Review: Cutting the Ties that Bind

Book Cover - Cutting the Ties that BindCutting the Ties that Bind – the work of the late Phyllis Krystal – focuses on a core method of releasing people – and their minds – from experiences, matters and issues that restrict their growth as healthy individuals. The problem Mrs Krystal addresses in some depth is the collapse of age-old puberty rituals and rites of passage into adulthood: those all-important stepping stones to human maturity. This is a most valuable work, comprehensive in its detail.

Cutting the Ties that Bind
Growing Up and Moving On

This book presents a method by which liberation from all the various sources of false security can be achieved. This method enables a person to become an independent and whole human being, relying only on the inner source of security and wisdom which is available to everyone who seeks its aid. This discipline is the culmination of an experiment of more than twenty years, started by another woman and the author. They first met while we were both engaged in investigating various methods which they hoped would help find more meaning to life.

Mrs Krystal and her friend discovered that they were both dissatisfied and disillusioned with the lack of convincing answers to some of the serious questions about life. “Why are we here? Who are we? Where are we going?” they asked, feeling there must surely be some practical way to seek further for answers to such questions. The two ladies had both learnt a reverie or waking dream technique and decided to use it to ask to be shown anything which would be helpful for us to experience or be taught. We met regularly, alternating roles; one time one of us directed and the other received the impressions, the next time the process was reversed.

One of the very first things they were shown was the use of a triangle as a basis from which to work, to link us to the High Self in order to seek guidance from this wisdom within each of us. This source of wisdom is always available but will not interfere in our lives or go against our free will unless we ask for its help.


The Triangle - Cutting the Ties That Bind


The High C is your higher consciousness. It can take the form of a divine figure, an angel or a particular spirit guide. It is initially seen as a ball of golden light, and later on, personages may appear in place of this ball: God, Goddess, whatever sacred form one has in their lives.

Two points are critical: participants are fully awake and conscious of everything they are experiencing, never in a trance, and have full recall of the session working with the Hi C. It is not necessary to be gifted or clairvoyant, clairaudient or mediumistic to do the work. The requirements for each participant are a sincere desire to seek the truth, honesty, dedication, obedience to the inner guidance, and a willingness to set aside the ego, personal will and desires, and pet beliefs or biases so that the teaching from the High C can flow as untainted by the human vessels as possible.

The core of the work involves the cords or ties connecting us to anything or anyone in whom we place our trust and which therefore become gods for us. Because these lesser gods are impermanent and can be taken from us, they are unreliable as a source of security. It is not important whether these bonds were forged by love, need, pity, fear, hate or any other emotion. What is important is that they have the power to keep us dependent on the things to which they attach us instead of the High C.

The first ties are those forged during childhood to parents or guardians, close relatives, siblings, teachers, friends and any others who help to influence, or programme the child. Later ties are formed to friends, lovers, marriage partners, other family members, children, and anyone on whom we rely for security, whether living or dead. There are also more subtle attachments, to having one’s own way or to one’s own opinions, as well as to strong emotions such as anger, jealousy, fear and pride. Attachments can also be formed with appetites for such things as food, alcohol, drugs, money, jewels, clothes, houses, cars, power, social status, education, success to name but a few. And lastly, attachment to life itself makes so many people so terrified of death.


The Figure 8 - Cutting the ties that bind
The Figure 8 is the basis of the work


Puberty rites are engaged by way of cutting ties to one parent, then any other parental or guardian figure. There are also negative representations of parent and authority figures in the mind: these may be conscious or unconscious. These also need to be released. We can examine the positive and negative attributes of our parents, banish those that are deleterious and honour their good qualities – perhaps imbibing the best of the positive qualities. We can also connect to our inner cosmic parents.

The book then goes on to explore the inner child. This is a critical issue, for the inner child may be driving us to actions, attitudes, prejudices, and other behaviours we may not have any conscious reason for. Releasing the inner child and nurturing this child within an important aspect of moving on and growing up.

The Animus and Anima – the soul form for men and women: the male and female aspects in both men and women. This is about achieving balance of masculinity and femininity. Some men may have overemphasised their masculine qualities to the detriment of their capacity to provide comfort and nurture. Women may over-emphasise their masculine side in the quest for equality in professional fields. We rely on the guidance of the High C to bring about balance. Exercises and use of symbols are offered.

We may also cut ties from other people, such as family members, people we have divorced from, long-term intimate partners, and other significant relationships. Under the guidance of the High C, some people may be guided to cut ties from certain people they have had sex with. Mrs Krystal was taught that the human person – female or male – is a receptacle and in the sex act – receives not only bodily fluids but also whatever energy or feeling the intimate partner was having at that time. All sorts of energy and feelings go into the sexual partner, and it is wise to cut those ties if it is indicated. This also applies to non-genital intimacy between partners.

There are negative forces in this world. There are negative powers used by groups and individuals, and institutions. In the case of groups and institutions, we may be shown symbols to cut from. The Bible tells that the sins of the fathers are visited unto the seventh generation. These are inherited family black clouds which may emotionally control us or have us afraid of something for no known reason. Strategies are given to disperse these black clouds, and the inherited ink blots.

Another figure which is usually very elusive, often showing up fleetingly in dreams or reveries, must be dealt with before a person can be free to follow his own path towards wholeness. We call this figure The Inner Enemy. It is a composite of all the aspects of a person which constantly work against him and his or her best interests, however conscientiously he may try to make progress in any pursuit. It assumes many shapes and can be male or female, young or old. Its appearance heralds a breakthrough to the core of a particular problem, often the most central one. A great deal of energy is usually tied up in The Inner Enemy which, when it is dealt with, is released for use in daily living. But more important, this additional energy can help to accelerate growth towards wholeness.

The Inner Enemy is the source of many nightmares, taking the form of killer, attacker, tempter, seducer, doubter, mocker, or any other form which prevents the person from reaching his goal.

There is the exercise to visit the Inner House: this is an important exercise, for that house exists within and can be with shades drawn, rooms in the dark, basements never visited. The Inner House may symbolise compartments in our lives, so this exercise may be like an inner cleaning! The Mandala exercise for strengthening our functions of sensing, intuition, feeling and thinking is given. Dreams are visited and the High C can assist with dreams and their meaning. Death is something we do not talk about. There is discussion about death, and dying well so people make the proper transition to the next life. Symbols and their meaning and use are given.

This is a very-well written book. Mrs Krystal thoroughly grounds the work of Cutting Ties in psychological concepts and explains these in a simple manner. Reading this book is like sitting and listening to Mrs Krystal as she explains an exercise with the High C and give many, many examples of how these worked for her clients over the years. Due the fact that our generations – the Millennials, Gen X, Gen Z are facing a new world informed by technology and the global village, the puberty rights and rites to Adulthood have fallen into disuse as the markers of maturity are now vague. This is an important work that will restore wholeness and inner security to readers. We take our security away from things in the outer world, away from those who have had power or authority over us, and place it in our inner guidance, our personal High C.


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Book Cover - Cutting the Ties that Bind