Siddharoodha Swami

Siddharoodha SwamiSwami Siddharoodha was a wandering advaita yogi. He considered all people equal, he disregarded the caste system that existed during those times. Siddharoodha is one of the least known among the most illumined souls. From childhood he showed characteristics of spiritual maturity. His remarkable story offers great help to spiritual seekers on conduct and right perspective. He was a true sage in a rather deceiving appearance.

Sadguru Siddharoodha Maharaj lived in the style of an ascetic throughout his life. He never practiced casteism and saw divinity in everything in existence as well as disagreeing with the notion that only Brahmins were entitled to liberation, firmly believing that everyone was entitled to attain moksha, liberation. . Considered to be the reincarnation of Nijaguna Shivayogi, a medieval king turned saint, Siddharoodha renounced his family at a young age and sought his guru. Others believe he was a incarnation of Lord Shiva.

Story Of Birth

One morning Guru Shantappa had a dream, in which Lord Shiva appeared to him in the form of an ascetic and merged into his heart. Guru Shantappa joyously shared his dream with his wife. In turn, the wife told her husband of her dream in which Godess Saraswati appeared and informed her of the birth of Lord Shiva in her womb.

After thirteen days of birth, the baby boy was named ‘Siddha’ which means an already perfected soul.

Story of Sesame and Jaggery Incident

One day when Siddha was five years old, he was playing outside the house with his friends. On the day of Sankranti he took his friends home along with him, he looked for the pot containing the mixture of sesame and jaggery. He found the pot hanging up and and broke it with a stick.

He gave it to all his friends who were there, many more who came, when people saw kids carrying sesame and jaggery from little Siddha’s house, they too went and brought back some sweet mixture.

Siddha’s mother entered the kitchen and saw what was happening and expressed her surprise “How is it possible my son that you are distributing so small amount of sweet to so many people?”

Siddha silenced her saying

“Mother it is because of your greatness, you are the pure form of god and you have his powers and you are timeless, this is your greatness!”

Siddha had such powers even when he was a child.

Story of Buffalo

One day when Siddha was still a boy, when he was walking with his friends he found a buffalo and jumped on its back, “I am a king, this is my elephant” told he to his friends. They were all acting as if they were his servants. He commanded his elephant “Move forward my elephant”. But the buffalo wouldn’t budge.

“So you are too arrogant, then you die” said Siddha. The buffalo fell down and died. The other kids ran to Siddha’s mother and told her what had happened. She came running to see her pregnant buffalo dead. She started crying for the death of her dear buffalo. Siddha moved his hand over the buffalo’s back, life came and back and the buffalo stood up.


Idol of Siddharoodha Swami
Idol of Siddharoodha Swami

Finding his Guru

Siddha’s parents wouldn’t let him go out of their house. He knew he had to find a capable guru. One day by his yogic power he created a serpent. It bit him. Siddha started cryling loud in pain; his parents came running to see their son having bitten by a snake. They started praying for the life of their son. A saint who was passing by heard them and assured them of saving their son only if they agree to let him go find his guru. His parents agreed. The saint started chanting mantras; in a short while the snake came and sucked the poison out of Siddha.

Siddha left his home to find his guru. After wandering for sometime he arrived at at the ashram of Gajadanda and identified him to be a true guru. He bowed down to him with respect and begged to take him as his disciple.

Gajananda Swami took him as his disciple. At first Gajadanda swami gave him small chores and hard labour to test the truthfulness of his quest. Later his guru taught him higher practices like listening and contemplating the higher knowledge.

Gajananda Swami understood the higher degree of Siddha’s consciousness and renamed him ‘Parama Siddharoodha Bharati’. Parama because of his higher level of consciousness, Aroodha because of his spiritually ascended state.

Knowing Siddharoodha was ready to travel the country and teach people about true knowledge, his Guru told him to travel the lengths and breadths of country teaching Advaita. Siddharoodha swami wandered the country teaching whenever he saw somene capable to understand

Siddharoodha Swami went round India, Nepal, Ceylon, Tibet (China) and visited all holy places. He enlightened the devotees wherever he went, against ignorance, superstition and blind belief and directed them to realize divinity in themselves. Siddharoodha Swami was endowed with great spiritual powers. However, he never performed miracles, but miracles happened to alleviate the miseries of the disciples who come to him to receive his divine blessings.

Finally, Siddharoodha Swami arrived at Hubli (Karnataka state) during 1877 then he was only 41 years old. The selfless young saint mingled with seekers of knowledge of all hues and cries. He never discriminated his devotees on the basis of caste, creed, colour, gender, language, religion and economic status.

He was a Great teacher, philosopher and guide to millions of people who approached him for solace and happiness. There are more than 3000 Ashramas and spiritual centres of Siddharoodha Swami in India and abroad.

The Revered great saint Siddharoodha Swami relinquished his mortal body and rejoined eternal divinity on 21-08-1929.


Siddharoodha Math
Siddharoodha Math (ashram) in Hubli, Karnataka


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