Letting things flow

Letting things flowThe news bulletins are full of Covid-19 and little else – except, perhaps, the sport results. When many are unable to get tested, feel insecure, and feel the energy of inevitable succumbing to this virus all around them – the Hierarchy comes with a message. Ask for help. Access your higher consciousness and raise your energy-frequency-vibration. Let things flow. Descent into negativity does not help you nor anyone else. Help everyone by accessing your higher consciousness. Let things flow: be in your personal flow of higher energy-frequency-vibration, and so be an aide to all that is.

In these troubled times of Covid-19 and mutations like Omnicrom, we gain much inner peace by letting things flow. There is not much we can change in the outer world; however we can make changes in our inner space and in our living space. Divine grace is present: the higher beings tell us frequently that if we need help, all we have to do is ask. Recently a transmission was received wherein it was explained that there was a “stargate”, a grid of light placed around the Earth from the time of the Fall of Atlantis. And the Hierarchy ruled “Hands off Earth and all who live therein”. We were shut out from myriad forms of life that populate the many different stars in our galaxy, and in the Universes. The stargate closed the etheric barriers and prevented the negativity on Earth escaping and polluting other worlds, other stars, other star races – whom we call starpeople. (Even though they have different forms – sometimes animal or insectoid in appearance, thinking is the same. Creativity and intelligence are often greater than that of the little earthling.)

That transmission went on to explain that in these times of Ascension – all that has life on Earth is ascending to the higher dimensions – the stargates have opened, the web of light now admits energies from the Central Sun of the Universe to our Sun and thence, to our home, Planet Earth. With the opening of the stargates, any call for help – any call to Angels, Spirit Guides, Ascended Masters, your personal guides, your personal Avatars, whomsoever you have faith in – in the heavenly realms – may be answered. The Hierarchy now permits the higher beings to respond with help.

We live in peace and mediate peace to others when we are letting things flow. Everything in this world is energy at higher or lower states of energy-frequency-vibration. Rocks, pebbles, granite, sandstone all these have an inherent state of energy-frequency-vibration. It is low, it produces a solid state because most of it is space. Minerals, plants and insects have a higher state of energy-frequency-vibration and engage in expansion and transformation from the seed state. Consider the marvellous chrysalis of the caterpillar to the butterfly! Life under water – be it coral, mollusc, crustacean, mammalian and all kinds of fish also have this energy-frequency-vibration state. The Hierarchy has revealed during transmissions that the cetaceans – this family of marine life – was one of the earliest forms of life on Earth and had the task of holding a specific energy signature: an energy signature that allowed life to expand and transform once it left the waters.

Life on land also exhibits energy at higher or lower states of energy-frequency-vibration. Everything that is here on land (and in water) has been brought here from somewhere else in the galaxy, the universe, the multiverses. The Earth was created to be a grand garden of Aden – a garden of peace, harmony and cooperation among all life forms. (Aden is the original form of Eden: a garden of peace.) This is why, at the molecular level, everything shows the geometric perfection, the fractal beauty of creation – from DNA in life-forms on Earth though to constellations and stars and far distant nebulae. Life on earth – all forms of life – mirror the perfection of the Universe. From the structure of a leaf, to the nerves in the human eye, to the geometric mathematical forms and the cross-section of human DNA – all reflect and reveal this harmony, this perfection of the Universe, thus giving proof to the teaching of the Hierarchy ‘everything that is here on land (and in water) has been brought here from somewhere else’.

Illuminating all these states of energy-frequency-vibration, we come to understand that everything is energy, everything has a signature energy. Where an event has taken place, there is a signature energy of that event which remains. On a specific day at a time and place – signature energy can be experienced and it can have an effect upon us. Think of the energy at commemoration events – commemoration of a life, commemoration of war, commemoration of events that affect the entire community (fire, flood, drought, disaster): at these locations, at these events, the signature energy is present. This can be positive, this can be transformative, this can have negative effect. It is up to us how we choose to use the energy. Everything in life is a choice.

Some speak of the Akashic records; others speak of the Library of Pothologos as the place of all records on Earth. The signature energy is eternal, it is not dissipated, and so the records are actually present in the etheric, in the lower fourth dimension. From time to time, when we encounter signature energy (walk into a negative vibration, enter a room with a charged energy that affects all within, encounter a person who has accessed a specific signature energy) we need to protect ourselves. We may ask for help, we may engage our higher consciousness and place a protective energy around ourselves. There are layers of consciousness associated with signature energies. We have layers of consciousness within, layers of energy-frequency-vibration. The more frequently we access our higher consciousness, the more raise to a higher level of consciousness, awareness, being. We all have an offer of evolvement with Planet Earth.

We gain much inner peace by letting things flow. Recently, a transmission revealed there are many who are unhappy with the state of the Earth. The pandemic itself is lessening and will pass as quickly as it came. The Hierarchy has shared that all prayers, all requests for help are answered. If many join together with energy-frequency-vibration with intentions of lessening the pandemic, help will be given. Group meditation at the same time is very powerful, very effective, as told by the Hierarchy.


Letting things flow
We are an eternal light body – we can access our higher consciousness and be letting things flow