Reflections: The Moon, the Mind and the 4th Dimension

Astrology and the Vedas teach that the Moon is the presiding deity of the Mind. The 4th Dimension is known through the mind. It is the mind that perceives this world, and it is the mind that cloaks the world with illusion. Many live in their own self-created world views. The recent series of Super Moons raises questions about the Moon and its energies, aspects and functions as shown in Astrology. How does the Moon provide a pathway to the 4th Dimension in astrology?

The Fourth Dimension (we speak of the higher levels of the 4th Dimension – there is the lower astral which is also a part of the 4th Dimension) is the experience of Ascension, a raised consciousness and greater awareness of how thoughts create our world. We may create a harmonious and prosperous life, or we may create frustration and awkwardness with our mind. The mind takes in whatever it is directed to; the teaching is “be careful what you take in“. The mind takes the form of whatever it is exposed to, just like the camera film records an image of whatever light it is exposed to. We need to harness the energy of the mind and manage this energy.

In harnessing the energy of the mind, we might think of horses pulling a chariot and all trying to go in different directions. This will not help, unless the horses are harnessed in the shafts of the chariot and guided by the charioteer, who guides the horses where to go with the reins. The impulses of the mind, the attractions to which it is drawn, all need the guidance which tells the mind where to lead, what to give attention to and what to ignore. The mind needs the same discipline the team of horses need. When we are experiencing signals of the 4th Dimension within, we need guidance, a path to follow, and boundaries which will help us to reach the destination, in this case, the 4th Dimension.

We said before that the 4th Dimension is Ascension; this is known principally on an inner level within, in our minds. As the Moon is the presiding Deity of the Mind, we look to the influence the Moon may have on the mind. In astrology, the Moon is known as one of the “royal planets”, with the Sun. The Sun and Moon each have lordship over one house; all other planets have ruler-ship over two houses. The Moon rules the 4th House and the Sign of Cancer, which is a water sign and a sign of moksha, release from the cycle of birth – death – rebirth. The Moon rules water, emotions, home, family affairs – principally, the relation to our mothers. It also signifies the path of devotion. In a practical sense, compassion is the spiritual practice of attending to our sensitivity to and concern for others on the path of spiritual progress.

Spiritual progress and the path to the 4th Dimension is the journey of awakening, the path to light and a way of harnessing energy for positive purposes. These positives are seeking well-being, wellness, happiness, self-control, self-respect and dignity: the desire to create a world of harmony. We may do this through the five human values of truth, right action, love, peace and non-violence. Truth contains honesty, determination, fairness and trust. Right action includes manners, helpfulness, responsibility and perseverance. Love accommodates kindness, friendship, forgiveness, compassion and tolerance. Peace obliges patience, positiveness, self-discipline and thankfulness. Non violence scopes to consideration of others, loyalty, justice, respect and co-operation. These values, when practised and integrated into our lives, lead us on the trail of the 4th Dimension. They lead to the higher astral dimensions and provide the shafts of the chariot we call the mind which we were metaphorically speaking of before. We direct the mind and its attention and the world it creates (the pictures we mentioned, like the camera-film) with the help of these foundational values. We tread an inward path to the 4th Dimension, a path to Ascension.

Be Practical!

What are the practical steps to enhancing this path to Ascension? What are the practical uses to which we might direct our minds? Are there any meditations or activities we might pursue?

  • You may wish to consider meditation on light. This light is not only given to oneself, but to all, to the Earth herself, and to all the beings in all the worlds.
  • You may call on your spirit beings, your soul-guides and ask for help. Help is always given whenever it is asked for. Recall that the Hierarchy teach that Angels and soul-guides have no abode: they exist any where, any when, for no time and place is their abode. They come instantly, and respond to calls for help. All you need to do is ask.
  • You may engage in creative visualisation and use use imagery. You might look to the habitual thought patterns within and imagine they are ski-trails, like the trails left by skiing down the mountain-side. You might eliminate unwanted thoughts, undesirable attractions, distractions, unhelpful habits, by smoothing over the ski trails of unhelpful thought, habit or feeling, every time it comes to mind. Ask your Angel, your soul-guide or the Creative Source of All for help when you do this.
  • As the cerebral cortex (the outside of the brain) is covered in wrinkles, you might engage in a creative visualisation of ironing out the wrinkles on an ironing board when unhelpful thoughts or distractions or past habits and ways of thinking come to mind. Imagine you are ironing a wrinkled garment or sheet, and gently iron this out smooth. As mentioned before, ask your Angel, your soul-guide or the Creative Source of All for help when you do this.
  • We are not born into a vacuum nor are we born as some say, “with a blank slate”. We have impressions from our past, we also inherit genes and traits from both our maternal side (mother’s side of family and all that comes with that) and paternal side (father’s side of your family and all that comes with that, also). We might think these are like ink blots and we may mop up the ink and remove the ink blots using the light within. As mentioned before, ask your Angel, your soul-guide or the Creative Source of All for help when you do this. You will receive inner guidance on how to clean up your ink blots …
  • We need to seek balance. As the mind is continually pulled in one direction or another, in order to build an inner balance and an inner mechanism to refer to in times of challenge and stress, we might “walk the tightrope”, as it were, in a creative visualisation in our mind. We could imagine a tight-rope and our hands are extended each side for balance – in one hand is a black bird, in the other, a white bird. We walk the tight-rope and keep our balance between the opposing forces of black and white, darkness and light, within. As mentioned before, ask your Angel, your soul-guide or the Creative Source of All for help when you do this.

The mind is like a child, and it needs to be led gently, with constant, firm repetition in order to impress the message deeply. Just as a parent guides and guards a child with loving discipline for the child’s welfare, so also, we may guide the mind within with a gentle, loving discipline. Energy grows where energy goes. Whatever we pay our attention to, the energy of that thought, feeling or response multiplies within. The Creative Source of All is unlimited energy, unlimited love and this guidance and help is always available: all we need to do is ASK. Our Angels, our soul-guides, are also with us always, and respond, just as the Creative Source of All responds, instantly, whenever we ask for inner help.

The Moon

Light is the dominant force in the Universe; the moon reflects the light of the Sun. The forces of the Sun and the Moon or solar and lunar energies indicate the broader powers of light in projection and reflection, for all light comes from the Central Sun of all the Universes. Solar and lunar energies relate to the powers of the day and the night, which can stand for light and dark phases of all time cycles.

The Moon is a most significant planet as it signifies the inherent capacity of the mind to use light in a constructive manner so that one may progress forward in life, meet and surmount challenges, delay and reversals in life. The Moon is the presiding deity of the mind. The Moon rules over the element water, journeys, manual arts, novelists, liquid-related businesses, matters related with maternity, agriculture, illnesses of the stomach and of the brain. The Moon also rules over psychic ability and spiritual sensitivity. The influence of the full moon is well known (we have the term lunacy and the energies flowing from the Moon are strongest on full Moon night. We may seek to use this energy in meditations for world harmony and peace.

Modern Life: Minds going too fast

Just as there are the tides of the oceans, so also there are the tides of the Moon. When the Moon is more than 60° from the Sun, it is regarded as benefic, helpful. There is the bright half (shukla paksha) as the moon waxes (moves away from the Sun) giving more illumination and strength to the mind, and the dark half (krishna paksha) as the moon journeys toward the Sun and wanes, and brings about a weakening of the mind. One of the principal issues of this modern time is that our minds are constantly occupied with many distractions: our minds are going too fast and thinking is going way too fast and ignoring the proper boundaries of good self management, and the boundaries of our values. Modern life encourages this, modern life promotes restlessness, and modern life encourages filling our minds with the pointless distractions of mobile phones, texting, and games on mobile devices. The horses are out of the shafts of the chariot we were speaking of before and instead of foraging – focussing the mind’s attention – on satisfying and fulfilling matters (recall, anything the mind focusses on is food for the mind, … energy that goes in) our minds are weakened by constant distractions of mobile devices, worries, and our minds are going way too fast. How does this help us on the path to the 4th Dimension?

Super Moon surrounded by clouds and orbs

Image Credits: Twitter; Supermoon and Orbs © Mark Proctor