The Blue People

The Blue PeopleToday we explore the subject of Blue. Blue from your atmosphere is seen as the sky in daytime: it is pale blue, or darker blue and at night it graduates to a deep mid-night blue. But the blue is a colour that has an energy. There are Beings that have a bluish white skin – they are sometimes referred to as The Blue People. These Blue People, at another time, came to this planet you call Earth.

Today we explore the subject of Blue. Blue from your atmosphere is seen as the sky in daytime: it is pale blue, or darker blue and at night it graduates to a deep midnight blue. But the blue is a colour that has an energy. There are Beings that have a bluish white skin – they are sometimes referred to as The Blue People. These Blue People, at another time, came to this planet you call Earth.

The Blue People came to this Earth and they called it Mu. They took on a body in a physical way, that you would address as Star People.

The Blue People came from another point of the Universe altogether. They came to bring the Divine Light and the Divine Energy and the Divine Teachings to this corner of the galaxy. To this aspect of your galaxy which is your solar system.

In earlier times, they came to the planet known as Venus where they established a point of Light; what you might call a settlement, a community, a city, a world populated by the Blue People. There are mythologies and legends that exist that speak of people with blue skin; and indeed they existed. It was a time that existed in the distant past and yet the influence still exists.

For those people came later to the Earth, (Mu as they called it) and established a civilization on this earth. The Blue People came and went in their star vehicles to help to establish the planet and to make it suitable for the physical beings to live upon it.


Map of Atlantis
Deutsch: Karte mit Atlantis, 1664, Source: Athanasius Kircher: Mundus subterraneus, vol. 1. Amsterdam 1664

Atlantean Times

The strength of the civilization existed in what you might call Atlantean Times; but it existed before that also. Information about the Atlantean Times is also held in legends and myths.

The Blue People were not of flesh. They were not the same in physical molecules that the Earth people, that you are on this earth. The frequency of each atom, which is similar to your cell, vibrated at a slightly higher speed. And so you would describe them, the Blue People as Light Beings. They were Star People and they lived upon this earth.

There are still many Blue People here. They live in the dimension that you may call the 4th dimension, or the astral. They are still here. They are here in areas that you would suggest were called Shambala. It is a place of higher frequency that exists upon this Earth, but it is not seen with people with earth eyes. It is seen with their inner eye at times, depending on how open they are. Everybody on this earth has the ability to see into the 4th Dimension with their inner eye, if they want to. Many have experienced glimpses of the 4th dimension. There is much life in the 4th dimension. You can say there are civilizations if you like; but these are different in what you understand as a civilization. There is life that exists in the 4th dimension and from the Star People’s point of view you are in the 3rd dimension, and that is what the Earth people are in, and the 4th dimension that is where the Light people live—it is all one upon this Earth, this planet.

For the Blue Beings, the Star People (or the Beings of Light) there is no separation between the third and fourth dimensions. There is much that the Earth people cannot see that exists upon this Earth. From the human point of view (and it is limited) they get glimpses at times of the 4th dimension; but many are not always ready to accept that there is a reality of the 4th dimension. These two frequencies are slightly different. However, they are starting to come together because the solar system and the Earth herself are moving into alignment with the Central Sun and as it does so then the energy from the Universal Creation comes upon this Earth and virtually rings the changes. So that the 4th and the 3rd will become one.


Fallen Atlantis

Fall of Atlantis

It was of a time that existed upon this earth before, what is commonly known as the Fall of Atlantis. It was a time when the earth was almost destroyed. There are many records that existed before that time, that were written by the Blue People, but they were all destroyed; or at least, most of them were.

Some will be revealed as time goes on. But mostly, science and academics do not readily accept the existence of the Blue People – it was the time of Atlantis. It was a very advanced civilization that existed here upon your earth. Many advanced buildings existed upon the earth. The technology and architecture came from other worlds. In fact, everything here on this planet was brought here from other planets to their existence upon this earth.

That was all lost when the earth almost died. The technology that existed, in the hundreds of years before that was what you would more likely see in your science fiction movies. And in actual fact, that is where the memories are coming from—from those who are inspired to make these movies and write books about fantasy and science fiction … but in actual fact these Beings existed in this particular time of Atlantis.

There were many great cities on this earth. The earth was not shaped exactly in land form, as it is now. And so much of it has gone under the water and is hidden from your scientists. But changes will be taking place and they will be revealed.

They are already being revealed in people’s memories, in people’s consciousness, and there are those who are on a Mission here on this earth to consciously remember and tell the stories of the lifetimes that existed upon this earth in a much advanced state of being. It was very different.


gorilla in forest
they had inherited the evolution of what had taken place upon this earth


Also, at that time, the Beings that were really like the hairy up-standing ape like creatures, existed upon this earth as well. They did not have the same capacity of being able to live and make the instruments that existed in the time of Atlantis. These were done by scientists that had bodies made of Light. The up-standing ape like creatures were made of earth and they had inherited the evolution of what had taken place upon this earth. These people existed from the time that you would call Lemuria.

After Atlantis Fell and the earth almost died, it was these people, the upstanding ape-like creature, that had developed into a Human, but were not made of Light. They were made, as I have said, of earth.

To survive the terrible catastrophe that took place upon this earth they took to ground in caves and underneath the earth to survive. As time moved on, and the atmosphere cleared, they were able to come out and experience the sun again. Up until that time, the sun was blocked, for quite a long time. It was very difficult to survive, because there was really not much light. There was very little food. They lived mainly on the animals that survived.

However, they came out from their caves, they came out into the light, once the sun started streaming back onto the earth and started to produce the foliage—the flowers, the trees, the fruit the vegetables and they were able to start eating as they really wanted to do in the first place.

The Lemurians did eat vegetarian in the first place. They had to resort to eating animals to survive at the time of darkness. And then when the cycle progressed and the sun came to the earth, they were able to go back to eating vegetables, fruit, herbs and foliage. Fish were still in the sea and they were able to eat that. There were crustaceans they were able to eat. And so they were able to survive. But some continued to hunt and eat animals. And some also, lost the way, in that they became quite savage and began to eat one another.

This was not what the Star People had been teaching them. There were many from the star worlds – from the Blue People that returned and existed upon the earth in what you would call the astral or the 4th dimension. Many are still here. There are those who were dedicated to stay until the human, the upstanding ape-like creature who had been blessed with the light of Christ, until they came to know and understand of their true birth which is with the influence of God; the influence of the Christ Light of Love and live that way upon this earth.

This time here on your earth is changing very quickly and this will happen. This will come to pass that the up-standing ape-like creatures that was evolved into human will then become a God Man in the truest sense. There is much information in the evolvement that took place upon this earth. You can explore this if you allow your soul, which is your inner sun, to direct you to assist those who have lost their way; and to give understanding to them so that they may throw away any obstacles that they still hold on to and move forward into the glory of God&#8212:of who they really are.


Map of Lemuria
Map of Lemuria according to William Scott-Elliott, 1896. Source: The Story of Atlantis


Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons / Athanasius Kircher, Pixabay / David Foxx, Pixabay / 12222786, Wikimedia Commons / William Scott-Elliott