doing group meditation and directing energy in the form of love, light or healing, wherever there is a need. There have been many places experiencing disturbances on Earth in the past month. It has been a time of heavy rains in Zimbabwe, heavy rain and flooding, above average crashes and high-water rescues around the Las Vegas, floods and landslides hit Peru and take lives. After days of extremely heavy rain falling over Queensland, Australia this month, Flinders River has grown to a ‘mega river’ and is now 60 km (37 miles) wide in some of its parts. This is its most significant flooding in more than 50 years and so vast it creates its own weather. Pakistan’s mountainous areas received heavy snowfall in January 2019, helping the country whose fresh water is running out at an alarming rate. Tailings dam burst in the Amazon threatens the livelihood of those who survived. Over 1,000,000 people have been evacuated from the floods in South India.

The Hierarchy have advised us that the times of the Full Moon are times when energy is magnified, and multiplied. Groups sitting together in meditation on peace, harmony, goodwill towards all have a manifold affect on the energies surrounding our planet when they do this on the Full Moon day. If it is not possible to do so on the actual day, then, we have been told, the day before or the day after will also serve as days of excellence in sending out positive harmony, peace and helpful energies to all places on our Earth.

The light of God is in everything and everywhere. Let the eyes roll back in the head. Looking out above our Earth’s atmosphere to the world of Light which is Love and Compassion, experience that energy coming down through our body, through the top of our head and into our eyes, the back of our eyes, the centre of our head. Down through the torso, into the arms, our fingers, back through the torso, into the hips, the knees, the shins, the ankles, all of the feet and toes, the soles of the feet. This is like seeing the sun at the bottom of our feet. Anchor the sun into the top of our head, into our heart and into the soles of the feet and where we walk, and every step that we take, we earth the soles of the feet. The Sun that holds the new energy that’s coming on this Earth to help to raise the consciousness in everything upon the Planet so that we can raise within to receive the consciousness of the Golden Age, which is an energy which allows us to drop all the unwanted and think only in a positive and creative way.

Thanks to the Mother/Father God who guides us at all times. Through our soul, our over-soul and our body.


Old Yeller